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The PMP exam is one of the toughest exams in the world, even was ranked second among the top 10 most difficult certification exams in the IT industry in the world. Thus, it is necessary to choose the right institute for this exam, which prepares you in such a way that you excel in the exam in one go and apply the obtained knowledge practically. You learn all of this at Learning Mudra, it provides you the top PMP Training in Pune. Actually, not only in Pune but in different parts of India. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: PMP Training in Pune

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Introduction Project Management Institute or PMI
offers many project management courses and PMP is
one very important amongst them. PMI has
outlined certain eligibility requirements for the
PMP certification exam. One of them is having a
professional experience of at least 4500 hours
over a period of three years in project
management provided you have a four-year college
degree. There are specific processes that need
to be undertaken to give proof of the same to PMI
for the purpose of receiving PMP certification.
We will discuss the relevant points from these
processes in
this article as we go along. First, we must
examine why there exists a requirement of a
certain number of hours prior to getting the PMP
Certification Difficult ?
Reason for requirement of 4500 hoursfor PMP As we
know having mandatory requirements relating to
time is not only limited to PMP. As we can see
similar requirements for other professions such
as pilots requiring around certain hours of
flying experience to be granted their license.
All of these requirements are there for the
reason that in all of these jobs a large part of
the entire jobs execution depends on the skill
of the person who is getting the certification.
Similar to an airplanes pilot, a project manager
acts as the final point of authority in the
executive chain of command for taking decisions
to ensure success of the project.
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A lot of people depend on the project manager to
guide them in performing their duties
both efficiently and effectively to ensure the
deliverables of the project. This requires a
certain amount of skill and know how which can
only be gained by having practical experience in
managing a project. These experiences allow the
candidate to connect their learnings in the PMP
study materials to their past projects and learn
how they could have improved their performance in
the past. This ensures greater retention of
their learnings as well as greater flexibility of
their application of their knowledge of project
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Another major reason is that only after the
candidates have a sufficient number of reference
experiences can they be exposed to the various
variations in the process. These variations that
can occur while managing projects tend to throw a
curveball around the project managers.
The strategies to deal with such scenarios will
be a purely academic exercise for the candidates
if they havent dealt with such scenarios in
their professional career. This will also ensure
that the candidates can readily deal with
similar situations, if they occur in the future.
They can do so by applying their learnings from
PMP certification to these situations.
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What countsasthe required 4500 hoursfor PMP
? Next, we must determine what types of
activities count towards the professional
experience hours required for PMP certification
out of the 4500 hours. While a lot of candidates
assume that these
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to Masters?
requirements imply that one has to be employed as
a project manager to amass these hours however,
the reality is different. Any role a candidate
has worked in in which they have been a part of
a team or have worked individually in roles that
assisted in project management activities. They
can be accumulated in many activities while the
candidate is engaged in a wide variety of roles
in the project.
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These can be part of the professional
responsibilities of many positions such as
supervisor of a small team or team leader of one
of the teams in the project or any of the many
other roles. The only criterion is that these
roles have allowed them to participate in the
areas relevant to project management. These
areas are starting a project, planning a
project, executing a project, monitoring a
project and closing a project. Once a candidate
has experience in any of these areas for the
requisite duration of time, they are deemed to be
eligible for the PMP certification.
For more information on proving 4500 hours for
PMP get in touch with us at 91-987-123-7360 or
email us at How to provide
proof of 4500 hoursfor PMP ?
In order to provide proof of the 4500 hours to
PMI, a candidate needs to document the various
times in their professional career where they
have worked in the relevant areas of
project management. They can do so by preparing
an excel sheet where they can document each of
the projects they have worked on, along with the
roles they have been associated with. They can
then break the processes in each position into
their components. From these components they
can then calculate the amount of time dedicated
to each of the five above given segments. Once
this process is done, they can document these
results in their application. They can start by
first giving information about the project such
as the name of the project, its start/end dates,
project lifecycle and their own role in the
project. Then they can describe the organization
in which this project was being executed by
providing its name, functional area and the
methodologies used in achieving it . Thus, this
is for the various tools and approaches they have
utilized in achieving their desired outcomes
such as agile or hybrid or scrum. This will help
the candidates plan their study approach as well
based upon their familiarity. Finally, they must
end with the project description in which they
expand on three important dimensions of the
project. They are the goal of the project,
activities done as well as its place in the five
groups of activities given above, and describing
their personal experience in dealing with the
various facets of the process. Since a project
will always be judged based upon the outcome it
set out to achieve hence this portion needs to be
clear with quantifying the deliverables
precisely. The process of grouping their
activities needs a lot of thought put into it to
present the best image of their
competencies. Finally, they must be prepared to
be randomly audited by PMI for their professional
experience. They can do so by getting their
managers to vouch for their performance in the
fields and roles mentioned by them in the
application. They can then attest their
acknowledgement of the candidates hours that
they have submitted to PMI for PMP. All these
should be done prior to applying for the exam to
prevent any last- minute hassle. In case of
special circumstances where they are unable to
get the same due to extenuating circumstances,
they can collect collateral evidence that proves
their assertions and work with PMI to prove the
same. Click here to read "What Happens If You
Fail Your PMP Audit"
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