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Decoding Metaverse and its Business Opportunities - Metaverse Services - MoogleLabs


Many organizations are afraid to take the leap toward AI/ML, Blockchain, DevOps, and Data Science. MoogleLabs makes the journey streamlined and smooth for you. Founded by seasoned IT experts, the company has the resources to help your business embrace new-age technology. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Decoding Metaverse and its Business Opportunities - Metaverse Services - MoogleLabs

Decoding Innovation in AI/ML, Blockchain,
DevOps, Data Science Metaverse
Many organizations are afraid to take the leap
toward AI/ML, Blockchain, DevOps, and Data
Science. MoogleLabs makes the journey streamlined
and smooth for you. Founded by seasoned IT
experts, the company has the resources to help
your business embrace new-age technology. At
MoogleLabs, we help you compete effectively by
leveraging cutting-edge technology, and in this
endeavor, we have a talented team that is
certified in the technologies it works on. We
have transformed businesses with our deep
understanding of technology that can be utilized
for various industries. The company is known for
building a great client-business relationships by
being transparent throughout the whole journey.
MoogleLabs is always ready to better itself and
provide its clients with the best services. 
The New Reality
Overview of Metaverse?
Today, Ill be covering the following points
Technologies which can be integrated.?
Business Ideas.?
Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).?
Virtual office project description with live
Artificial Intelligence (AI).?
Features involved.?
3D Reconstruction.?
Explaining the working of project.
Internet Of Things (IOT).
Technologies Which Can Be Integrated or Used?
Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)?
Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
3D Reconstruction
Internet Of Things (IOT)
Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Reality (VR)?
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the
gateways for metaverse solutions, but there are
quite a lot of differences between these two.
Augmented Reality lets users get exposure to the
surroundings with interactive digital visuals,
whereas virtual reality is a kind of programmed
virtual environment. Users can access it via
headphones and VR-powered glasses. 
Artificial Intelligence (A I)?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging
technology that many programmers are working on.
It has the power to process the bulk volume of
data, and the metaverse utilizes AI for
non-players, some gaming elements that are part
of metaverse gaming. 
3D Reconstruction?
3D Reconstruction is not nearly new stuff and is
used widely in the real estate and film
industries. With the help of 3D cameras and
realistic photo models, one can render physical
objects and locations in the 3D dimension to the
metaverse space. 
Internet Of Things (IOT)
IOT, in similar terms, is tech that connects
every other thing in the real world with the
internet, via which one can send and receive
messages automatically. IOT also uses machine
language to collect data. 
Business Ideas
Road Map To Start A Metaverse
Research, Dig Deep and Pick Precisely
If you want to get into a business, you need to
dig deep and analyze the market thoroughly. Take
a unique business ideology and frame it with a
user perspective. That is always the key to a
successful business. Here, I listed some
companies we can start in the metaverse. 
Metaverse Gaming
The younger generation gravitated towards gaming
and will find gaming platforms very addictive in
the future metaverse world. Building gaming
platforms with immersive gaming experiences is
one area with immense scope for business in the
Metaverse world. 
Metaverse E-commerce
The younger generation gravitated towards gaming
will find  1. New Shopping Experience 2.
 Virtual Reality 3. Augmented Reality 4. Shoppin
g With AI Avatars 5. New Virtual Clothes
Metaverse Banking?
Imagine virtually entering a bank branch and
using customer rep avatars' help to enter the
vault and digitally deposit or take out money.
Imagine being given the option to pay with
dollars in your savings account, a digital
currency issued by the bank, or even through
tokens from a digital wallet like Ethereum. These
far-fetched theories hold the potential to come
true at the back of banking in the
metaverse.      Technologies that are a
combination of decentralized and immersive tech
stack. While decentralized technologies like NFT,
DLT, and Web3 offer a resilient infrastructure
and secure exchange approach, immersive
technologies like AR/VR creates an enhanced
virtual experience.   To truly understand the
potential of metaverse use cases in banking, it
is necessary to look at the evolution of banks
something that brought them to a stage where the
industry is now prepared to introduce a new
Metaverse Teaching?
Nowadays, online learning is becoming mainstream,
especially after the pandemic. The education
sector is now dominantly focused on integrating
immersive technologies into academic curricula to
make learning fun and engaging. Here are a few
metaverse applications in education-   Virtual
3D classrooms With the emergence of online
schools and colleges, students have begun to
experience a gap between immersive physical
classrooms and virtual ones. The metaverse can
bridge this gap by creating 3D virtual classrooms
where students can virtually meet and interact
with their classmates and teachers. Students from
any geographical location can be a part of this
metaverse-powered learning setup and do much
beyond what a physical classroom
allows.   Digital learning When smart classes
were added to school education curricula, they
enhanced students learning with video projection
on various subject topics. The metaverse aims to
make these classrooms a notch smarter by allowing
students to fully immerse in such videos, helping
them experience all the content more closely.
Moreover, it provides a space for them to
experiment, fail and learn from their failures in
subjects that require practical experiments. Even
physical classes can use 3D virtual learning to
achieve desired learning outcomes.   Virtual
campus activities The metaverse allows students
to participate in extra-curricular activities
like sports and arts in a virtual setup. Students
can undertake various fun activities like
engaging in music or mathematics club, similar to
physical campus activities. They can also walk
around their virtual campus right from the
comfort of their home.  
Blockchain with Metaverse
Many businesses have started experimenting with
developing their proprietary blockchain solutions
due to the advancement of blockchain technology.
One such group is Metaverse.   The objective of
Metaverse is to offer a scalable, safe, and
simple-to-use blockchain platform. Additionally,
it emphasizes the creation of digital assets and
smart contracts. Users can build and release
their distinctive digital assets using the
Metaverse Digital Asset System, which can contain
anything valuable like stocks, bonds, or even
reward points. On the Metaverse blockchain, smart
contracts are programs that may be used to
control the transfer of digital assets
automatically. Because it enables the creation of
a virtual economy with different kinds of utility
tokens and NFTs, cryptocurrency can be an
excellent fit for the Metaverse. You can access
digital assets using NFTs, including virtual
houses and businesses, apparel for your avatar,
digital art, and other virtual goods. Your
digital assets will be shielded from copying and
hacking thanks to NFT. 
Virtual Office
Proximity Chat
Text Message Chat?
Flexible Screen Sharing
Custom/Private Rooms
Multifunctional Rooms
Embedded Whiteboards
Proximity Chat (Distance-Based Interactive
Specialized algorithm to mimic how sound travel
in real-life
Video On when close-by
Video Off
Multifunctional Rooms?
1-on-1 meeting room
Private Office Space
Conference Room
For Group meeting or discussion
(proximity chat turned off)
General Office Room
Productive cubicles(easy to find colleagues)
Flexible Immediate Screen Sharing?
Want to share screen?
Just find a computer!
Presentation Mode
Pair Sharing Mode
Text Message Chat (With Real Time Dialog Bubbles)?
Message show directly on top of the characters
Embedded Whiteboards?
Custom/Private Rooms?
Technologies Used?
Game engine
WebSocket-based server framework
Front-end framework?
WebRTC for video/screen sharing?
TypeScript and ES6
For both client and server sides?
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