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Mindfulness Meditation - What it is And How to do it


Learn how to do mindfulness meditation in the right way to achieve a peaceful path that follows a happy life at Peacetree. Our Guru Sunita Bapooji helps the listener to do mindfulness meditation with her divine speech. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mindfulness Meditation - What it is And How to do it

  • Mindfulness Meditation - What it is And How to do

Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves
and our experience.
What is Mindfulness Meditation?
  • Mindfulness meditation is a mental training
    practice that involves focusing your mind on your
    experiences (like your own emotions, thoughts,
    and sensations) in the present moment.
    Mindfulness meditation can involve breathing
    practice, mental imagery, awareness of body and
    mind, and muscle and body relaxation.

How to do it Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mindfulness is available to us in every moment,
    whether through meditations and body scans, or
    mindful moment practices like taking time to
    pause and breathe when the phone rings instead of
    rushing to answer it.
  • Follow the footsteps of the mystic saga- Sunita
    Bapooji at Sookshma and get to know how to do
    mindfulness meditation. Her vast experience and
    wisdom will guide you to lead a happy and healthy
  • A Simple Meditation Practice
  • Sit comfortably
  • Straighten your upper bodybut don't stiffen
  • Notice what your arms are doing
  • Feel your breath
  • Notice when your mind wanders from your breath
  • Be kind about your wandering mind

Purpose of Mindfulness Meditation
  • Among its theorized benefits are self-control,
    objectivity, affect tolerance, enhanced
    flexibility, equanimity, improved concentration
    and mental clarity, emotional intelligence and
    the ability to relate to others and one's self
    with kindness, acceptance and compassion.
  • They mindfulness exercises can mostly be slotted
    in while you go about your everyday business,
    without the need for a formal sit-down meditation
  • The walking meditation
  • The eating meditation
  • Listen mindfully
  • Mindful brushing
  • Just one breath
  • Experience nature

Creative Mindfulness Exercises
  • Learn the creative mindfulness exercises under
    the expert guidance of the Mystic Saga Sunita
    Bapooji who will lead you to a path of peace
    and happiness in life. You will feel the positive
    change in yourself by following in her footsteps.
    Get to know more about her events and conferences
    at Peacetree.
  • Here are 6 exercises which can help to build
    mindfulness in different ways
  • The Self-Compassion Pause
  • Self-Inquiry Meditation
  • Five Senses Exercise
  • The Mini-Mindfulness Exercise
  • Mindful Walking Down The Street Technique
  • The Three Minute Breathing Space.

Meditation for Depression
  • Meditation for Depression is one of the
    appropriate remedies for depression. Learn the
    whole process from the Ancient Sage Sunita
    Bapooji whose spiritual guidance and words of
    wisdom will transform your life. Know more about
    her events and conferences at Peacetree.
  • The focus of mindfulness meditation is to train
    the brain to stay in the moment. There are three
    easy ways to treat Depression With Meditation
  • Using Mindfulness Meditation
  • Trying Body Scan Meditation
  • Additional Practices

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