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ESL Teaching Resources


As an ESL teacher, it is essential to be prepared for your first classroom. Here are some ESL teaching resources you must have on hand for a successful first lesson plan. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ESL Teaching Resources

  • By Work/Life English

  • Work/Life English is an experienced provider of
    fun, effective English language improvement
    content that advances the lives of native English
    and English as a Second Language (ESL) speakers
    by improving their English competence,
    comprehension, and communication skills.

ESL Teaching resources
  • You must know how to balance organizational
    details with time to answer random questions.
    After all, variety is the spice of life in the
    ESL classroom, and you can never satisfy every
    student's learning style. Here are some of the
    esl teaching resources you must have on hand for
    a successful first lesson plan. TEFL worksheets
    are available on the internet. Teachers should
    tailor their worksheets to the level of the

ESL Teaching Resources for Your First Lesson Plan
Creating Lesson Plans Activities
  • An online ESL teacher's library should include
    resources for creating lesson plans and
    activities. These resources include printable
    materials, audio files, and video clips. These
    resources also include free worksheets, games,
    and resources for completing homework
    assignments. The ESL teaching resources include
    the ESL Library with various free resources,
    including ready-made ESL classes, digital
    worksheets, and an ongoing blog.

Variety Of Topics
  • A teaching resource covering various topics is
    essential, and ESL lesson plans should answer
    these questions. The target language of the
    lessons should be appropriate to the level of the
  • The activities should address the different
    aspects of language learning. You may be focusing
    on speaking, writing, or listening. Depending on
    the level of your students, you may focus on one
    or more of these areas.

TEFL Games And Activities
  • If you're new to ESL teaching, you'll want to
    make the most of your resources. TEFL games and
    activities are suitable for building vocabulary
    and listening skills. The Internet also has many
    lesson plans for culturally-themed summer and
    winter camps. There's a lot of content on
    Pinterest, ranging from DIY activities to various
    language and culture-related themes.

Videos Are A Great Tool
  • Videos are a great tool to capture your students'
    attention and demonstrate how English is used in
    different cultures. You will need to adapt these
    videos for your unique classroom. Having a video
    on your computer or tablet will help you learn
    the language faster.
  • Gauge the advantages and disadvantages of
    involving recordings in ESL classes. In the
    present innovative world, recordings are an
    absolute necessity. They rapidly gain the
    consideration of the class and are a sure hit.

Organize Your Class
  • The most valuable lesson planning resources help
    you organize your class. These can help you save
    time by writing and creating lesson plans. If you
    have a classroom assistant, you can utilize their
    services to develop your lesson plans. Besides,
    they can help if you are new to ESL teaching. If
    you are an aspiring freelance teacher, these
    resources can be beneficial.

Primary Lesson Aims
  • You need to decide what will be your primary
    lesson aims. Language study aims to improve the
    student's English language proficiency. To create
    a lesson plan, you need to gather resources for
    different levels of students. You can also use
    discussion questions in your ESL class. You can
    choose to use a list of topics that you've read.

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