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Business Opportunities In Dubai For Indian Entrepreneurs


Dubai is one of the topmost destinations for business entrepreneurs and traders. The government policy modern infrastructure support and the development of businesses, and the large corporation makes Dubai a great location to start any kind of business. The business opportunities not only open for the individual of the UAE, but also for overseas. Hence, here we mentioned the best business opportunities in Dubai for Indian entrepreneurs who seek to start a business in Dubai. These all options will surely help you in making the right decision while selecting a business opportunity. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Business Opportunities In Dubai For Indian Entrepreneurs

Business Opportunities In Dubai For Indian
Dubai is one of the topmost destinations for
business entrepreneurs and traders. The
government policy modern infrastructure support
and the development of businesses, and the large
corporation makes Dubai a great location to start
any kind of business. 
1. E-Commerce
  • This sector has seen a sudden boost in recent
    years. Even though the e-commerce sector in the
    region is not as developed as in Europe, the US,
    or China, what is exciting is that there are a
    lot of shoppers that can be targeted.
  • Dubai has a diverse population and diverse
    tastes due to which an industry like e-commerce
    will last for a long run.

2. Construction
  • New buildings and skyscrapers are erected every
    new day in Dubai. This opens a huge business
    opportunity in Dubai for engineers and other
    professionals in the building and construction
  • Dubais plan for expansion in infrastructure
    because of the upcoming events such as Dubai
    expo2020 is also offering constant traction for
    the growth. So, if you are interested in
    construction work then is the best business in

3. Retail Business
  • The industry has been developing at a scorching
    pace with every passing year due to the factors
    such as a rise in population, robust economy,
    increased standard of living, and continuous
    influx of Indian visitors.
  • Therefore, setting up a storefront, sales
    office, or warehousing facility can be quite
    attractive in a nation like Dubai.

4. Travel Agency
  • Dubai is a haven for tourists. It has emerged as
    a powerful industry with an economic effect of
    around 6.5 trillion US dollars globally.
  • It has managed to develop year on year enticing
    people from across the world providing a myriad
    of exciting elements such as beaches,
    skyscrapers, hotels, shopping malls, etc.
    Therefore, opening a travel and tourism company
    can be a profitable business in Dubai for Indian.

5. Healthcare
  • The Healthcare industry is rising, and there is a
    high demand for professional and skillful
    doctors. In addition, people from Asia or Africa
    are coming to Dubai for treatment.
  • So, if you are skilled in this field then this
    business can prove very successful and profitable.

6. Restaurant or Café
  • Having a significant disposable income and good
    purchasing power makes it easier for people in
    the emirates to dine out frequently.
  • The only thing you require to research is to
    check the environment where you intend to run a
    restaurant or café and also decide on how you
    intend to attract customers to your restaurant.
    Open a restaurant or café is one of the best
    business opportunities in Dubai.

7. Advertising Agency
  • This is a tricky business venture, but once you
    get a hold of it, this business will fetch you
    profits for the long run, one thing you require
    to decide is the type of advertising agency you
    want to start or the services you intend to
  • For instance, if you want to be known for
    producing viral videos on any video application
    or for crazy print adverts, let one of your
    services be seen as a flagship for the rest.

8.Transportation / Logistics
  • There are many inexhaustible opportunities in the
    Dubai transport sector. Starting a transportation
    company can yield an impressive return for a
    passionate entrepreneur.
  • The opportunities range from trans-city transport
    services to local taxi services. The economy of
    the nation is expected to develop in 2019, so
    there is a high chance that this will have a
    direct impact on critical sectors such as
    transportation. That is why transportation is the
    best business in Dubai.

9. Jewelry Making
  • Dubai is also known as the Mecca of Gold and
    Dubai Diamonds has always been the most sought
    after by tourists and other citizens.
  • The nations retail jewelers serve clients of
    more than 180 nationalities, expatriates, and
    tourists. You can set up shop as a jewelry maker,
    bead maker, or jewelry merchant.

10. Apparel
  • The global textile industry, especially the
    apparel industry, has witnessed remarkable
    changes over the years. Tourists from all over
    the world come to Dubai for tourism and shopping.
  • It is famous for fashion apparel. So if you have
    good taste in clothing and are updated with the
    latest fashions, then this apparel is the best
    business in Dubai for Indian.

11. Night Club
  • Owning and running a nightclub can be fresh and
    exciting. In todays world, people want to
    socialize with others and are willing to pay to
    use a grand venue dedicated for this purpose.
  • Success in the nightclub business is very much
    possible if it is done properly, it requires
    dedication and careful attention to every detail
    of your business. if you have these things then
    you can take this business forward.

12. Real Estate
  • Today, real estate is one of the fastest-growing
    industries in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is
    home to the worlds tallest building Burj
  • It also has several skyscrapers, artificial
    islands, and commercial and residential projects.
    So, there the best business opportunities in
    Dubai in different sectors of real estate. You
    may decide to venture into real estate
    development, property management, or brokerage.

13. Oil and Gas
  • The oil and gas industry remains a dominant
    sector in Dubai. Although it demands high
    investment and services, some divisions offer
    small and scale business tips.
  • This business requires thoughtful and best
    planning. You can start a business in this
    industry and make your decision successful.

14. Online Tire Trading Business
  • Dubai is an amazing and dream place for those who
    love high-end cars. Online tire trading business
    can prove more profitable pursuits and the best
    business in Dubai.
  • You will find all qualitative car brands on the
    roads of Dubai. This unique business opportunity
    for those online tire traders who seek this kind
    of business and it will become very successful
    and beneficial.

15. Financial Services
  • Since Dubai is a huge market with the presence of
    a large number of established businesses, which
    on the other hand increases the demand for
    professionals who can provide financial services
    like accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors.
  • Having a solid background in any specialty with
    regard to finance can enable you to make a lot of
    profit by setting up a business that will offer
    such services.

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