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How Meditation Affects Our Brain?


Meditation has become the talk of the town, but do you know how significantly meditation can change our brain. Check out our interesting presentation to know the amazing ways in which meditation affects our brain. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Meditation Affects Our Brain?

Meditation And its Effects on Our Brain
  • How Meditation Affects Our Brain?

Yuvaap 2022
  • Meditation is an art. It is the delicate process
    of letting go of all your wandering thoughts, the
    efforts to relax into your true nature, which is
    love, joy, and peace. Both spirituality and
    science back the amazing benefits of meditation.
    Meditation has the power of transforming your
    life for better, lets discuss how significantly
    meditation can change our brain.

Yuvaap 2022
Here is a list of Meditation that Affects Brain
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Yoga Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta Meditation)
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Guided Meditation
  • Vipassana Meditation (Sayagyi U Ba Khin Tradition)

Slows Down the Aging of Brain
  • Meditators develop the power of preserving the
    aging brain. Long term meditators retain the
    grey matter volume as compared to those who dont

Yuvaap 2022
Reduction of Activity in Me Centre
  • Meditation decrease activity in default mode
    network which is responsible for your wandering
    mind and distractions. Meditators find it easy to
    focus and concentrate as they can control their
    mind from wandering.

Yuvaap 2022
Meditation is the New Antidepressant
  • Meditation has been proven to reduce anxiety and
    depression to a significant amount. Meditation is
    more like an active brain training, which helps
    in increasing awareness and mindfulness and hence
    reduces stress.

Yuvaap 2022
Volume Change in key areas of Brain
  • Meditation can effectively change the structure
    of brain, it increases cortical thickness hence
    increases learning and memorization abilities. It
    also accounts for decreased cell volume in
    amygdala which is responsible for stress and
    anxiety hence meditation can change our emotional
    perception too.

Yuvaap 2022
Improve Concentration and Attention
Meditators find it very easy to concentrate or
focus on things which the non meditators
definitely lack. It ultimately improves the
cognitive skills of the meditator. Meditation is
more about finding the strong focus of attention
hence no doubt meditation makes it easy to stay
Yuvaap 2022
Reduced Social Anxiety
Meditation helps in reducing social anxiety by
reducing the stress level of the person, studies
have found that meditation has brought changes in
brain regions involved in attention .
Yuvaap 2022
Great Help in Addiction
  • No other addiction can bother you when meditation
    becomes your addiction, people who learn
    mindfulness find it easy to quit their smoking or
    other addictive habits. Meditation helps by
    decoupling the state of craving, hence one feels
    reduced urge of smoking .

Yuvaap 2022
  • Whether you're looking to reduce stress or find
    spiritual enlightenment or are looking for
    increased focus or concentration, meditation has
    it all for you. However, meditation is not a
    thing to force on you. It is all about comfort
    and relaxation. You will be amazed to see how
    magnanimous transformation meditation brings to
    our lives. So start early and become part of
    eternal bliss.

Yuvaap 2022
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