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What is magento and why you use magento for ecommerce store business?


If you have an e-commerce business, then you would surely understand the complexities and efforts needed for its success and development. When any want to make his/her business, the most useful platform for ecommerce store is Magento and it is not only the best platform for creating engaging e-commerce websites but it is also professional and totally free to use. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is magento and why you use magento for ecommerce store business?


Magento is an open-source platform developed in
PHP used for creating eCommerce websites. The
platform was introduced in the market in the year
2008 and till now many well-known names
like Nike, Samsung, etc. have made use of the
platform for their business enhancements and
working. It is believed that nearly 26 of the
eCommerce websites make use of the platform for
their business. The platform has been very
helpful for businesses aiming to develop
long-term engaging relationships with their
clients and customers. Magento is not only the
best platform for creating engaging e-commerce
websites but it is also professional and totally
free to use. Magento offers some amazing features
to its users which makes it really special and
distinguished from the other platforms. So, lets
get to learn more on Magentos features.
  • Some of the leading Magentos features are as
  • Management of various products and attachments
  • Inventory management
  • Category managements
  • Managements of varying payment options
  • Offering international support to the business
  • Enabling marketing tools and promotional
    strategies for the growth of the business
  • Analyzing the reports and search technology
  • Along with all these appealing features, Magento
    also supports the latest SEO factors. It ensures
    to make the best use of SEO parameters to help
    the eCommerce website outreach to the larger
    audience pool.

Over the years, Magento has helped many
businesses, of varying size, to expand their
reach. Undoubtedly, it is one of the leading and
trending platforms for creating the most amazing
eCommerce websites. What do you think? Hmm of
course now you got that what is magento and why
you use magento for ecommerce store business?
Yeah! Why is Magento 2 the best choice for
e-commerce store development? If you have an
e-commerce business, then you would surely
understand the complexities and efforts needed
for its success and development. Since, you have
a detail-oriented audience making decisions based
on the information, you always need to be on your
It, therefore, needs better planning and focus
for designing a solution for the eCommerce store
business. The solution should focus on providing
every single needed detail to the customers along
with concentrating on the development of your
business. Keeping all the necessities in mind,
Magento 2 has emerged as one of the leading and
the most reliable platforms for e-commerce
businesses. The open-source Magento 2 provides
all the support that your business needs to lead
towards the success path. It helps in creating a
responsive and mobile specified theme for the
customers needs and requirements helping the
businesses to attract as much attention as
possible. With its vast varieties of
functionalities, Magento 2 has become one
preferred choice of most of the leading eCommerce
businesses. Well, it is not just about the
offered reliability, but Magento 2 also assures
various benefits that can enhance the reach of
your business.
So, are you interested in knowing the reasons
that concentrate on making Magento 2 the best
choice for eCommerce store development? If yes,
then here are some of the reasons 1. Simple,
user-friendly, and intuitive interface The main
purpose of any eCommerce business is to attract
as many customers as possible. It is, therefore,
very important to offer simple and convenient
navigations to the customers and visitors. This
can easily be done with an attractive and
responsive design and interface play a major role
in doing so. Magento 2 ensures to provides many
options for theme customization that can offer a
smooth and hassle-free buying experience for the
users. The engaging design and content used in
Magento 2 keep the customers hooked along with
providing them with all the ease they need to get
valuable information and navigation options.
2. Supports advanced SEO features Magento 1
surely supported the SEO features, but the
compatibility of Magento 2 with the advanced SEO
features and functionalities is unmatched. In
simple words, it can be said that Magento 2 is
more SEO-friendly assuring its better use for
website engagement and responsiveness. Magento 2
comes packed with several features and
functionalities that ensure to offer better
ranking to your website in the search engines.
This assures smooth and hassle-free business
3. Supports multiple extensions One of the best
benefits of using Magento 2 is the fact that it
supports multiple extensions for delivering its
seamless operations to businesses and customers.
You can add as many extensions as you need as
your business to make it attractive for the
buyers and customers. Also, the available
extensions bring many additional features for the
business. It can be seen in a way that using
business extensions, compatible with Magento 2,
prevents any complicated coding or hassles that
can hinder the smooth processing of the various
business operations.
4. Rapid and hassle-free ordering Along with
offering the simplicity of navigation and a
user-friendly interface, Magento 2 also ensures a
rapid and hassle-free ordering experience to the
customers. Thanks to this, the overall journey of
the users becomes really smooth and convenient
while ordering their favorite products. Unlike
the traditional buying process, the buying
process in Magento 2 simplifies the ordering
process by making use of SKUs along with
uploading various CSV files. Along with this, it
provides various options for customized
management that can help both the customers and
the eCommerce website.
  • 5. Multiple options for payments
  • The wholesale buying in the eCommerce business
    requires payments in huge amounts because of the
    bulk buying. Generally, in traditional buying,
    the entire process to pay this huge amount
    requires a lot of time and hassles. This
    sometimes gets tiring and hectic for both the
    customers and the business owners.
  • To provide its reasonable solution, Magento 2 is
    designed to support multiple payment methods. The
    platform can integrate third-party payments to
    ensure that the entire amount can be transacted
    without any complications or hassles.
  • Along with the advantages of multiple payment
    options, the eCommerce platforms can also make
    the best use of customizing.
  • Limits of the orders
  • Origin of the country
  • Credit limit extensions depending upon the age of
    the account

6. Seamless integrations Magento 2 uses robust
API and various extensions assuring smooth and
seamless integration with the legacy main system.
There are no complications to establish
connections with the main system which is one of
the major advantages of Magento 2. Further,
Magento 2 provides maximum ease and convenience
for migration complexities. Thus, it can be said
that Magento 2 boosts the connectivity between
the systems without demanding any extra
maintenance cost and effort.
7. Customized pricing options Ecommerce business
mainly works by establishing long-lasting
relations with existing and potential customers.
For this, the businesses need to customize many
aspects that can suit the users convenience and
attract them. As a result of this, many
businesses make the necessary customization in
the price. Also, to keep the buyers satisfied,
the businesses need to customize the prices
differently for a different set of customers. All
these customizations can be easily done using the
wide variety of options available in Magento 2.
The platform provides an easy way for businesses
to customize all the necessary business aspects
according to the type of customers and buyers.
Magento 2 is a trusted name that offers better
and more control to the business merchants. Along
with this, it also offers a smooth and seamless
buying experience to the users. Thus, it can be
said that Magento 2 has a wide scope of
improvement and development as it reduces the
dependency of the 3rd party. Magento 2 comes
packed with every possible feature that can
enhance the performance and productivity of the
business. With the functionalities of Magento 2,
the various operations for the business turn
convenient for everyone involved be it the
business owner or the buyer/customer. So, your
search for a reliable, suitable, and hassle-free
platform for your eCommerce business ends with
Magento 2. So finally you got it why Magento is a
complete solution for e-commerce store business?
And still not done yet, lets get to know more
about Magento. And if you are still relying on
Magento 1, then it is high time to upgrade with
Magento 2 to reap its endless and unlimited
benefits for your business. Lets get to see why
you should update to Magento 2?
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