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Title: PMP Certification Training in Hyderabad

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Sunday 900 AM - 600 PM
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PMP and its Importance PMP, which stands for
Project Manager Professional, is a certification
provided by the Project Management Institute,
PMI, in the field of project management. PMP
certification is considered as the gold standard
among all project management certifications and
is a great way to advance your career in the
field of project management. The PMP
certification is not industry specific and is
equally important in all industries ranging from
software development to construction project
management. According to a survey conducted by
PMI, the median salary of people with PMP
certification is 25 higher than the people who
do not have PMP certification.
Certification Difficult ?
Agile Vs Waterfall Now the question is what is
the difference between Agile and Waterfall.
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP What is average
salary increase of PMP ?
Waterfall is a linear life cycle sequential
model. It basically divides the project into
phases. Also, the Waterfall model does not allow
for any scope changes or changes in requirements
once the project has started. Waterfall is a
rigid process and does not allow for changes but
it is an easy to manage and has a sequential
process. The construction industry generally
follows the waterfall model Agile is a
continuous iteration of development and testing.
It basically divides the project into sprints.
Also, the Agile model allows for scope changes or
changes in requirements even after the project
has begun. Testing is performed along with the
development in Agile. Agile is a flexible model
and works best where there is a high chance of
requirement changes after the start of the
project. The Information Technology industry is
known to follow the Agile model.
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without reading PMBOK ?
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after PMP Certification?
PMBOK being interpreted as Waterfall Now the
question is whether PMP is Agile or Waterfall. So
far up till 2020, the PMP exam was based on the
PMBOK Guide 6th edition and the methodologies and
frameworks prescribed on it basically resembled
the waterfall model although the PMBOK Guide does
not specifically dictate any particular
methodology and leaves it upon the reader to
determine which methodology is to be used for
their project. May be the reason for everyone
associating the PMBOK with waterfall model is
that at the time the PMBOK guide was written, the
waterfall model was the most prevalent model and
it provided a framework that supported all of the
PMBOK Guide practices.
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Management Vs PMP
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Evolution of PMBOK But as times changed, the
PMBOK guide evolved and became more detailed with
its practices, processes and methodologies. An
important inference that was made out of the
LEARNING MUDRA, Category - PMP Is PMP Equivalent
to Masters?
was that there is no hard and fast rule about
choosing a particular model, either waterfall or
Agile. The selection of the appropriate model
depends on the requirements of the project and is
a decision that has to be made by the project
Which is better -PMP or Scrum Master? LEARNING
MUDRA, Category - PMP Is PMP exam multiple choice?
Is PMP Agile or Waterfall ?
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For more information on whether PMP is agile or
waterfall get in touch with us at
91-987-123-7360 or email us at Interpretation of
PMBOK The PMBOK Guide says that the change from
one phase to another phase usually involves some
kind of technical transfer or hand off. This kind
of phrasing is what leads readers to believe that
only the waterfall methodology is relevant when
following PMBOK Guide practices. But if were to
believe hand-off to mean that there is a hand
off of an increment of code to the stakeholder to
use in whatever way they want to, then agile is
still in line with the most basic processes
and practices of the PMBOK Guide. When each
iteration comes to an end, the team completes an
increment of code and then the customer reviews
it . Whatever might be the outcome, the
subsequent iteration will start as it was
originally planned.
Rise of Agile
In recent times, Agile technologies have proved
to have improved quality, productivity and
customer satisfaction and there has been a
popular support for the adoption of the
Agile Technologies in Project Management. The
PMBOK Guide has supported the validity of the
newer Agile technologies and PMI has also
supported the training of the Project Managers in
Agile Project Management. In 2021, PMI made
changes to the PMP exam. Subsequently, a new
PMBOK Guide would also be introduced which would
be the 7th edition of the PMBOK. According to
these changes, Agile technologies would be a
must. According to PMI, Half of the test will be
heavily focusing on Agile or hybrid
technologies. Conclusion to the Topic Is PMP
Agile or Waterfall ? In conclusion, the PMP is
neither Agile nor Waterfall. PMP is based on the
PMBOK guide which has practices and frameworks
which are in line with both Waterfall model and
the Agile Technologies. It just depends on the
interpretation of the reader and the requirement
of the project. However, a lit tle more emphasis
would be given on Agile technologies for the PMP
exam as Agile is the future and has shown
incredible results in recent times. Importance
of Learning Mudra Both Agile and Waterfall are
complicated models and it is important to learn
them well. Moreover, it is important to be able
to interpret the PMBOK Guide wisely in order to
make decisions regarding the choice of the
appropriate model for the project. Also, the
person needs to learn all the above discussed, in
order to pass the PMP Exam. Therefore, it is
important to enroll in the best PMP Training
Institute, Learning Mudra, which teaches all
these models, the PMBOK Guide and helps in
improving the decision making for a real-life
The Author Learning Mudra
Learning Mudra is one of the worlds
authoritative providers of online training for
Project Management, Data Science, Software
Development, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing,
, IT, and many other budding technologies.
Visit Learning Mudras Corporate Training page to
know more about core trainings for enterprises,
enabling the employees in the field of project
management. Click here to enrol for the PMP
Certification Training in Hyderabad.
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