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Mobile App Development Guide For Beginners


As per a survey done by Decibel, they’ve predicted that by the end of 2021 the download of the mobile apps will reach 258 billion USD i.e. a 45% increase since 2017. Surely, a piece of good news for a mobile app development services providing company. We are here with an app development guide for beginners. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mobile App Development Guide For Beginners

How to Build A Mobile App for Your Business
in 2021?
As per a survey done by Decibel, theyve
predicted that by the end of 2021 the download of
the mobile apps will reach 258 billion USD i.e. a
45 increase since 2017. Surely, a piece of good
news for a mobile app development company.We
are here with an app development guide for
Step 1
  • Generate an App idea and Choose Your App Name

This is the ABC of app creation. You should have
an app idea that adds value to a users life or
is a solution to their pain. Such apps have the
maximum chance of surviving. Youre game if you
already have a potential idea.
Step 2
  • Conduct Competitive Market Research

As you enter the actual market you will learn
that there may be many budding app creators
whove tried to implement the idea that you want
to create an app for. Understanding why they
didnt succeed can prove to be the most important
learning curve for you.
Step 3
  • Write out the features, make design mockups and
    create a graphic design of your app.

An app can only be of assistance to its users
with its features. The downside to selecting
features is that creators rely on their idea of
what users need and fail miserably.
Step 4
  • Select a color scheme customize your app

Whenever you think about Facebook, the blue color
automatically pops up in your head. This is the
power of choosing a color scheme. It helps form a
relationship between a users mind and your app.
This is the sole reason companies hire the best
of designers to create designs with eye-catchy
color schemes.
Step 5
  • Build an app with one of
  • these options.

Its not always the case that everyone is
inclined on dealing with the technical jargon
that comes with building an app. Hence, we
discuss the 3 most preferred ways in which you
can choose to create your application.
  • Hire IT Company
  • Hire Freelancer
  • Do it Yourself

Step 6
  • Add the Features you want

No matter which of the preceding ways you choose,
by this time you shouldve narrowed in the
features that you want to include. Features are
the most essential part of any app. Its the
features that provide the services or products
you want to offer as a service.
Step 7
  • Test Before Launch

If you hire an IT service company this step would
be carried out by the quality assurance
engineers. Any app that you create is prone to
having bugs and fixes. And the funny thing about
bugs is that theyre not visible to the
developers themselves. Hence, a quality assurance
engineer is required.
Step 8
  • Submit your App to the App Store

Rolling out your app on the app store is like
releasing your dream baby to the world. It
requires immense confidence and planning. You
must make sure that all the bugs and
improvisations are done before you make your
final launch. This is because once you launch the
judgment related to your app begins.
Step 9
  • Promote your App for Maximum Exposure

You may create one of the best apps in the
industry yet it doesnt receive the engagement
you expected. The simple reason behind the same
is that it wasnt promoted well. Users dont
follow the tech industry and its innovations
daily. You have to promote your app well to catch
their attention first, make them your users, and
then turn them into loyal customers.
Step 10
  • Improve your App with User Feedback

Getting to the market and gaining recognition for
your app is one part. But offering a seamless
experience and present that continually is a
battle by itself. One has to analyze each
important feedback with a pinch of salt and
extract the best out of it. You will have to roll
out updates that technology introduces us to in
the coming years.
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