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Chia Seeds During Pregnancy: What’s Safe and What’s Not?


Read this to explore more on the health benefits and safety concerns of chia seeds during pregnancy. Know the benefits of preserving umbilical cord blood stem cells, visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Chia Seeds During Pregnancy: What’s Safe and What’s Not?

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Chia Seeds are extracted from the herbaceous
plant known as Salvia hispanica (originally from
Southern Mexico and Northern Guatemala). These
are rich sources of healthy fatty acids, dietary
fiber, proteins, vitamins, and some minerals.
Along with the healthy nutrients, these seeds
also have antioxidant and antimicrobial
properties in them.
During the nine long months of your pregnancy
journey, its undeniable that youll need to
adapt yourself to some significant changes in
your lifestyle. That includes doing regular
exercise and having a balanced diet. Amongst the
many healthy intakes during your pregnancy, you
might be wondering whether chia seeds during
pregnancy are considered safe. Going deeper,
youll be able to explore more on the health
benefits and safety concerns of chia seeds during
Health Benefits of Chia Seeds During Pregnancy
We know that youre taking care of your child
from the time that he or she is in your womb.
Lets take a closer look at how chia seeds is
going to be helpful to you in different ways.
Help in Digestion Pregnancy constipation is not
unnatural. Having fiber-rich food can make your
bowel movements smooth. Research has shown that
fiber content in chia seeds is very high. (They
have around 34 g and 40 g of dietary fiber in
them). Therefore, consuming them along with other
food can surely help deal with your pregnancy
constipation.   Help In The Calcium
Build-up It might just cross your mind that
drinking a glass of milk would be enough to
fulfill your calcium needs. Why not try to mix
chia seeds into your glass of milk? Mixing
them with milk would add to your and your babys
calcium benefits, Only 1000 mg will do. It might
help you feel strong, reduce the risk of
pre-eclampsia during your pregnancy, and help in
your babys teeth and bone development, whos
still enjoying the comfort of your womb.
Chia Seeds is a Good Source of Omega 3
Omega 3 are fatty acids not just help in fighting
inflammation during your pregnancy and helps in
saving your body from the risks of heart disease,
diabetes, and depression, studies have also
claimed that it helps in healthy brain
development of the baby growing up inside you.
Youll surely get Omega 3 fatty acids from fish
like salmon, oysters, sardines, shrimp, and some
green veggies. However, if you have aversions
towards certain types of fish or vegetables,
daily consumption of chia seeds in small amounts
(5 grams (g) of omega-3s4) might be a good
alternative for you.
The Side Effects of Consuming Chia Seeds During
As per the above-mentioned benefits, it is safe
to have these seeds when youre expecting a baby.
However, in some cases, they might cause
diarrhoea or stomach discomfort, even allergic
reactions. To reduce the risks, you might soak
the chia seeds in water overnight and drink it
the next day. You can alternately, blend them in
your smoothies. However, remember to consume them
in moderation. 2 tablespoons per day is
enough. To gather some more knowledge on
pregnancy, postpartum, baby care, and cord blood
banking, visit our blogs.
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