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A Complete guide on REACT Native App Development


React Native is built on top of ReactJS which has given a huge competition to the long time choice of developers, AngularJS. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A Complete guide on REACT Native App Development

There's no denying fact that mobile phones are
the half-life of every individual and when it
comes to Android development or iOS development,
businesses often get doubtful whether they should
offer their customers, a mobile app with
excellent User Interface (UI) and exceptional
User Experience (UX) or apps that are compatible
with various platforms and are more agile to
develop in the first place. And so, there comes
the REACT Native Development into play! REACT
Native helps you develop solid and compelling
mobile apps with the help of JavaScript only,
which is sustainable for both android and iOS
platforms. Just code once, and the REACT Native
apps are open for both iOS and Android platforms
which assists to save development time. Obtained
great popularity and also supported by Facebook,
REACT Native, has huge community support
now.  React Native is built on top of ReactJS
which has given a huge competition to the long
time choice of developers, AngularJS.
Why is REACT Native Framework Crucial? The best
part of optimizing React Native Framework, you
can render UI for both iOS and Android platforms.
It is an open-source framework, which could be
compatible with other platforms like Windows in
the future. Since React Native elements have
counterpart benefits, you can reuse these
elements for developing both Android and iOS
apps. You can either fuse REACT Native
components into the code of the existing app or
reuse the Cordova-based code with the advice of
the plugin as well. However, your existing app
must be built with Cordova and Ionic code. React
Native Development is relatively quick, simple,
and efficient. REACT Native is an excellent
choice for those developers who have expertise in
JavaScript as there is no requirement to learn
Android specific Java or iOSs Swift.
React Native is a UI concentrated, which makes
the applications load swiftly and gives a softer
feel. Moreover, when you hire React Native
developer they help you fill the gap between
concentrating on a broad marketplace and earning
the profit. Since the number of iOS users is
shorter as opposed to Android users and yet
generates more profit, several industries get
into the difficulty of whether they should
emphasize on making more profit by creating iOS
apps or building user strength via Android apps
exclusively. Why is the REACT Native Framework
Used? The major reason to use React Native
Framework is that the developer has to write one
set of code, which is apparently JavaScript code,
to experience the performance of the REACT Native
Mobile Applications. Lets take a look into some
of the pros and cons of using REACT Native
Framework here
  • PROS - REACT Native
  • Its Cross - Platform Usage
  • Originally designed for iOS development, the
    REACT Native Framework perceives the reputation
    and prosperity and therefore Facebook, later on,
    chooses to provide support for the Android
    platform as well. Hence, the REACT Native apps
    can be developed via employing a single codebase
    for both the platforms concurrently, which
    boosted its popularity even more.
  • Its Class Performance
  • At the primary stages, hybrid or mobile web
    apps were famous for their uncommonness
    essentially. However, when it comes to
    performance, the complex the apps, the more lags
    it encountered. Hence, REACT Native was
    introduced to break the ice! The REACT Native
    apps are compiled into natively written code,
    which allows it to not only work on both the
    operating systems but also operates the same way
    on both the platforms with no slowdowns at all.

  • CONS - REACT Native
  • It is Enhancing with Time
  • The React Native Framework is not as flawless as
    of now and has some glitches that are yet to be
    resolved. Some of the custom modules in this
    framework are booting, which may direct you to
    consume your time in building and designing your
    own modules.
  • It Still Has a Technological Edge
  • Though the REACT Natives pre-packaged components
    set you aside from possessing much technical
    advancement, though, you will still need a
    professional developer to watch out some
    technical issues and bugs.

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