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How to Become an iOS App Developer: Guide for Beginners


Is it difficult to learn iOS development? Not as much as you might think it is! Check out our beginner guide on how to become an iOS app developer and learn the basic concepts to start iOS app development from scratch. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Become an iOS App Developer: Guide for Beginners

How to Become an iOS App Developer Guide for
Introduction As more businesses are adopting a
mobile-first approach to provide a more
streamlined user experience, resulting in a surge
of mobile app developers. iOS app development has
also been gaining popularity over the years.
Apples most realistic figures show that 34
million registered developers are on iOS. But
does the app market have space for more iOS app
developers? Obviously! As per stats, mobile app
development is one of the top business areas
facing a skill gap. So, how difficult is it to
learn iOS development? Not as much as you might
think it is! If youre interested in pursuing
your career as an iOS developer, heres your
go-to guide. This iOS app development tutorial
will outline basic concepts, skills, and
resources and walk you through how to become an
iOS app developer.
Learn iOS Development Fundamentals The first step
to becoming an iOS developer is learning iOS
development fundamentals. If youve been working
in development for a while, you can skip this
stepbut if youre a beginner and believe its
the industry for you, youll need to understand
how it works and how youll fit in it. You can do
this by enrolling in a beginners development
course or reaching out to some working developers
and asking them about their jobs.
Start Learning Languages for App Development To
become an iOS app developer, you just need to
know about three things Swift, Objective-C, and
XCode. Swift and Objective-C are two primary
programming languages used to build an iOS app.
And XCode is an integrated environment built by
Apple for creating applications for all iOS
devices. Once youve mastered these three things,
youll be able to apply your knowledge in the
world of iOS development, expanding your skill
set as needed. Furthermore, you can learn several
additional iOS Developer skills that are
virtually limitless. Other tools iOS app
developers use are just ways to streamline the
development process. For example, developers use
Dash for code snippets and API documentation,
Cocoapods to manage external libraries and
Firebase for the database.
Enroll in a Developer Course Apples rapid
year-over-year growth, along with the growing
demand for new content, has resulted in a
scarcity of talent across several fields of
technology, particularly iOS Developers, and this
trend is only projected to continue in the
future. That high demand for iOS app developers
has resulted in competitive salaries. The more
skills and languages you learn, the more salary
you can get. There are numerous technical skills
that you can learn as an iOS developer, and the
subset of those skills will depend on the type of
app you create. For instance, a gaming app will
need a different skill set than an international
banking app. Besides those technical skills, you
need to expand your soft skills to perform the
job well.
Start Working on your Own Project Once you
understand the basics and iOS programming
languages, youre ready to start creating apps.
Follow the step-by-step instructions given in the
iOS app development tutorial to build something
from scratch. Building a mobile app includes
many steps those will vary from app to app. In
fact, steps will vary according to the level of
experience of an iOS app developer. A senior
developer might involve in the research and
conceptualization phases, while a junior
developer might follow one or two phases.
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