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In the era of vast globalization if you want to take your business decisions quickly and efficiently, then Salesforce CRM integration can help you in growing your business and market share as well. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Salesforce Integration an Overview
In the era of vast globalization if you want to
take your business decisions quickly and
efficiently, then Salesforce CRM integration can
help you in growing your business and market
share as well. If you have integrated Salesforce
CRM already, then you might be earning a good
profit with the help of its multi-tenant
architecture, expanding features and intuitive
UI. A number of business tools can be integrated
with Salesforce and you can even get the
combined power of the both, by doing so. If you
are not sure that what you should integrate with
Salesforce, then this article for you. You can
get complete knowledge and information about
Salesforce Integration with your existing
system. You can integrate your Accounting, HR,
Marketing or Sales department with
the Salesforce, apart from this you can also
integrate the IT subdivisions of your business
like CMS, Email Services and ETL to boost the
productivity of your existing departments. For
that Salesforce offers a number of customized and
useful apps through its AppExchange feature,
which may help and assist you to execute your
business operations smoothly. Even at an
affordable cost or rate, you can tale the
Integration service through a number of
providers. Salesforce Integration can provide
the organization with a number of benefits,
which may be direct or indirect. You can
experience them by looking at the feedback of
Salesforce users, apart from them a few of them
are listed right here Accuracy and Visibility
of Data Salesforce integration can provide you
the data and information accurately from
multiple places. If you want to access the
real-time information, then you can check and
visit it through Salesforce. System and
Operation Automation The automated scripts are
there in Salesforce, which can help you in
loading data from and to Salesforce, so IT team
can focus on their other important issues.
Customer Interaction You can provide a new and
different interface to your customer. You can
contact your customer and invite them for live
training or send them an email. Quote to Cash
and CPQ Tools Integrating your business with the
Apttus like CPQ tools can smoothen the Quote to
Cash process. You can get higher sales, by
changing your pricing strategy and product
catalogs. Webinars Usage Today webinars are an
effective marketing tool, even they can provide a
good ROI. You can get more real and exact
information of your customers and provide the
information about the tools, whichever you think
is essential for getting higher sales. Through
Salesforce integration multiple UIs,
Applications, and Systems can be integrated at a
single place. It is basically a popular and most
useful platform all over the world. It can not
only provide you a good UI, instead, you can get
huge functionalities through Salesforce. By
using Salesforce for your business, you can get
the right track for your business success.
However ther may be many other tools, which you
might be used for various departments of your
business like HRMS, CPQ, CMS, ETL to automate the
respective departments, but by Salesforce
integration you can get the functionality at a
single place and enhance the profit and customer
engagement with your services, For any business
information and its analysis is of utmost
importance and since Salesforce provides you
accumulated information at a single place, so can
help you in the decision-making process. You can
get the competitive edge through Salesforce.
. Following are a few of the operations, which
can become beneficial through Salesforce
integration for any Survey business
  • Web to Lead
  • Email Triggering
  • Response Mapping
  • AppExchange
  • Above listed features of Salesforce can provide
    you better functionality, like web to lead is a
    power of Salesforce, through which the
    organization can know how to convert their
    visitor to the customer, by tracking their
  • Through Email Triggering they can instantly send
    real and appropriate auto generated emails to
    their client, while response mapping can provide
    a better way to provide and respond to
    customers queries, so that you can get a better
  • market position. On AppExchange a number of tools
    are available, which can help you in identifying
    and selecting the appropriate tool for your
  • Today almost each and every organization is
    switching to Salesforce, either small, medium or
    large level enterprise. They are even getting
    better and responsive operational performance.
    Since minimum technicalities are involved in
    Salesforce integration, so even without using IT
    team, you can implement the module easily and
    get trained and familiar with them.
  • Accumulated data is one another reason, due to
    which you can get the 360- degree view of the
    behavior of your customer and provide them better
    and relevant service instantly. Drag and Drop
    feature of Salesforce makes the integration
    easier and useful. Within no time, you can get
    complete information.
  • Every year Salesforce launches new features, on
    the basis of the customers feedback so it has
    become more suitable and appropriate for the
    organizations. Especially the salespersons, can
    plan their strategies, visualize the effect of
    their strategies and act accordingly. To
    increase the organizations productivity you an
    either take the help of pre-built Apps, available
    on AppExchange or integrate your existing Apps
    with new improved Salesforce.
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