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Grow your Business with Business Process Automation using Salesforce CRM


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Title: Grow your Business with Business Process Automation using Salesforce CRM

Grow your Business with Business Process
Automation using Salesforce CRM
Salesforce has CRM tools to cater to the
automation needs of any business. It has been
building up on the business process automation
tools with periodic updates and
improvisations. Among the business process
automation tools, workflow rules, process
builders, and flows offer wide-ranging actions
while escalation rules, approval processes,
assignment rules, and autoresponse rules offer
specific solutions to automation.
1. Workflow rules
Workflow rules (or simply workflow), an
automation tool in Salesforce that offers time,
energy, and effort-saving solutions to making
different processes of a company efficient.
Workflow rules have specific criteria to be met
in order to trigger automated actions. The
automation actions include new tasks, new email
alerts, new field updates, and new outbound
messages as their names clearly describe.
2. Process builder
Process Builder is an automation tool that allows
users to control the order of actions or evaluate
the criteria for a record and refine the existing
processes. Process builder has eight actions
associated with it
Creating Records A user can use this action to
create a new record on the salesforce
platform. Updating Records This feature can be
used to update or add new information to already
existing records in the salesforce
database. Posting on Chatter Chatter is a free
collaborative tool on the salesforce platform
where users in an organization can interact.
Process Builder in Salesforce with its
post-to-chatter action automates chatter posts
for the user. Quick Action Quick action is used
in salesforce when you already have global
actions or objects within salesforce org. Flows
It is possible to call a flow from process
builder. This will launch or trigger the already
created flow and called from the process
builder. Submitting for Approval A record that
started the process can be automatically
submitted for approval to the designated user
using this action of process builder. Apex Code
An apex code already existing on salesforce org
can be triggered using a process builder, when
set conditions are met. Processes This action
will invoke another existing process from the
process being built currently.
Email Alerts We can send email notifications
using this action.
3. Approval process This automation tool can
be used to have a defined protocol for approvals
or rejections wherever applicable and
necessary. Approval processes need the following
steps for successful implementation Process
Definition Detail and Initial Submission Actions
(basic details required) Approval Steps (Detailed
Step criteria and name of the approvers) Final
Approval Actions (executed after all the approval
process steps are done). Final Rejection Actions
(executed when one of the approval process steps
has been rejected). Recall Actions (executed when
one of the approval steps has been recalled). 4.
Salesforce Flow or Flows
Flows or Salesforce flow is a Business Process
Automation tool that provides declarative process
automation for every Salesforce app, and other
salesforce use cases and implementations in
general. Flow Builder is the tool or canvas that
lets you build flows. The Salesforce flow can be
debugged or tested on the same canvas too. Based
on the specific needs, there are primarily 5
types of flows namely - screen flow, record
triggered flow, schedule-triggered flow, platform
event-triggered flow, and auto launched
flow. Salesforce flow or Flows are the latest,
and most advanced Business Process Automation
tools that can do almost everything the other
Business Process Automation Tool can do, and also
the tasks they cannot do. Salesforce CRM is
laying emphasis on its applicability and
encouraging customers to use Flows instead of any
other Business Process Automation tool available
in salesforce.
5. Escalation rules, Assignment rules, and
Auto-response rules These are specialized
Business Process Automation Tools for a specific
use case scenario. Escalation Rules Escalation
rules specify what happens whenever a case is
escalated. Using escalation rules, we can
reassign a case to another user or queue(group).
An escalation rule can be used to send email
notifications to the different users associated
with it and make the process automated. Auto
response rules Auto-response rules is a business
process automation tool that lets you send
automated email responses to lead or case
submissions based on the attributes of a record.
Assignment rules Assignment rules are a business
process automation tool in Salesforce that help
mechanize a company's lead generation and support
processes. Choosing the right business process
automation tool
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