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PMP Training Course in Pune


The students attending the PMP Training Course in Pune are provided with HD Audio Video modules covering all topics mentioned in PMBOK Guide’s latest edition. Certificates provided for completion of minimum 35 hours of PMP training. Mock questions will be provided to the candidates exam practice – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: PMP Training Course in Pune

91-987-123-7360 Monday -
Sunday 900 AM - 600 PM ? ? ? ?
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you fail PMP 3 times?
PMP What is PMP certification fee ? LEARNING
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? LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP What are the
Best Project management courses ? LEARNING
MUDRA, Category - PMP Will PMP certification help
What if you fail PMP 3 times? Learning Mudra,
Category - PMP
Starting the discussion on What if you fail PMP 3
times? , Let's discuss about PMP. The Project
Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam
is not everyones cup of tea. With the
upgradations done by Project Management Institute
(PMI) in the existing pattern, it comprises of
180 questions and the exam is to be finished
within 230 minutes. The question paper comprises
of multiple-choice questions, multiple responses,
matching, hotspot and fill in the blank type of
questions. With the new changes implemented, PMP
certification exam becomes lit tle harder than
it was before because the candidate is not
allowed to move and has to sit continuously in
front of the screen until the exam gets over.
First step after facing failure in PMP exam
Certification Difficult ?
Although PMI has given the flexibility of taking
PMP exam at your convenience which should be an
advantage to many but somehow many candidates
fail. Are you also afraid of getting failed? Or
have you failed and you are worried what to do
now? First thing to do is stop worrying as you
are not the only one who failed the exam. PMI has
not disclosed the passing or failure percentage
of candidates but has said that passing this exam
is not so easy to crack in the first or second
attempt and this makes PMP exam more valuable
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP What is average
salary increase of PMP ?
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP Can I pass PMP
without reading PMBOK ?
Can you retake the PMP exam after failing thrice
in PMP exam? I hope this doesnt happen to
anyone but there are some people out there who
failed the PMP exam thrice. You must have read
about PMP being one of the toughest exams just
because of the fact that PMI wants to retain the
golden standard of this certification. There are
very few candidates who pass the PMP exam in the
first attempt but if you fail it once you can
retake it . PMI has allowed a candidate to
appear for PMP certification exam thrice within
the duration of 1 year from the date of
application approval.
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP What is the Salary
after PMP Certification?
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP Is PMP a waterfall?
We all know that failing an exam thrice is really
disturbing and by know many you must be also
tired of listening peoples advices and
lectures. First of all take a deep breath and
remember that this is not the end of the world.
It is just that you are missing out on something
that could have been an important part of your
way to success. At this point of time you need to
give yourself time to recover from this
situation. You should not forcefully supress your
feelings as this can affect your health.
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP Agile Project
Management Vs PMP
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP Which industry
pays the most to PMP?
You should take a break and tell yourself that
PMP certification exam is just another exam and
you can crack this too. With right approach and
strategy you can crack this exam. If you have
failed this exam for the third time then PMI
imposes a one year waiting period on you and
during this duration you cannot reapply for PMP
Certification exam but you can apply for any
other certification exam. So if you wish you may
apply for any other certification during this
period, maybe you can earn some other
certification in the meantime.
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP Is PMP Equivalent
to Masters?
Which is better - PMP or Scrum Master? LEARNING
MUDRA, Category - PMP Is PMP exam multiple choice?
For more information on "what if you fail PMP
three times?", get in touch with us at
91-987-123-7360 or email us at Reasons which may lead to
failure in PMP exam In an article of PMI, there
are 6 reasons due to which you may have failed
the PMP exam thrice. Lets have a look on the 6
reasons ? You lack the clarity of PMP exam
concepts. ? You might struggle with standardized
exams. ? Your first language may not be
English. ? You cant handle distractions in exam
room. ? You skipped practice exams. ? You lost
The next step
You should also go through these reasons and
figure what is your reason for failure and then
try to overcome it . You should also go through
your all three score reports which included your
proficiency level in each domain. The four
possible proficiency levels of domains are needs
improvement, below target, target and above
target. You should note how much progress is
there and is there any domain where your score
has decreased with time. This can mean that your
knowledge of project management is not up to the
mark and you need to understand the concepts and
its applications which can be done at your
workplace as well. Try applying your knowledge at
work then youll understand the concepts
better. You can also connect with a PMP Coach
who will help you to understand where do you lack
and how can you work on the areas of concern.
The PMP Coach will work with you and guide you to
the way of success. As you have an years time
you must start working on yourself from the
scratch so that then next time when you apply
for PMP Certification exam you are able to clear
it in the first go. You should understand your
reason for failure and it can be different from
the reasons mentionedabove. Relax You should
understand that this is just an exam, a lit tle
tough but you can pass it . There might be many
situations in life where you had failed but
remember that every failure brings a learning
with it . After one years waiting time you
would be required to re-apply for PMP
Certification. So in the meantime take a small
break and then get back to learning and
practicing. Practice is one of the vital keys to
the success. So practice a lot and make an
amazing comeback.
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