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Important B2B Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Sales


Email marketing is one of the strong channels for driving B2B Sales, you must always check the quality of your email campaign. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect your brand with the right customers and increase your sales. Here are Important B2B email marketing tips to improve your sales. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Important B2B Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Sales

Grow Your Business
Important B2B Email Marketing Tips to Improve
Your Sales
B2B email marketing refers to a marketing
strategy where you send email campaigns to
businesses and professionals (CXOs) rather than
individual customers. B2B Email marketing is more
based on logic and reasoning, it takes a longer
time to qualify a B2B prospect and transform them
into possible prospects.
Why B2B Email Marketing importance to overall
content marketing success
Email marketing means more engagement which means
more leads and greater leads implies greater
conversions and means more conversions means more
revenue. According to research from Content
Marketing Institute, when asking content
marketers which channel is most important to
their organizations overall content marketing
success 91 of B2B marketers said email marketing
Approx. 90 of all B2B email marketing
campaigns were sent from an organization name,
not a singulars name. For each 1 you spend on
email marketing, you receive 43 consequently,
overall, B2B organizations convey 1 email
marketing campaign every 25 days. Wondering if
email marketing remains a profitable marketing
strategy in spite of the developing reputation of
social media and search engines, marketers are
sending 27 more emails now than before.
B2B Email Marketing Strategies
  • When you start B2B marketing through email, a few
    strategies you always consider to follow so get
    effective results.

Determine brand positioning
  • To create an effective strategy, you need to
    completely comprehend your brand positioning, how
    a brand differs from its competitors and how it
    sits in the customers mind. It is important to
    know who, when, why, and how of your image
    identity, the way your brand image is seen
    through the eyes of the client. To make an
    effective positioning for your brand, you need to
    analyze what your customer needs, your
    organizations capabilities, and how your
    competitor is raising their brand.

Run a competitive analysis
To identify the market scope and what other
businesses are doing to target your audience, you
need a competitive analysis. Things you consider
while inspecting competitors its product
offerings, sales tactics and results, marketing
content, and social presence. This will help you
a general overview identify your competitors
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
and through these details, you work on your
strategy. A good competitive analysis helps
establish the foundation for an effective sales
and marketing strategy that helps your
organization to stand from a crowd.
Create relevant content
Content is the king you must provide your users
something valuable which is helpful to them. This
is not because of building trust, generating
leads, and customer loyalty, it is also good to
connect with the customers, so they follow your
brand. Your priority should be quality over
quantity, sending an email doesnt mean you write
a long article that does not make any sense, your
pitch should be powerful, with good design so you
achieve a high ROI. Good email means you should
express your idea in a few words, the writing and
visuals are prepared well so the audience engages
with them.
  • Write catchy subject lines

The subject line is the first thing a user sees
when he opens an email, your subject line is like
the heading of content. Keep in mind people scan
their email inboxes quickly, it is important you
focus on the subject line, it should be appealing
so people click and engage. Your subject line is
like a movie teaser/trailer if you cant hook
your audience, dont expect them to open and
watch. Few things to keep in mind while writing
subject lines keep it short, place most
important words at the beginning, be clear about
the topic in email, keep it simple and focused,
highlight the value you have to offer, and make
sure you reread the subject line before you hit
Your email should be responsive
Its a fact 80 of your audience uses cell phones
to access their inbox, and email doesnt show up
correctly then its a waste of your and the
users time. So, it is important for email
marketing campaigns that responsive email design
should be your priority. A responsive email is
easily accessible to any device a few things you
watch your font size, image size, use alt tags
for images, stick to single-column designs, keep
your email clear, simple, and concise, test your
email for responsiveness.
Your email target the most relevant audience
When you create relevant content, it is also
important your content should target your
relevant audience. Every email you send will not
be appropriate for everyone on your list. If you
send an email to a non-relevant audience you
cant build lasting customer loyalty, cant
improve your offerings, cant stand out from
competitors, CTA will be less. For the target
most relevant audience you should use email list
segmentation, the process of breaking up an email
list into several smaller, more targeted lists.
Email should be both informative and profit-aim
When you develop an b2b email marketing strategy,
make sure its informative not just a sales
pitch. Your prospect client wants to know how
your product and services boost benefits for them
and increase revenue. A B2B email must be genuine
information, oriented facts, and immediate
  • Measure your email marketing success

Always check your strategy and marketing
activities, you must measure how you performed in
the past and what is your current position. In an
email marketing campaign management system, you
have access to track metrics like open rate,
bounce rate, CTR, no. of unsubscribes spam
complaints, conversion rate, etc. and this will
help to measure the success of your marketing
campaign. Checking your metrics from time to time
will improve your results in the future.
Make sure to use a complete email marketing tool
In email marketing campaigns most agencies and
marketers use tools so they can send thousands of
messages at a time. Email marketing tools are not
just for sending bulk emails to a bigger audience
but to provide value to your target base, keep up
with email list, run promotions, make certain
email deliverability, run email automation, send
bulk email blasts, track metrics, and more. You
must use a tool that performs all the measured
tasks you need whether it is bulk mail blast or
customizing your mails and ensure that the emails
are mobile responsive, so your audiences connect
with you.
Take care of your clients during the whole cycle
  • Most important is maintaining and developing a
    relationship with your clients at every level of
    the sales cycle in the order they dont give up
    on you in the process. Your targeted audience
    will remind you of your company in a particular
    span of time, so prospects fully engage with the
    process. In B2B dont make your client buying
    experience complicated by making the sales cycle
    too long, fast response time and good
    communication help in re-engaging prospects or

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