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Simple Exercises During Pregnancy For Normal Delivery Ppt


You ever felt pain during pregnancy delivery for the first time and you are much frightened now, because of your unborn child. Taking care , Developing Good health for Your unborn child is your moral duty. Here we will show you some simple and easy Exercise During Pregnancy at home visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Simple Exercises During Pregnancy For Normal Delivery Ppt

  • simple exercises during pregnancy for normal
    delivery at Home
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  • Today, Parenting and Pregnancy experts will
    teach you the best exercise plan during pregnancy
    for normal delivery

  • We present a set of safe exercises during
    pregnancy that can help you stay healthy and also
    increase the likelihood of a normal delivery.

  • Pelvic Stretches
  • This is generally done on a pillow, ball, or a
    chair. You need to keep your feet fixed on the
    ground, and stretch your legs away from each
    other with a straight back. This should be
    repeated as per your comfort. The resulting
    stretching and shifting of your pelvis is quite
    effective in facilitating a normal delivery.

  • Squatting
  • Squatting in the toilet position with the help of
    a gym ball creates pressure in the thigh and
    pelvic area. This assists in contraction and
    loosening of pelvic muscle during delivery to
    alleviate delivery pain.

  • Walking
  • Walking is highly recommended for pregnant women.
    It not only prevents build up of fat but also
    reduces blood pressure, restlessness and
    constipation. What's more, you feel close to
    nature which relaxes all your worked up nerves.
    If you've been wondering which exercise is best
    in pregnancy, this is the most effective answer.

  • Swimming

Swimming not only soothes your body and soul but
also strengthens your muscles and keeps you fit
and regulates your heart beat. Water has been
known to soothe nerves during pregnancy. Do check
with your doctor before starting out.
  • Pelvic Tilts or Angry Cat
  • A pelvic tilt when done on all fours can
    strengthen and give power to the back muscles.
    You need to be on all fours, suck in your
    abdominal muscles, and pull your buttocks in line
    with your stomach and then release. This gives
    good support and is effective for reducing pain
    during delivery.

  • Downward Facing Dog
  • The downward dog position is best for
    strengthening your thigh muscles during
    pregnancy. The exercise requires you to extend
    your legs and bend on all fours, raising the hip
    upwards towards the ceiling. Hold on to that
    position for a few seconds with slight pressure
    on the thigh muscles and release.

  • Yoga
  • This ancient form of exercise provides some of
    the best steps for having a normal pregnancy and
    delivery. Yoga gives elasticity and increases the
    endurance power apart from creating a healthy,
    peaceful and spiritual body and mind. You can try
    out the following basic poses
  • Utkatasana(Chair pose)
  • Hast Panangustasana(Extended hand to big toe
  • Bhadrasana(Butterfly pose)
  • Parvatasana(Mountain pose)
  • Yastikasana(Stick pose)

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