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Online PMP Training Course in Pune


Online PMP Training Course in Pune has the potential to shape your career. After covid, more people are comfortable with online learning and working. Online PMP Training Course is similar to classroom classes; the only difference is that it is taken via the online platform. Project Management Professional Certification, PMP, is managed by Project Management Institute (PMI) and recognized all over the world as gold standard certification. There are few criteria before you can take the PMP exam, and one of those criteria is having at least 35 hours of PMP training. A candidate can be better prepared for the exam if they take an Online PMP training course than those who didn’t take the training course. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Online PMP Training Course in Pune

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Sunday 900 AM - 600 PM ? ? ? ?
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better PMP or ACP?
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? LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP What are the
Best Project management courses ? LEARNING
MUDRA, Category - PMP Will PMP certification help
Which is better PMP or ACP? Learning Mudra,
Category - PMP
Confusion we all face Are you a project manager
who is confused right now? Are you someone who is
looking for options for certification? Are you
someone who is now confused given the number of
options you have while choosing them? If you
fall in any of the above mentioned categories,
you must have come across two pioneer
certifications in project management namely,
PMP, that is, Project Management Professional
and ACP, that is, Agile Certified Practitioners.
And at this point
you are probably a lit tle confused about which
one to choose. It is completely normal to get
confused here. Worry not however. We are here to
guide you. Which is better PMP or ACP?
Certification Difficult ?
Difference between PMP and ACP Both PMP and ACP
are offered by PMI, , that is, Project Management
Institute, which is a global body owning the
rights to both PMP and ACP. At this point you
must naturally be asking yourself what is the
difference between the two? PMP has a much wider
scope than ACP. PMP has a wider horizon whereas
ACP focuses more towards agility. Consider it
this way, PMP is like working out in the gym and
ACP is like eating protein. That is how it goes.
ACP acts as a supplement to your PMP
certification. It will enhance your Project
management career further.
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salary increase of PMP ?
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP Can I pass PMP
without reading PMBOK ?
Which one to go for At this point you must be
thinking whether to get PMP first or ACP? Or
whether to go to gym and work out first or start
eating right first. You could also be asking
whether having either of the two suffices. What
if you just get PMP certification or just get ACP
certification. You need generalist knowledge to
get ahead in project management career and you
need agile knowledge to speed up even further.
ACP is like cherry on top of cake. But first you
need to get the cake that is PMP. When choosing
you should not focus on short term but the long
term as your future and career depends on it .
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP What is the Salary
after PMP Certification?
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP Is PMP a waterfall?
Factors while choosing What is this long term
perspective I am talking about you could be
asking yourself? There are couple of factors
that you need to consider while choosing between
waterfall project management and Agile, namely
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP Agile Project
Management Vs PMP
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP Which industry
pays the most to PMP?
? Future long term goals- if you are seeing
yourself as a project manager in the future then
PMP is for you. If you just want to be part of
projects in other jobs an ACP would
suffice. ? Current company requirements- What
company are you currently in? And what job do you
perform, that would also give you a good idea.
Do you see yourself working in this company and
at this position for a long period of time?
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP Is PMP Equivalent
to Masters?
? Learning scope-PMP is clearly the winner here
as it has a far wider scope and will cover depth
of project management which ACP will not. Thus
this is a strong point for PMP. However if you
are sorted out in life about what you want to
become then go for ACP, no problem. But always
think long term growth. ? Your mind set- Do you
enjoy managing projects? Or are you a person who
likes to lead a team into battle during project.
If you are into managing then go for agile. But
if you are leading and want to remain a leader
definitely go for PMP. ? Market is ever changing-
One thing that is always constant is change. With
the technological influx the world is more
dynamic than it has ever been. We dont know what
might happen in 5 years time. But the best bet
would be to get into something with wider scope.
Being a generalist is a better thing. So another
point for PMP.
Which is better - PMP or Scrum Master? LEARNING
MUDRA, Category - PMP Is PMP exam multiple choice?
For more information on which is better PMP or
ACP get in touch with us at 91-987-123-7360 or
email us at Difference in
eligibility criteria Another difference between
the two is eligibility criteria. PMP suggests
that a imnimumof 4500 hours of project leading
experience is needed if you have bachelors
degree of complete 4 years. Whileone needs 7500
hours for people in case of a high school
diploma. Plus minimum 35 hours of training. In
case of ACP things are different and easier even.
2000 hours of general experience in project
management could suffice for all of you ACP
aspirants, which is far lesser
Final decision
than PMP. On top of that you will also need 21
hours of training in agile practices. So yes, the
eligibility criteria are different.
Your final decision could also be affected by
your eligibility. If you are an aspiring PMP but
fail to meet eligibility criteria going for ACP
is a good option. And in case you do not have
agile project experience then you cannot take
ACP exam. Then going for PMP is your option. If
you are eligible for both go for PMP first and
then ACP. ACP will act has a supplement for you
after you have gotten your PMP. Now the choice
is yours. It is time for you to evaluate which
one is better for you. Offering
guidance However, if you still have any
confusion, we at Learning Mudra are there for
your support. We will also guide you on the way
to deciding which one to choose between PMP and
ACP. We at Learning Mudra pride ourselves in
providing the best PMP solution Schedule a call
with us to get guidance while choosing between
the two.
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