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Guide on Metaverse by Jaymin Kim


Are you curious to know about Metaverse or virtual world? You’ve come to the right place! Jaymin is a commercial strategist who explores what life in the Metaverse may bring us. She writes all content on this blog in her personal capacity. For more, please visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Guide on Metaverse by Jaymin Kim

A Guide To The Metaverse, Our Emerging New Reality
  • BY Jaymin Kim

  • Metaverse a buzzword used by tech geeks? A
    prophecy by futurists? A world domination plan by
    social media companies?
  • The term Metaverse is being thrown around a lot
    in vague association with other new terms. What
    do all these terms mean, and how are they
    related, if at all?

Who am I?
  • Before the internet, the concept of I was
    limited to the physical self. With the internet,
    we started developing personal identities online
    (e.g., social media influencer). Today, our
    physical and digital identities are merging. We
    are seeing the rise of photorealistic avatars 
    three-dimensional digital versions of our
    physical selves that appear on two-dimensional
    screens and holograms  three-dimensional
    digital projections that appear in our physical
    world. Younger generations will likely be quicker
    than older generations to embrace this immersive
    sense of self. 1 in 3 Gen Z today believe their
    online identity is their most authentic self,
    compared to 1 in 5 Millennials and 1 in 10 Gen X.

Where am I and what is my world made of?
  • The terms Web 3.0 and Metaverse are sometimes
    used interchangeably today, but Web 3.0 is not
    the Metaverse. Web 3.0 refers to a potential next
    version of the internet 1. Some perceive Web
    3.0 as the internet built on open-source
    software, runs on a trustless network, and is
    permissionless for all users and suppliers to
    partake in. Web 3.0 is associated with shifting
    data control and ownership from the hands of
    technology companies into the hands of individual

How is my world governed?
  • There is an ongoing, heated struggle to define
    who holds decision-making power in the Metaverse
    the few or the many. Centralization refers to
    command and control, hierarchical organizational
    structures in which a minority group holds
    decision-making power. Decentralization refers to
    organizational structures where decision-making
    is distributed across many groups or individuals
    there is no top-to-bottom hierarchy.
    Centralization and decentralization represent two
    ends of a spectrum. Historically, we have lived
    in more centralized structures at every level
    think governments, schools, corporations, etc.

Want to read More?
  • Web 1.0 was the first iteration of the internet
    in the 1990s. Users of Web 1.0 primarily
    interacted with the internet by reading static
    text. Web 2.0 is the current version of the
    internet that we are familiar with. Users of Web
    2.0 today can not only read information but also
    add content online and interact with other users.
    Web 3.0 is a future state vision for the internet
    that has yet to materialize.Read the whole
    article by clicking here. Or visit my profile

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