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Anatomy and Function of Shoulder Joints | Dr Chirag Patel


With the input of the best shoulder surgeon in Mumbai Dr Chirag Patel we shed light on the function and anatomy of the shoulder joint to improve your awareness. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Anatomy and Function of Shoulder Joints | Dr Chirag Patel

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Anatomy and Function of Shoulder Joints
  • The shoulder is the most mobile and at the same
    time most unstable joint in the human body.
  • Owing to its complex structure it offers the
    highest range of motion over another joint.
  • And this also makes it highly vulnerable to
    injury in sports or even in daily life.
  • At our joints and sports clinic in Mumbai, we
    often get consulted by patients with shoulder
    strains and injuries.
  • This most often happens due to a lack of right
    information about the joint and the care that
    must be taken for a healthy shoulder.

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Anatomy and Function of Shoulder Joints
  • So in this blog today, with the input of the best
    shoulder surgeon in Mumbai 
  • Dr Chirag Patel we shed light on the function and
    anatomy of the shoulder joint to improve your
    awareness. Read on
  • The Function of Shoulder Joint 
  • From mobility activities like walking, throwing,
    and running to daily activities like reaching an
    item on the shelf there isnt any upper body
    functional movement where the shoulder doesnt
    play a crucial role.
  • The function of the shoulder joint is to hold
    the shoulder bones in place to enable movement of
    the arms upward, downward, forward and

Anatomy and Function of Shoulder Joints
  • Anatomy of Shoulder Joint 
  • The shoulder is a ball and socket joint that is
    primarily formed by three bones humerus (upper
    arm bone), scapula (shoulder blade) and clavicle
    (collar bone).
  • The head of the humerus bone forms a ball-type
    structure that is lined with cartilage and sits
    in the socket, called the glenoid cavity with
    support from muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Thus enabling the shoulder joint to perform
    extension, flexion, abduction, adduction,
    internal rotation, external rotation and
  • This support system of muscles, tendons and
    ligaments are collectively called rotator cuff
    and they ensure free movement of the joint by
    keeping the ball and socket in place, says
    the best orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai Dr Chirag

Anatomy and Function of Shoulder Joints
The injury to any of these components will result
in a myriad of problems and the most common ones
are 1. Adhesive capsulitis Frozen shoulder that
results in pain, spasm and stiffness. Frozen
shoulder treatment in Mumbai is commonly
performed to treat this condition. 2.
Bursitis Inflammation of bursae the
fluid-filled sacs in the shoulder. 3. Rotator
Cuff Injury Injury to the support system
ligaments, tendons or muscles usually due to
sports and injuries. 4. Shoulder Impingement
Syndrome Inflammation of soft tissue when the
bones rub on each other. Often occurs in swimmers.
Anatomy and Function of Shoulder Joints
  • How to prevent Shoulder Injuries?
  • Whether you are an athlete or a regular
    individual it is important to keep the joint hale
    and healthy.
  • Given its tendency to get injured often, a
    consistent physical training regimen is
    considered paramount.
  • Exercises that improve mobility, and increase
    range of motion and strength must be carefully
    incorporated into a daily routine to guard the
    shoulder against the injuries.
  • If you are in Mumbai and are looking to improve
    your shoulder health to prevent potential
    injuries, then Dr Chirag Patel is the best
    shoulder specialist in Mumbai who can help you.

Anatomy and Function of Shoulder Joints
As a shoulder surgeon who has helped hundreds of
sportsmen and the elderly retain their shoulder
function, Dr Chirag Patel can treat your shoulder
issues and help you prevent potential shoulder
problems. You can contact him here https//www.dr  
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