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Importance Of Meditation In Buddhism


The Buddhist culture becomes all the more transparent after a person goes through the significant roles that monks and meditation play in Buddhism and the life of a Buddhism follower – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Importance Of Meditation In Buddhism

Importance Of Meditation In Buddhism
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Importance Of Meditation In Buddhism
  • The first and foremost benefit of meditation is
    the fact that it improves our memory power, even
    under stress.
  • It is the quick solution in calming the mind and
    the body when we feel too much pressure or suffer
    from anxiety, nervousness or stress.
  • Regular meditation helps a person keep sudden
    negative mood swings at bay.
  • The power of concentration is greatly honed by
    the practice of regular meditation. Mental
    distractions can be tackled smartly if a person
    is a regular meditator.

Importance Of Meditation In Buddhism
  • Meditation curbs the chances of degradation of
    the brain. Research proves that there is a strong
    connection between meditation and intelligence,
    since it substantially increases the size of a
    persons brain.
  • The immunity system of a persons body becomes
    more attuned with the common diseases that can
    affect a persons body.
  • Apart from basic common diseases, medical
    research also proves that regular meditation has
    a positive effect on people suffering from heart
    diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma
    among many others.

Importance Of Meditation In Buddhism
  • Meditating is a great way to rejuvenate the human
    body when fatigue strikes. In fact, a meditation
    break can also work as a substitute of sleep.
  • Chronic pain, whether physical or emotional, can
    be cured to a large extent by inculcating the
    good habit of meditating every day.
  • With meditation, a person becomes more attuned
    with his surroundings since it has major positive
    effects on his alertness and vigilance.

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Significance Of Buddhist Monks
  • The primary task of a Buddhist monk is to spread
    the teachings of Lord Buddha. They devote their
    entire life to this task and the well-being of
    the religion, as a whole.
  • Although a Buddhist monk ideally renounces his
    worldly life, he still has a lot to do withthe
    welfare of the society. They are the only people
    who can solve the problems of a follower of
    Buddhism. Hence, their focus lies on their
    followers they help their followers by advising
    them on all stages of life.
  • Apart from the above two roles, another important
    significance of a Buddhist monk is that he also
    engages himself in various social activities.
    There are a number of schools, hospitals and
    other charitable institutions that are run by
    Buddhist monks.

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