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Vietnamese Dishes You Must Try in Hong Kong


Vietnamese food is not new to the city. It has been a popular cuisine for Hongkongers. Whether it is steaming hot soups or the fragrant street food offerings of Hanoi, Vietnamese dishes. Everything is well-executed by a number of talented chefs who understand and know the cuisine like the back of their hand. If you are searching for the best vietnamese dishes in Hong Kong then visit our website. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Vietnamese Dishes You Must Try in Hong Kong

Vietnamese Dishes You Must Try in Hong Kong
Sightseeing, sky-touching skyscrapers, wonderful
weather are all things to enjoy when you are in
Hong Kong. But other than this, the food, its
aroma, and the whiff of piping hot food will
attract your like a magnet from every possible
eatery you will pass from. When it comes to food
in Hong Kong, there is no dearth of it. You name
a food type and you will get it. All thanks to
technological advancement and mass
awareness. Well, there are fair chances for you
to crave Vietnamese, Thai, or even Indian food in
Hong Kong. The good news is you can all of them.
Yes, you no longer have to go to Vietnam to eat
their staple or for that matter India to eat
Indian. Hong Kong gives you the taste of every
cuisine that your heart craves. So, if you are
wanting to eat Vietnamese food, you ought to go
to the best Vietnamese restaurant in Tung Chung.
Visit Mint and Basil if you want to have the
pleasure of majestic views along with
finger-licking food that too without having to
emptying your pocket. Mint and Basil, a
pet-friendly restaurant is a home to Pan-Asian
food. You will not only get to eat Indian or
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view, soothing ambiance, warm hospitality, yummy
food, and the best ever offers on drinks and
food. All at Mint and Basil, Tung
Chung. Vietnamese food is not new to the city. It
has been a popular cuisine for Hongkongers.
Whether it is steaming hot soups or the fragrant
street food offerings of Hanoi, Vietnamese
dishes. Everything is well-executed by a number
of talented chefs who understand and know the
cuisine like the back of their hand. Once you
taste Vietnamese food, your taste buds will be
transported to Vietnam without having to move an
inch. Being in Hong Kong, you will feel like
being in Thailand, Vietnam, and India too. Now,
let us see what Vietnamese dishes you can eat in
Hong Kong.
Must Try Vietnamese Dishes
Tom Yum Soup This soup is also called Thai Tom
Yum Goong. It is one of the most famous Thai
foods. It is considered one of the best soups
because of its taste and combination of flavors
such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves,
galangal, fresh Thai Chilies, and fresh lime
juices. All the flavors combine together to add
a healthy and soothing element into the dish.
Once you have it, your taste buds will lighten
up. If you want to try something authentic,
light, as well as healthy, then nothing is
better than Tom Yum soup, a complete Vietnamese
dish. It is basically a local street food and is
easily available anywhere. If you want to try
it, just visit a well-known Vietnamese restaurant.
Vietnamese Salad with Chicken When it comes to
salads, try Vietnamese salad with chicken.
Another one of the most popular Vietnamese
dishes. With an essence of sugar, lime juice,
fish sauce, vinegar, chili, water, and garlic,
the dish is made of all green salad veggies like
cabbage, carrots, mint, onions and shredded
chicken. You must try this green dressing
Vietnamese dish garnished with fried shallots
and peanuts.
Fresh Rice Paper Rolls
Vietnamese rice paper rolls are a must try. This
Vietnamese dish is to die for. Once you try
these rolls, you would want to have it
more. These rolls are not just tempting to the
eyes, but also delicious to the taste buds.
These are packed with bright, fresh flavors and
covered with an addictive peanut dipping
sauce. The rice rolls are among the healthy
Vietnamese dishes. So, if you want to have
something really healthy and fulfilling, the
nothing can be better than the fresh rice paper
rolls. This dish is not just healthy but is super
delicious in the taste as it is loaded with
green herbs.
Char-Grilled Beef with Lemongrass
This is a versatile Vietnamese dish as it is
served in different ways. This dish has a unique
taste and appearance of its own. It can be
served either in rice paper rolls or even as a
topping on cold noodles. Other than this, it can
be served with a plate of steamed rice too. How
do you want it, is completely your
choice. Char-grilled beef sirloin with lemongrass
comes under the list of Vietnamese food items.
This dish is perfect for busy days. Just grilled
beef on a hot pan followed by a lemongrass
Sugarcane Shrimp
Vietnamese sugarcane shrimp is also called Chao
Tom. It has originated from the central region
of Vietnam. The sugarcane shrimp comes under the
widely eaten Vietnamese dishes. This dish works
as an appetizer.
Vietnamese Yellow Curry with Vegetables,
Chicken, and Pork
Easy to make, and very easy on the stomach too.
This is what all Vietnamese people grow up
eating. This Vietnamese dish brings out great
flavors and aroma. Potatoes, chicken, and
carrots are the key ingredients. How is this
prepared? The chefs move their culinary magic
wand and cook the chicken well without oil.
After deep frying the carrots and potatoes,
everything is mixed well with the cooked chicken
and then it is dressed with lemongrass. Milk is
added into the dish to make it more delicious. It
is either served with a loaf of bread or even
with plain rice.
Common Ingredients in Vietnamese Dishes
Some of the widely used ingredients are as
follows Fish Sauce In Vietnam it is known as
nuoc mam. It is a mandatory ingredient and is
used in almost every Vietnamese dish. In Vietnam,
fish sauce is equivalent to olive oil. The fish
sauce is used in meat dishes, broths, and is
diluted in different dipping sauces.
Oyster Sauce
This is another important and commonly used
ingredient. Oyster sauce is used to add
sweetness to the Vietnamese dishes and to reduce
the bitterness especially of the
greens. Readymade oyster sauce is also available
but the best restaurants prepare it fresh and
that is considered to be the best.
Shrimp Paste
Shrimp paste is another ingredient you will need
in Vietnamese recipes. This ingredient is not as
commonly used as oyster sauce or fish sauce. But
it is good to have it. Some Vietnamese dishes
require pungent smell and bold flavors and for
that, shrimp paste will be the best.
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