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7 Reasons How Magento Can Meet All Your Requirements!


Magento is acknowledged as one of the most reliable eCommerce platforms out there. It has several functionalities that can assist you to meet the need of your customers. Among which are: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 7 Reasons How Magento Can Meet All Your Requirements!

  • Magento is acknowledged as one of the most
    reliable e-commerce platforms out there. It has
    several functionalities that can assist you to
    meet the need of your customers. Among which are
  • Flexible and open architecture
  • Enterprise-grade performance, scalability, and
  • Full-page caching for commerce editions and open
  • Better code quality and testing
  • More fluid checkout process with secure payments
  • Optimized for integration and e-commerce
  • When choosing Custom Magento Development, you can
    determine either use the pre-built platform for
    your business or customize it. Pre-built Magento
    stores are simple to set up and use. However, you
    will be confined by the design and the
    storefront. A customized Magento platform gives
    you affability and scalability. It feeds to your
    business-specific needs and different processes
    which can assist you to scale up quickly.
    However, when considering creating a customize
    Magento platform, you need to consider the

  • Short-term and long-term business goals
  • The set budget
  • Sales predictions
  • The traffic expectations
  • As discussed above, Magento comes with fabulous
    functionalities but still needs more to market
    your products online and offer a good user
  • Below are some amazing reasons explaining why you
    need a customized Magento website.
  • 1. A Magento website makes it effortless to
    integrate with back-end processes
  • Most e-commerce stores require integration with
    other systems to make it simple for business
    processes to stream easily. For instance, if you
    have an order entry system on the back end that
    can trace all orders from when it is placed to
    when it is delivered, but you need to also note
    the order into your invoicing and accounting
    system, you may need to integrate with different
    software to assist you to accomplish the process.
    A custom-built Magento site enables you to carry
    out such a process efficiently.

  • A customized Magento platform makes integration
    between systems and the platform smooth and
    tailored to your business.
  • 2. A Magento Website Takes Care of Security
  • Magento offers a great layer of security to
    shield customer's personal data, particularly
    their payment information. But, if you are a huge
    brand, you may want to add more coats of
    protection to your e-commerce web store. Your
    website should comply with the 12 requirements
    defined by PCI DSS (Payment card information data
    security standards).
  • Using a custom-built website enables you to
    benefit from the expertise of developers and
    safety professionals who know how to shield your
    customers data. Thus, adding third-party
    security support within a custom-built platform
    may be the alternative you need.

3. Magento Web Store Assists You to Add Great
Features for Your Shoppers Although Magento
presents unique features, particularly in the new
Magento 2 versions. You may still want to enhance
your customer's experience on your website by
combining more features. These features can
assist you to increase your conversion rates. 4.
Magento Web Store Helps You to Meet the Need of
Your Customers and Increase Conversions. Customiz
ing y our Magento web store will assist you to
meet the needs of your customers. For example, in
cases where you have eager shoppers, it will make
the purchasing process simple and quick. This
way, your shoppers will find it effortless to
seek what they want simply. And you may also want
to make your web store user-friendly. This will
drive to improved customer experience,
conversions, and enable customers to turn always
towards your business. It will serve to reduce
your bounce rate and increase conversion.
5. Get functional and elegant eCommerce
store Comprehending your business needs will
assist you to create the right website for your
business. Custom made Magento web store provides
you the right functionality that will allow you
to meet your business needs. This will help you
to pick the right theme, design, layout,
extensions, pictures, background, etc., giving
your web store a different look and feel. 6.
Magento web store will make it stand out from the
rest of your competitors Many businesses are
using Magento 2 platform because of its
competence. Visualize your business having the
equivalent feel and look likes your rivals. That
means that your buyers cannot distinguish your
website from other shops in your niche. Magento
2 Development will help you build a distinct
presence that will determine your potential
customers you diverge from the rest. 
7. Magento Delivers SEO-friendly Web
Stores Although Magento has the search engine
optimization functionalities, it is normally
generic. There are situations where you cannot
fully rely on the feature for your search engine
optimization requirements. A customized web store
by an experienced expert will tailor your website
to be search engine friendly. You will have the
opportunity to pick the keywords you want to
optimize for each of your product pages. You can
use several keywords and change them whenever you
want. Conclusion From the reasons preceding,
you actually need a customized Magento platform
to help you improve your conversion, decrease
bounce rate and speed up your business
growth. iCreative Technologies offers
comprehensive Magento Development Services that
will enable you to set up an engaging e-commerce
store that meets your business goals. Whether you
need to set up your Magento store or you want to
customize an existing store to meet user's
requirements, iCreative Technologies is ready to
help you renew your store so that it offers a
significant user experience for your new and
existing customers. Get in touch with the
Certified Magento Development Company here
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