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Pros and Cons of Magento 2.0: Should you choose it in 2021?


It's no doubt that Adobe Commerce (Magento) is ruling the nerves of the eCommerce sector today, especially in European countries. So, if you're planning to kickstart an online business or looking to migrate on a reliable platform, then do nothing but refer to this PPT. We have covered all Pros & Cons in detail, which ends you up with a smart decision with no regrets at all. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Pros and Cons of Magento 2.0: Should you choose it in 2021?

Pros and Cons of Magento 2.0 Should you choose it
in 2021?
W W W . N E T H U E S . C O M
A Quick Recap!
Developed by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner in 2007,
Magento is a popular eCommerce platform written
in PHP frameworks such as Laminas Symfony.
Initially invested and 49 owned by eBay, Adobe
later acquired Magento for 1.68 billion. The
platform offers both open-source premium
membership options and is one of the most
searched keywords, even more than eCommerce on
the internet. What is Magento today? At present,
Magento is topping the list of most used
eCommerce platforms in the US, UK various other
European nations. On Adobe's recent third
anniversary of the Magento acquisition, the
company officially consolidated Magento commerce
in its Adobe range of products and entitled it
Adobe Commerce.
W W W . N E T H U E S . C O M
What proves Magento's popularity?
Some updated Magento stats 2021-
  • Magento empowers over 2,50,000 eCommerce stores
  • It is downloaded 5000 times every day.
  • Over 74K websites solely use Magento in the US.
  • It is chosen by one of the most trusted brands
    worldwide like Ford, Coca-Cola, Land-Rover,
    Nescafe, etc.
  • More than 10,000 extensions plugins make
    Magento a global eCommerce platform for SMEs.

Now, it is evident that Magento is a great
platform for eCommerce establishments. But is it
worth skipping other popular choices like
WooCommerce, Shopify, or Prestashop? Well, the
answer could be YES it could be NO! You got to
evaluate that yourself.
Go next for Magento's Pros Cons
W W W . N E T H U E S . C O M
Made for every business
Courtesy of Adobe brings Magento in two
particular editions. Merchants can select and
proceed with any as per their preference budget
constraints- Magento Open-Source As the name
suggests, you can download this version for FREE
can make modifications as per your
requirements. It offers you basic
functionalities, which are further expandable via
custom modules ready-made extensions. Magento
Commerce This version requests you to create an
account and pay license fees. Consequently, it
will offer you many more advanced functionalities
than the open-source version. Besides, you need
to install this version in the Magento Commerce
Cloud hosting. The benefit of multiple
editions Both of the Magento editions are
unflawed and in demand for anyone to select as
per their needs. For instance Small medium
enterprises usually choose Magento Open-Source,
whereas large big-budget enterprises prefer
Magento Commerce.
W W W . N E T H U E S . C O M
Mobile-first user experience
As per Statista, more than half of a website
traffic comes from mobile. Therefore, having a
mobile un-friendly store simply means losing your
eCommerce game. Luckily, Adobe offers Magento
PWA Studio. It allows PWA developers to build a
mobile-first website that performs atomically on
both Android iOS devices. The benefit of the
mobile-first user experience It let you deliver
a lightning-fast user experience, keeps visitors
engaged even with poor internet connectivity,
attracts search engines' attention, and improves
sales conversion rates by 90
W W W . N E T H U E S . C O M
Ocean of features
Compared with other legit options such as
WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, Adobe has
earned its Magento an edge with an ocean of worth
mentioning features. Some of the most notable
ones are-
  • Comfortable admin dashboard for smooth order
  • Multi-language Multi-Currency support for
  • Powerful in-built SEO features including Google
    Site Map, SEO-friendly URL maker, Meta Content
    Creator, SEO analytics, AI advisor, One-page
    checkout, for higher ranks conversion.
  • Exclusive content user management tools.

The benefit of extra features
Extra features result in an excellent eCommerce
store built and ensure the entire development
process is time money efficient. Besides,
Magento's features are practically easy to use.
Even a novice merchant can get familiar with them
by reading easy manuals or watching YouTube
tutorial videos.
W W W . N E T H U E S . C O M
Huge Development Cost
Even though it comes in an open-source version,
Magento does cost expensive in general. First of
all, certified Magento developers are not readily
available today, and if they are, they cost a
little pricey. However, an open-source Magento
version can be overhauled using few decent
extensions, plugins, and fancy codes. But, for
such effective custom Magento development, you
have to set a decent budget.
The consequence of high development cost
It is pretty much evident to everyone. But you
should know that huge development costs may
affect the traction of your business ahead. You
won't be left with many funds to utilize in your
marketing campaigns. You may not be able to
manage your support maintenance expenses, and
worst, you'll not be able to purchase valuable
plugins, themes, and extensions for your
business. Because the majority of valuable
add-ons request initial fees.
W W W . N E T H U E S . C O M
Time Eating Projects
This is one of the blessings of Magento, which
sometimes acts as its curse. The API-led
architecture of Magento allows us to easily
integrate third-party software and customize them
as per the client's preference. But, the
system's complexity makes the entire process
lengthy and time-consuming, even for an
experienced Magento development company.
The consequence of time-eating projects
Time is one of the fuels for an online business.
And, when each small process gets
time-consuming, then companies often miss the
necessary points of action. For instance
Lets assume you need to integrate an advanced
analytics module in your Magento store for an
upcoming festive sale but, the complexity of the
module made developers consume extra time, then
it's possible that it could heavily affect your
preparation period.
W W W . N E T H U E S . C O M
Need for powerful hosting
Don't even think about shared hosting if you are
planning to run a Magento commerce store. Due to
heavy yet powerful add-ons, shared hosting will
only result in performance issues, site
downtimes, security vulnerabilities, and poor
website management. A VPS (Virtual Private
Server), cloud, or dedicated server is the best
way to run your Magento commerce smoothly.
Besides, domain registration, SSL Certificates,
and hosting plans can be a pocket burn for
various starter merchants with zero to no
technical knowledge.
The consequence of no dedicated hosting
A dedicated hosting brings countless hidden
benefits when your store is ready to go live. If
not using a separate server, your visitors may
experience poor loading speed, site crash, and
pathetic user experience. It directly leads
your brand image towards death. And that is a
significant factor to build trust in an online
business ecosystem.
W W W . N E T H U E S . C O M
What do experts say?
Well, as per the eCommerce specialists, no
platform is perfect! Especially in this era, when
technology is advancing consistently. Similarly,
Magento and all its peer CMS platforms come with
some pros some inevitable cons. Nevertheless,
if you still want to know experts' opinion! Then
Magento is an undoubtedly great option to choose
for eCommerce development in 2021 If wondering
how we are considering us an expert eligible to
give such advice, Click Next
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