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Brandstory is the leading SEO Company in India. We offering innovative SEO Services in India and digital marketing solutions to keep your website on the top ranks of the search results. Being the most reliable SEO Agency in India, we have 8+ years of experience in local seo services, global seo services, Ecommerce SEO Services, App Store Optimization Services and much more to our clients. We follow a data-driven and ethical approach to SEO that delivers accurate and sustainable results. Our best seo expert in india will help you achieve all your business goals with our effective SEO strategies. Hire brandstory, a top seo company in india, we can help you reach those goals by coming up with the best strategy for you. Web: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best SEO Services in India - Brandstory

9008504821 Best SEO Agency in India SEO companies
in India are often criticized for their lack of
creativity and focus on providing value. While
these companies may be good at optimizing
websites for search engines with the right
keywords, they often fail to provide the level of
creativity that businesses need to succeed in the
organic search engine world. Search engine
optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective
online marketing strategies businesses should
leverage to improve their visibility and attract
more customers. By optimizing their websites and
other technical aspects for search engines,
companies can make sure their websites show up at
the top of search engine results pages (SERPs),
which can help them attract more website visitors
and generate more leads and sales. SEO is a
sustainable and longterm strategy for business
success because it helps businesses improve their
website visibility over time, resulting in more
website visitors, leads, and sales. 82 of
companies believe that SEO is getting more
effective each day and significantly impacts
their online success. Still not convinced? Here
are some SEO stats to get you interested 1.
The 1 result in Google gets approximately 32 of
all clicks. 2. 49 of marketers report that
organic search has the best ROI of any marketing
channel. 3. Organizations that create regular
content for their blog receive 97 more backlinks
to their website. 4. 75 of searchers find what
they are looking for on the first page of search
results. 5. Organic search is driving 300 more
traffic to websites than social media. Brandstory
is one of the top SEO companies in India that
offers innovative and data-driven SEO solutions
to help businesses succeed in a sustainable way.
We are a team of experienced and certified SEO
professionals that are passionate about helping
businesses grow their online visibility and
improve overall business ROI with the help of
SEO. For the past eight years, we have been
optimizing websites to help our clients grow and
sustain their business and not just boost their
search rankings or optimize their content for
SEO. We've completed over 100 successful online
business projects, including corporate websites,
marketplaces, classified websites, internet
stores, e-commerce businesses, and content
aggregator websites. Brandstory has a team of
in-house SEO experts knowledgeable and
experienced in all aspects of SEO, including
on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation,
technical SEO, local SEO, and international
SEO.We also offer other digital marketing
services such as social media marketing, pay per
click advertising, and content marketing to help
businesses improve their online visibility and
reach a wider audience.Whether you're looking for
the best SEO agency in India to help you with
your SEO needs or want to learn more about SEO
and how it can benefit your business, Brandstory
can help you today. We believe and take pride in
our culture, answer any of your questions, and
provide you with a free consultation.CASE
STUDIESCASE STUDIESHow Quality Organic Traffic
surged by 1164 for a leading Interior Design
Company in Bangalore. REQUEST ACCESSDelivering
340 ROI in 6 months to renew an E-commerce
company's dominance in search rankings and
reclaim customer trust. REQUEST ACCESSHow
relevant leads increased by 632 for a Connected
Transport Accelerator in the US. REQUEST
ACCESSBoosting admission rate organically by 265
in a year for a leading Engineering College in
Bangalore. REQUEST ACCESSWhy Brandstory SEO
Company in India Command over all aspects of
SEO and Organic Marketings Clientele across
different domains and countries Custom SEO
solutions with a streamlined process Continuous
Development and Improvisation in SEO Strategy
Strict adherence to best SEO practices and
White-hat Techniques Weekly and monthly
reporting on crucial metrics for better decision
makingBrandstory SEO StrategyWe
always keep our clients' business goals in mind
while formulating our SEO strategy. Our team of
experienced professionals use the latest
techniques to help your website rank higher on
search engines and generate more leads. Our goal
is to help you achieve your desired results with
minimum hassle.Business Analysis The first step
in our SEO process is understanding your business
goals and objectives. We take time to learn about
your products, services, target market, and
competition. This helps us form a clear picture
of what you want to achieve with SEO and develop
a detailed SEO strategy. Competitor Analysis Once
we understand your business goals, we conduct a
competitor analysis to learn about the strategies
your competitors are using. This involves
studying a minimum of 5 competitor websites,
including their design, content, keyword usage,
backlink profile, and other factors that affect
their search engine ranking. We use this
information to develop a unique SEO strategy for
your business. Website Audit One of the most
critical aspects of planning a better SEO
strategy is to conduct a detailed website audit
to check for any technical errors that might be
affecting your website's ranking. This includes
checking for broken links, duplicate content,
crawl errors, and other factors. We also check if
your website is mobile-friendly and has a fast
loading speed, as these are some of the factors
that are taken into account by Google while
ranking a website. SEO Strategy and Planning
After we have all the necessary information, our
team of SEO consultants sit down and chalk out a
detailed SEO strategy that will help you achieve
the set metrics. The SEO strategy is designed
keeping in mind your business goals, target
audience, competition, and other factors. SEO
planning also involves detailed content and
social media distribution calendar. This ensures
that all the content is published on time and
distributed across different channels. Keyword
Research and Analysis We put a lot of emphasis
and techniques on finding the right keywords for
your business. We use various tools like SEMrush
and Google Keyword Planner and our unique methods
to find the best keywords relevant to your brand
and business and have a good search volume. We
also take into account the searcher's intent
while choosing the keywords. Once we have a list
of keywords, we conduct a detailed analysis to
finalize the list of keywords that we will be
optimizing through content on the website, social
media, PR, images, and much more.On-page
Optimization The next step is to optimize the
website for the selected keywords. This includes
optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, header
tags, images, and other website elements. We also
create engaging and keyword-rich content that is
relevant to your business and target audience.
All the content is published after our team
approves it by quality assurance experts in-line
with your brand guidelines. Search engines
constantly update their algorithms, and
incidentally, these are the exact times when we
see a drop in rankings or organic traffic. Our
team of SEO experts keeps a close eye on these
algorithm updates. It changes the overall SEO
strategy accordingly so that your website
continues to rank higher on search engines.We
create and market content that is built for
keeping in mind the end-users, conversions,
engagement and value, overall business strategy,
and internal linking.Off-page Optimization Once
the website is optimized for the selected
keywords, we start working on off-page
optimization. This includes link building, social
media promotion, and other activities that help
in generating high-quality backlinks from top
websites. We also focus on creating brand
awareness and driving traffic to your website
from different channels such as social media,
email marketing, and display advertising.
Off-site SEO also involves managing your online
reputation. This includes monitoring and
responding to reviews, managing negative
comments, and other activities. These activities
help in creating a positive image of your brand
online.Technical SEO Optimization Technical SEO
includes optimizing the website's code,
structure, and other factors that help in
improving the website's ranking. We also make
sure that your website is well-indexed by search
engines and that there are no technical errors
that might be affecting your website's ranking.
Not all agencies regularly emphasize technical
aspects such as web page load speed,
crawlability, URL structure, website code
quality, and website security. These are some of
the factors that are taken into account by Google
while ranking a website.UI/UX Optimization 79 of
users who do not enjoy a website experience (such
as low-quality content, bad design, confusing
navigations) will immediately choose another
website for what they need. This is a significant
issue for mobile users. A whopping 21 of company
owners claim that their website is not compatible
with mobile devices, which might turn away
potential consumers who use their cellphones,
tablets, and other devices to browse the
internet. The user experience of a website is
such a critical ranking factor. We ensure that
your website is easy to navigate and all the
vital information is easily accessible to users,
which ultimately reduces bounce rate and helps
your website rank higher. We also ensure that
your website is mobile-friendly and optimized for
all devices.Structured Data Implementation
Structured data is a code that you add to your
website to help search crawlers understand your
website's content better. This allows your
website to rank higher on search engines, making
it easier for them to crawl and index your
website. We ensure that all the valuable and rich
information on your website is properly
structured and easily accessible to users and
search engines. This helps improve your website's
ranking and increases the chances of your website
appearing in rich snippets.SEO Content Writing
Content is one of the most crucial ranking
factors. The quality and uniqueness of your
content play a significant role in determining
your website's ranking. We make sure that all the
content on your website is relevant,
well-researched, and personalized for your
end-user. We use multiple content formats such as
blog posts, infographics, videos, how-to guides,
listicles, ebooks, social media creatives, and
other types of content to promote your website.
We also make sure that the content is shareable,
relevant, and engaging to drive more traffic to
your website.Landing Page Optimization A landing
page is a specific web page that a user is
directed to when they click on an ad or a search
engine result. The sole purpose of a landing page
is to convert visitors into customers or leads.
We make sure that all the elements on your
landing page are optimized adequately to have a
higher chance of a conversion. We also test
different versions of the landing page to see
which one performs better. Optimization aims to
get the highest possible conversion rate from
visitors that arrive at your landing page.
Landing page optimization helps you minimize your
customer acquisition costs, boost sales, and
maximize the value of your advertising
spend.Google Penalty Recovery A Google penalty is
a manual or algorithmic action taken by Google
against a website that has violated its Webmaster
Guidelines. If your website has been penalized,
it will result in a significant drop in traffic
and ranking. We have a team of experienced SEO
experts who can help you recover from a Google
penalty. We will analyze your website to see
where it has violated Google's guidelines and
then take the necessary steps to fix the issue.
We will also submit a reconsideration request to
Google so that your website can be reinstated. To
minimize Google penalties in the future, we will
also establish a robust link building and content
marketing strategy.Reputation Management Your
online reputation is the perception of your brand
that people have when they search for you on the
internet. It is crucial to have an excellent
online reputation as it can impact your business
in some ways. We can help you manage and improve
your online reputation. We continuously monitor
what is being said about your brand online and
take action to address any negative publicity. We
also proactively create and promote positive
content about your brand so that people have a
good impression of you when they search for your
brand online.Rank Tracking and Monitoring We
continuously monitor your website's ranking on
different search engines for keywords relevant to
your business. We also track the progress of the
SEO campaigns to make necessary changes and
improve your website's ranking. To track your
website's ranking, we use many tools such as
Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and
Moz. These tools help us track your SEO
campaign's progress and make necessary changes to
improve your website's ranking.ROI Measurement
and Optimization At Brandstory, we believe in
providing value and ensuring our efforts show
tangible results in growth and ROI. We regularly
track the ROI of your SEO campaign so that we can
optimize your website for better results. We use
several tools and metrics to measure the ROI of
your SEO campaign. Some of the metrics to measure
the ROI of your SEO campaign include organic
traffic, conversion rate, leads, sales, and
revenue. We also track the number of backlinks,
social shares, and brand mentions to see the
website's popularity.Conversion Optimization
Conversion optimization improves the percentage
of visitors to your website who take the desired
action. Conversion optimisation aims to increase
your website's number of leads, sales, or
signups. To achieve this, we use several
techniques to increase the conversion rate on
your website. Some of the techniques we use for
conversion optimization include Improving the
site speed, designing every page for a single
purpose, keeping the best content always in front
of the user, use of more dynamic pop-ups,
reducing the number of fields in forms
(especially mobile forms), and adding clear and
stand out CTAs.CRM Integration Brandstory helps
you set up and implement CRM for your business.
We also provide training to your staff to use the
system effectively. Our team can help you
customize the CRM according to your specific
needs and requirements. We have expertise across
all top CRMs such as Zoho CRM, Salesforce,
Pipedrive, Nimble, HubSpot, and many
more.Reporting and Analytics We provide weekly
and monthly reports to our clients so that they
can track the progress of SEO campaigns and other
efforts. The information includes several metrics
such as organic traffic, conversion rate, leads,
sales, and revenue. It is essential that we
include several other KPIs such as backlinks,
social shares, and brand mentions. The report
also includes an analysis of the SEO campaign and
recommendations on improving the campaign for
better results.Types of SEO Services That We
OffersWhen building your SEO strategy, it's
critical to know the different types of SEO
services your company can implement and whether
or not you're using the correct one. If you're
not using the right type of SEO service, you
could be wasting valuable time and resources.
Here are some of the different types of SEO
services we offerLocal SEO ServicesIf you want
to rank higher in local search results, you need
to focus on Local SEO. Local SEO is a type of SEO
that helps businesses improve their visibility in
local search results. It is different from
traditional SEO as it focuses on optimizing your
website for specific geographical locations.To
optimize your website for Local SEO, we focus on
optimizing your website's title tags, meta
descriptions, H1 tags, and other elements for
local keywords. We also create citations and
listings on directories and review sites. We also
create and optimize Google My Business
listings.Localized content and local link
popularity are essential, just like in Google's
traditional search algorithm, so it's critical to
generate local landing pages for each of your
locations - especially if you're a multi-location
company with details such as address and phone,
as well as optimize their titles tags, meta
descriptions, and follow SEO best
practices.Global SEO Services Global SEO aims to
enhance your website's worldwide ranks while
making it understandable and approachable to a
global audience. Businesses that can sell and
market their items or services worldwide benefit
from this. It is different from Local SEO. It
focuses on optimizing your website for keywords
relevant to your business across the world and
competitors from other countries and
languages.The first step in launching a
successful international SEO strategy is to look
at your current organic exposure worldwide and
your existing traffic and conversion rates. The
findings of which countries have enough relevant
competitive keywords and search volume should be
targeted and prioritized first.Increasing sales
of items/services and broadening your global
client base are all aspects of global SEO. It
also involves expanding brand recognition and
online visibility on several platforms worldwide,
generating a favorable deep connection with
international consumers to your website and
desired target audience worldwide.Enterprise SEO
ServicesEnterprise SEO is a method for elevating
organic search visibility for corporations with
hundreds of thousands or even millions of pages.
While the fundamentals of SEO are similar at any
size, what changes is the scale of
execution.Apart from the vast amount of unique
textual content, SEO agencies must emphasize all
the images, products, videos, comments, and other
assets.The complexity of diagnosing technical
difficulties or pinpointing issues with crawling
and indexing sites may be daunting. Compared to a
smaller website that targeted the same areas of
interest, the scale of work to be done and
maintained on a more prominent site targeting the
same topics is greater. Brandstory has the
capabilities and resources to handle all aspects
of enterprise SEO.Small Business SEO
ServicesSmall businesses need to be extra careful
with their SEO efforts as they cannot afford to
waste time or money on ineffective SEO
strategies. They need to focus on Local SEO and
ensure that their means to collect leads or
potential customers is consistent across all
platforms. They also need to create citations on
directories and review sites.Creating and
optimizing Google My Business listings is also
critical for small businesses. Brandstory's team
of experts can help small businesses with their
Local SEO efforts and ensure that their website
is ranking high on search engines for relevant
keywords.Ecommerce SEO ServicesEcommerce SEO is
the procedure of enhancing the visibility of your
online shop on search engine results pages
(SERPs). You want to rank as high as possible
when people look for items you offer so that you
can get more visitors.Ecommerce SEO focuses on
optimizing the headlines, product descriptions,
metadata, internal link structure, and navigation
structure of your items for search and user
experience. Each item you sell should have its
own website that tries to attract visitors from
Google.Using SEO and CRO in tandem provides you
with a comprehensive set of tactics for
increasing conversions and generating revenue.
Ecommerce is constantly growing more competitive,
so you'll need all the help you can get to get
people to your site and through the sales
funnel.App Store Optimization ServicesThere are
over 5 million apps available for download from
the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
Your app is probably facing a lot of competition.
The primary objective of App Store Optimization
is to increase downloads and user engagement. The
first step in improving your downloads is to make
your app readily available to the right users.We
help you benefit from App store optimization to
improve visibility stand out in the app stores,
get discovered by high-quality and relevant
users, increase app downloads organically and
sustainably, reduce user acquisition costs and
improve upon continuous growth, increase overall
app revenue and conversion rates, and reach a
global and relevant audience for your app.Why
Choose Brandstory for SEO Services in
IndiaBrandstory is motivated by the success of
our clients, and we work closely with businesses
to understand your target market and how to reach
them strategically and efficiently. We provide a
data-driven SEO strategy and implementation that
delivers your business quality traffic, real
customers, growth and revenue.We don't just
partner with you as an agency we work with you
to grow your business and achieve long-term
sustainable growth. We understand that each
business is built different, so we tailor our SEO
services to meet your specific needs and
goals.End-to-end Project ManagementBrandstory
provides a dedicated account manager who will
work with you to understand your business, goals,
and target market. Our account managers, social
media strategists, content creators, and SEO
experts will develop a tailored strategy to help
you achieve your business goals.We take care of
everything from doing background research about
your company, competitors, and customers to
creating detailed monthly reports. You can focus
on running your business while we focus on
driving quality traffic and leads that convert
into customers and organically grow your
business.Guaranteed and Real ResultsUnlike other
SEO service providers, we don't make false
promises. We follow a data-driven and ethical
approach to SEO that delivers accurate and
sustainable results. We
guarantee top rankings on SERPs, an increase in
traffic, lead generation, and regular conversions
for your business. Our team of experts will help
you achieve all your business goals with our
effective SEO strategies.We have the knowledge
and education to provide custom strategies that
align with your goals every decision we take is
data-backed and based on years of experience
working in the SEO industry. We also provide
regular reporting and data on key metrics to
clarify what goals we set to achieve. We have
testimonials, reviews, and case studies to
showcase the success we've had with clients in
the past.Transparent Communication and
CollaborationWe believe in open and transparent
communication with our clients. We will keep you
updated at every stage of the project to always
be in the loop. Our team is also available 24/7
to answer any questions or concerns you may
have.We work as an extension of your team and are
always available to collaborate with you on any
ideas or changes you need. Our top priority is
your success, and we work hard to help you
achieve your business goals.Benefits of Hiring
Brandstory SEO Agency in IndiaBrandstory is a
top-rated SEO agency with over 8 years of
experience and a proven track record of success.
We are the perfect partner for your digital
marketing needs with a team of creative and
hard-working individuals passionate about helping
your businesses grow.Focus on End-user NeedsWe
understand that your customers are the most
crucial part of your business. We create SEO
strategies that focus on providing a great user
experience and solving the needs of your target
market.We always think about what is best for
your end-user for every decision and strategy we
execute. We want to ensure that your customers
can easily find you online and have a great
experience visiting your website.We conduct
in-depth research about your target market, buyer
persona, and customer needs to achieve this. This
allows us to create an SEO strategy tailored to
your target market. We also continuously monitor
your website's performance and user experience.
We ensure that your website is easy to use, fast,
and mobile-friendly.Increase in Brand AwarenessTo
build a sustainable and ever-growing brand, you
need to make sure that your target market is
aware of how you are solving their problems and
what you have to offer to them compared to other
available brands in the market. We can help you
increase your brand awareness with our effective
SEO strategies.We help you build a solid online
presence and ensure that your target market can
easily find you when searching for keywords
related to your business. We often execute
creative and viral campaigns that help boost your
brand's reach. We also monitor your online
reputation and protect it from any negative
sentiments.Progressive Online VisibilityWe don't
just help you achieve top rankings on SERPs. We
also make sure that your website is visible to
your target market across all channels and
platforms. We create a comprehensive digital
marketing strategy covering all online channels,
from organic search to social media to paid
advertising.This allows us to reach your target
market wherever they are in their buyer's
journey. We ensure that they can see your brand
at every stage of their journey, from awareness
to consideration to decision.At Brandstory, we
understand that you need to explore new verticals
and channels to grow your business to new
heights. Our unique and creative SEO strategy
helps you expand into new markets and reach new
customers.Long-term Viable ResultsThe SEO
landscape is constantly changing and evolving.
What works today might not work tomorrow. We
prepare a long-term and future-proof strategy to
ensure continuous progress and growth.It takes at
least 6-9 months to see results from any SEO
campaign. And while the results you achieve in
the short-term are essential, we always focus on
achieving long-term and sustainable results.The
SEO strategies we execute are flexible and can be
easily adapted to any changes in the landscape.
We continuously monitor your website's progress
and make necessary changes to ensure that your
website is always ahead of the curve. To achieve
this, we use data-driven methods and processes
and make sure to avoid guesswork.Improved ROIWe
don't believe in spending countless hours and
resources to achieve great results for our
customers, so why should we expect the same from
you? We understand that you need to grow and make
progress as a business constantly. We focus on
achieving results that positively impact your
bottom line.We have been able to help brands
achieve tremendous ROI from our SEO campaigns. We
believe that the success of our campaigns should
be measured by the impact it has on your business
goals and objectives. Achieving top rankings on
SERPs is one thing, but it is not a successful
campaign if it doesn't increase sales and
revenue.This is why we constantly monitor your
website's performance and user engagement. We
ensure that the SEO strategies we execute align
with your business goals. This helps us ensure
that the campaigns we run for you effectively
deliver the desired results.Affordable PricingThe
SEO packages offered by Brandstory are very
affordable. We understand that every business has
different budget constraints, and we adjust our
services accordingly. Organizations in the US
alone are spending more than 80 billion on SEO
services, and this number is growing every
year.SEO is not cheap, but the results are
compounding, and you can be assured that you will
get the best value for your money when you work
with us. Our packages are tailored to meet your
business's unique needs, and we offer a wide
range of services that can be customized to suit
your budget.Industries We Specialize in For SEO
Services in IndiaOur 8 years of serving
businesses across all domains have helped us
understand how SEO works for different industries
and businesses. This allows us to create
customized and effective SEO strategies that
deliver the desired results.We have worked with
businesses in various industries, from ecommerce
to healthcare to education, and helped them
achieve their desired goals. Listed below are
some of the industries we specialize inFinancial
Services We have a team of SEO experts who
understand the financial services industry and
know what it takes to rank high on SERPs. We have
worked with banks, insurance companies, and other
financial service providers and helped them
increase their online visibility. Healthcare We
hire healthcare SMEs and Doctors that help us
understand this industry even better and keep the
information factually correct. Users online are
always looking for short-term remedies or
understanding more about improving their health,
nutrition, and overall wellness, and this is
where our team comes in to help you be found.
Real Estate The real estate industry is another
highly competitive industry. We have helped real
estate companies, agents, and brokers increase
their online visibility and reach new customers.
With growing demand and competition, real estate
companies need to have a solid online presence.
Legal Services We have a team of SEO experts who
understand the legal industry and know what it
takes to rank high on SERPs. We have worked with
law firms, attorneys, and other legal service
providers and helped them increase their client
base and educate their audiences on the various
legal aspects and services offered. Web3 and
Blockchain Web3 is going to change how SEO works,
and it's going to make SEO search a lot cleaner
and more efficient. We are one of the very few
SEO agencies in the world that specializes in
understanding Web3.0 and Blockchain technologies.
We have a team of experts who understand these
technologies and can help you rank high on SERPs.
We have worked with startups and enterprises in
this space and helped them reach new audiences
and grow their businesses. EdTech and E-learning
With the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a
surge in demand for online courses and e-learning
platforms. We have a team of SEO experts who
understand the EdTech industry better and know
what it takes to acquire actual leads. We have
worked with online course providers, e-learning
platforms, and other educational companies and
helped them increase their reach and acquire new
students and educate them continuously through
quality and relevant content. SEO Pricing and
PackagesFor pricing and packages contact
info_at_brandstory.inQUESTIONSFrequently Asked
Questions about SEO Q1. Why is SEO so important
in today's time for your business? Organic search
results are far more likely to be trusted and
give substantially higher click-through rates
than sponsored advertisements. Only around 2.8
of all US
queries end in a purchase after being directed to
an online merchant's website through organic
search results. Brandstory believes that SEO is
more than just vanity metrics. It can help
businesses achieve their real goals and be
successful when done well. The best thing about
SEO is that it has the potential to pay off in
the long run consistently. When done correctly,
SEO may continue to reward you over time, unlike
other online marketing strategies that require
substantial spending for them to work. Ensuring
your site is set up correctly will help deliver
better information to search engines. This will
help them index your content accurately and show
it in search results. Q2. How does SEO Work?
Search engines always provide results that are
not only high-quality but also relevant to what
the user is looking for. Search engine crawlers
will scan or crawl thousands of websites to
understand better what the website is about and
how easy it is to navigate and read, rewarding
user-friendly sites with higher rankings on
SERPs. The goal of SEO is to ensure that a
company's website ranks highly in search engines
for relevant keywords and phrases. This is done
by optimizing the website content, structure, and
on-page elements like titles, metatags, and
anchor text.Content plays a vital role in SEO
success as it helps search engines understand
what a website is about and whether it is
relevant to what users are searching for. Content
should be keyword-rich, well-written, and
informative.The website structure should be
simple and easy to navigate so that search
engines can easily index the site. Q3. Which is
the best SEO company in India? Search Engine
Optimization agencies help businesses improve the
quality of websites by making them easier to use,
faster and more user-friendly. Every day, search
engines must answer millions of queries from
their customers. Hiring SEO professionals or the
top SEO companies in India will help you boost
your website toward visitors. Brandstory
recognizes how crucial SEO is, and therefore we
have compiled a list of the best SEO firms in
India. Q4. What is the difference between PPC and
SEO? Pay Per Click (PPC) is a paid advertising
model in which businesses bid on keywords they
want to rank for in search engine results. The
top bidder for each keyword gets the top spot in
the search engine results. While Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) is an organic or unpaid
marketing strategy where businesses try to rank
higher in search engine results by optimizing
their website and content for relevant keywords,
PPC is a short-term strategy that can quickly
generate traffic and leads for your business. At
the same time, SEO is a long-term strategy that
will gradually generate more traffic and compound
ROI for your website over time. Q5. How to Choose
an SEO agency in India? There are many things to
consider when choosing an SEO agency in India.
Here are some factors that are critical for SEO
successThe Size of the AgencyYou need to choose
an agency that is the right size for your
company. The agency's size will determine the
number of resources it can dedicate to your
project.Agency Expertise and ExperienceYou need
to ensure that the agency has the knowledge and
experience to help you achieve your SEO goals.
Ask them about their experience working with
businesses in your industry and their track
record of success.Use of Technology and
AutomationThe use of technology and automation
can help an agency scale its services and improve
efficiency. Ensure that the agency you choose
uses the latest tools and technologies to help
you achieve your SEO goals.Creativity and
Critical ThinkingThe ability to think creatively
and critically is essential for SEO success.
Choose an agency that can think outside the box
and develop creative solutions to
problems.Flexibility and AdaptabilityThe ability
to be flexible and adaptable is essential as the
SEO landscape changes. Choose an agency willing
to change its approach to stay ahead of the
curve. Q6. What is the cost of SEO in India? The
cost of SEO in India can vary depending on the
size of the project, the agency's expertise and
experience, and the use of technology and
automation. Generally speaking, the cost of SEO
in India is lower than in other countries due to
the lower cost of living. The critical factors
based on which costs of SEO are determined are
How many keywords are needed to optimize the
website, What's the current status of the
website? Is it new or in existence for a long
time? What's the level of competition in your
industry? Where is the company based, and is
there a need for specialized services such as
Local SEO or, in the case of an enterprise,
Global SEO? Is there heavy competition in the
business category the website is catering to?
Are there any specific SEO services you need or
the whole package? You can contact the Brandstory
team here to understand the pricing in detail.
Q7. What are the SEO Tools That Brandstory Use?
To understand any agency's capabilities and how
advanced their techniques are, consider what
tools they use, what partnerships they have
formed and do they focus on the use of automation
and other such technologies. Brandstory carries
out SEO efforts with the help of below top
tools Ahref SEMrush SEO Powersuite
Ubersuggest Moz Google Search Console Google
Analytics Google Tag Manager Google Data
Studio Google Page Speed Insights
Mobile-Friendly Test Google AdWords Adobe
Analytics Screaming Frog Majestic SEO Deep
Crawls HubSpot Super Metrics Keywordtool.o
Canva Q8. How to measure ROI in SEO? The SEO ROI
is a calculation that calculates the return on
investment of search engine optimization.
Companies may compute the return on investment of
SEO by examining search engine ranks, organic
website traffic, and goal completions and then
using the following equation (Gain from
Investment - Cost of Investment) 4 Cost of
Investment To calculate SEO ROI, we use three
steps 1. Set up conversion tracking The
first step is to set up conversion tracking to
track the goals you want to optimize for. This
can be done using Google Analytics or other
similar tools. 2. Track organic traffic and
keyword rankings The next step is to track your
organic traffic and keyword rankings over time.
This can be done using a tool like Google
Analytics or Moz. 3. Calculate ROI Finally, you
can calculate your SEO ROI by taking the goal
value and subtracting the investment cost. This
will give you your return on investment. You can
also track these metrics and KPIs to see how much
progress your SEO campaign has made Q9. Why is
SEO ranking constantly changing? The main reason
SEO rankings are constantly changing is the
constant updates to Google's algorithm. These
updates are designed to improve the quality of
search results and make it easier for users to
find what they're looking for. As a result,
Rankings can change daily, and it's essential to
stay up to date with the latest changes. Some of
the other reasons for ranking changes are
Changes in user behavior Competition New
content Changes in links Changes in
technology Q10. What are the different Industries
that you provide SEO for? Brandstory has worked
with clients across different industries and has
provided SEO services that have helped them
achieve their desired results. Some of the
industries we have catered to are
E-commerce Healthcare Hospitality Law
Real Estate Retail and Manufacturing IT
Services and Technology Travel and Lifestyle
Web3.0 and Blockchain Crypto Platforms and
Aggregators Education Tech SaaS and
Product-based Businesses Q11. How long will it
take for my business to reach a better ranking?
The time it takes to achieve a better ranking
depends on several factors, including the
competitiveness of your industry, the quality of
your website, and the effectiveness of your SEO
campaign. However, most businesses will see a
significant improvement in their rankings within
six months. Q12. Do you have the capabilities to
do Video SEO? Yes, we do. We have a dedicated
team of creators and video SEO experts who can
help you optimize your videos for better
visibility and ranking on popular websites such
as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Q13. What are
the latest trends in 2022 SEO? The latest trends
in SEO are
Mobile-first indexings Voice search
optimization Content quality User Intent
Emphasis on Visual Content Automation and
Real-time audits Machine Learning and Natural
Language Processing for better Data processings
Focus on User experience Importance of
semantically related keywords Social Listening
and SEO Q14. What are the benefits of choosing
Brandstory as an SEO agency in India? Overall, as
an agency, Brandstory stands out solely because
of our results over the years and our approach to
being a consultative firm with all of our
customers. Here is what makes Brandstory a top
SEO agency in India Achieving top rankings
in search engines Generating more leads and
sales Building trust and credibility Improving
brand awareness and visibility Gaining a
competitive edges Providing a positive return on
investment (ROI) Q15. Why is publishing content
regularly important? Fresh content helps keep
your site relevant and top of mind for your
audience, and it also signals to search engines
that your site is active and up-to-date. This can
help to improve your rankings and visibility in
search results. Creative, valuable, and relevant
content will also help build trust and
credibility with your audience, leading to more
website traffic and conversions. Q16. What are
the benefits of Integrating CRM for your
business? CRM (customer relationship management)
is a system that helps businesses manage their
customer data. It can help improve customer
satisfaction and loyalty, and it can also lead to
more sales and higher conversion rates.A CRM
system can also help businesses save time and
money by automating customer service, marketing,
and sales. Brandstory enables you to integrate
CRM for your business and reaps the benefits for
your business growth.Some of the benefits of
integrating CRM are Improving customer
satisfaction Increasing sales and conversion
rates Saving time and moneys Improving customer
loyalty Building better relationships with
customersBrandStory is a Digital transformation
company that encompasses services from creating
your Brand identity through digitally defining
your ideas and focusing on getting your products
services to the ever growing digital market
thereby increasing your brand's awareness, sales
and desire. We are passionate to craft your
brand's digital journey.
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