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Top 8 Benefits of Salesforce Code Quality Tools


Salesforce code quality tools can be a major asset in your DevOps pipeline. But what benefits do these tools provide? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 8 Benefits of Salesforce Code Quality Tools

  • Top 8 Benefits of Salesforce Code Quality Tools

Here are the top 8 benefits your DevOps team will
see form utilizing Salesforce code quality tools
  • Proper functionality and data security relies on
    strong coding practices, structure, and quality.
  • Salesforce code quality tools are available to
    address the various needs of your team when it
    comes to writing and maintaining strong code.
  • Better Code
  • Faster Release Velocity
  • Reduction in Bugs and Errors
  • Strengthened Data Security
  • Increased Code Visibility
  • Enhanced Team Member Productivity
  • Complete Coverage
  • Integrates with DevSecOps Platform

Better Code
  • Better code means better projects, plain and
  •  Salesforce code quality tools aim to improve the
    value of your code through automated checks and

Faster Release Velocity
  • Streamlining code writing and review processes
    allows your company to enhance their offerings
    and better address evolving issues.
  • Automation is an essential aspect of a
    streamlined DevOps pipeline.
  • Code reviews can be time consuming as a DevOps
    project grows in size. 

Reduction in Bugs and Errors
  • Technical debt has a negative impact on the end
    user experience, can hurt data security measures,
    and become quite costly.
  • Static code analysis immediately alerts
    developers to bugs and errors in the coding
  • This allows them to fix these issues before they
    have a chance to grow and become larger headaches
    down the road.

Strengthened Data Security
  • Salesforce code quality tools fix errors that
    have the potential to go beyond simply affecting
    functionality into threatening data security.
  • Cybercriminals exploit coding errors to create
    backdoors into a computer system. The best way to
    guard against this is to ensure the data and
    metadata associated with your updates and
    applications are as stable as possible.

 Increased Code Visibility

  • Salesforce code quality tools alter team members
    the moment an error is introduced to a project.
  • Dashboards and reports are also available to
    provide a well-informed, high-level analysis of
    your teams coding efforts.

Enhanced Team Member Productivity
  • The code review process can take a very long time
    as some DevOps projects are liable to have
    thousands of lines of code.
  • Automating this process with Salesforce code
    quality tools takes this time-consuming task away
    from your team members so they can spend more
    time creating the most secure and high quality
    products possible.

 Complete Coverage

  • Code quality tools are compatible with numerous
    languages to provide coverage of system data as
    well as metadata.
  • This ensures complete coverage of your Salesforce
    environment. The other benefits on this list
    apply to both metadata and system data alike.

Integrates with DevSecOps Platform
  • Static code analysis works alongside other DevOps
    tools like CI/CD, data backup and recovery, and
    more to protect your system while enabling team
    members to produce the best results possible.
  • Salesforce code quality tools are an essential
    aspect of a full-featured approach to DevSecOps.
    Providing your team members with the tools they
    need to create secure, quality products at speed
    offers benefits to the whole company.

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  • Develop High Quality, Secure Code!
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