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Pregnancy Hair Care Tips: 7 Simple Home Remedies


Hair fall during pregnancy is not uncommon. A few natural hair care tips for pregnant women to maintain healthy hair. Know more about cord blood and the benefits of banking umbilical cord blood, visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Pregnancy Hair Care Tips: 7 Simple Home Remedies

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Take Care of Your Hair During Pregnancy, Naturally
With pregnancy, you have entered a new chapter in
your life and undoubtedly pregnancy is a chapter
thats going to transform completely whether it
is your mood, body, or skin. In fact, your
soaring hormones are responsible for bringing
about this change in you. You might also
experience a change in the texture of your hair,
making it dry and frizzy. Hair fall during
pregnancy is also not uncommon. We know that all
this is making you feel worried? Fret not! We
have curated a few hair care tips during
Well, there are many things that you can do to
make sure that you have healthy hair growth
during this period of transformation.  So, try
out these natural home remedies to take care of
your hair.
Gentle Massage Your Dry and Damaged Hair With
Warm Oil
Gently massaging your scalp on a daily basis, is
undoubtedly one of the most incredible ways to
take care of your hair during your pregnancy.
However, oil massage your head at least 2 to 3
times a week to take care of your hair during
pregnancy. Mix essential oils like lavender or
rosemary with your regular oil like coconut, and
almond oil. Ensure that your regular oil is warm.
Add just a drop or two of essential oils to it.
This will improve the blood circulation in your
scalp, and will nourish and moisturise your dry
and damaged hair, thus strengthening the roots,
reducing hair fall or hair loss in pregnancy, and
encouraging hair growth. Additionally, oil
massaging improves your sleep.
Apply Fenugreek (Methi) to Prevent Hair Fall
During Pregnancy
Take a tablespoon of Fenugreek seeds (Methi)  and
keep it soaked in a cup overnight. Grind the
soaked seeds into a paste and apply it to your
hair. Wash it off after an hour. Fenugreek is a
rich source of iron and protein which helps in
hair growth and makes your hair shine.
Gooseberry or Amla is Good For Your Pregnancy
Skin and Hair Care
Amla is a rich source of vitamin C, dietary
fibre, and antioxidants that can benefit your
skin and hair. This again helps in reducing your
hair loss. Therefore, you can easily mix amla
powder or amla juice with shikakai and reetha and
make yourself a paste and apply it to your hair.
Wash it off after 30 minutes.
Neem Leaves Can Also Naturally Prevent Hair Loss
During Pregnancy
Might taste a bit bitter, but who cares about the
taste when neem leaves can be used as natural
hair care during pregnancy. So, take half a cup
of coconut oil, boil it, and put neem leaves of
equal amounts in it. Allow the mixture to cool
down and then apply it to your hair. Wash it off
after 30 minutes. Neem leaves are loaded with
antifungal, antibacterial, and properties of
amino acids, which can keep infections on your
scalp at bay and boosting hair growth.
Try Not to Tie Your Hair Tightly
Tying hair too tightly can make your hair roots
weak, thus increasing the risk of hair loss
during pregnancy. Additionally, a tight hairstyle
can give a headache during pregnancy.
De-Stress Yourself
Pregnancy Stress and anxiety are one of the main
reasons behind hair damage during pregnancy. Go
for brisk walking, and practice meditation to
keep yourself stress-free and relaxed during
pregnancy, thus improving the health of your hair.
Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated
During these nine months, we know that you have
to adapt to certain significant changes in your
lifestyle, and following a healthy, balanced, and
nutritious diet is just one of them. In fact,
eating healthy may not just keep you and the baby
growing inside you healthy, but it also takes
care of your skin and hair during your pregnancy.
In fact, including flax seeds, nuts, fish, and
eggs in your pregnancy diet keeps your hair
follicles healthy and strong. Dont forget to add
water or some healthy fluids to your skin and
hair care routine.
Although were certain that the above-mentioned
pregnancy hair care tips might be able to help
out, however, if you still cant manage your hair
loss or damage, consult your gynaecologist
immediately. To get some more knowledge on
pregnancy, and cord blood banking, follow
our blog page.
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