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Thai Food for Beginners in Hong Kong– Where to Start From?


 When you are in Thailand or you are in Hong Kong, one thing every visitor would never want to miss is – tasting the local food. But a lot of times, people find it scary to try something new. So, they end up eating the familiar food. If you want to get more information regarding thai restaurant then visit our website. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Thai Food for Beginners in Hong Kong– Where to Start From?

Thai Food for Beginners in Hong Kong Where to
Start From?
When you are in Thailand or you are in Hong Kong,
one thing every visitor would never want to miss
is tasting the local food. But a lot of times,
people find it scary to try something new. So,
they end up eating the familiar food. But if you
are in Hong Kong and crave something different,
then Thai food is the ultimate choice that you
can make for yourself. Even though Thai food is
spicy and do not have common ingredients, it is
something that will keep you healthy and light on
the stomach. Researches have claimed that Thai
food is the healthiest food of all because it is
cooked very lightly, therefore the nutritional
value of the food remains intact. If you are
someone who is new to Thai food, then you have
landed on the right page because this blog will
tell you what to eat as a beginner. To eat the
best Thai food ever, visit the best Thai
restaurant in Hong Kong i.e., Mint and Basil,
Tung Chung. The restaurant does not only serve
the best quality, superior tasting food, but is
also pet-friendly. So, if you have four-legged
friend, then bring it to the restaurant and enjoy
the best food ever. Apart from food, you will
also get to experience relaxing ambiance besides,
the price of the food on the menu will make you
even more comfortable.
Thai Ingredients
Since you are a beginner, let us first see the
ingredients that make Thai food so special and
unique. Thai Fish Sauce - This is known as nam
pla. The seasoning is a pungent made from
fermenting fish. Curry Paste even though you
can make your own, people in Thailand buy
premade curry pastes. But at Mint and Basil, best
Thai restaurant in Hong Kong, you get the
in-house paste. Vinegar, coconut milk, rice,
chiles, black pepper, and limes. These are some
of the most commonly used Thai ingredients
responsible for giving the food mix yummy
flavors and enticing aroma. Now, let us look at
the best Thai dishes that you must try as a
Pad Thai
This is one of the most popular Thai dishes and
is quite accessible among foreigners. This Thai
dish does not give you all the basic flavors
like sweet, sour, spicy, salty and savoury
(umami). But it is great to savour as a
beginner. Just adding a squeeze of lime juice and
a teaspoon of dry chilli flakes, Pad Thai is
ready to devour. For beginners, this Thai
cuisine is great to eat because it is
non-spicy and tastes almost similar to the
western dishes. If you are in Hong Kong, you
must try this dish from the best Thai restaurant
in Hong Kong.
Khao Soi
Ask any ex-pat or a long-stay tourist in Hong
Kong about their favorite dish and they will
reply with Khao Soi. Khao Soi is a popular
Northern Thai dish. This dish has a bright curry
which is creamy, slightly spicy. It is served
with noodles and often with a chicken drumstick.
The dish is topped with crispy fried noodles to
give it an extra crunch and texture. This Thai
food is influenced by other cultures, for
instance, the Isaan-region is heavily influenced
by the Laotian cuisine. On the other hand, the
Northern Thai cuisine is heavily influenced by
the Burmese cuisine. Khao Soi has originated from
a Chinese Muslim minority. This is the reason
the spices used in this dish are less spicy and
herby, therefore, it makes it a great Thai dish
to eat as a beginner. Khao Soi, a Thai dish is
served with shallots, pickled mustard greens and
Khao Pad (Sapparot)
This is yet another favorite Thai food that must
be tried by beginners. Basically, these are the
fried rice. There are countless versions of Thai
fried rice but the concept is always the same
like (old) rice being stir-fried with a bit of
shopped vegetables, a choice of protein (any
meat), soy sauce, oyster sauce, egg and
garlic. This hearty and highly loved Thai dish
can easily be found at Thai restaurant and if
you are in Thailand, you can even find it on the
Chicken Cashew
This is another hugely popular Thai dish. It is
well- known because Chicken Cashew is mostly
savory and slightly sweet. This dish does not
use a lot of herbs but is mainly flavored with
soy sauces, salt, oyster sauce, pepper and
sugar. This Thai dish is often stir-fried, but
versions of this are also available. Chicken
Cashew is served with chilies.
Papaya Salad - Som Tam Thai
This dish can be spicy for beginners but it is by
far the most popular Thai dish. You may be
surprised to know that some Thai people even
have it twice a day. Papaya Salad is made of
sliced green papaya, dried shrimp, garlic
tomatoes and roasted peanuts. It is then
seasoned with fish sauce, limes, palm sugar and
chilies. This salad is always made from scratch,
so you always get to eat it fresh. A great dish
for beginners though! What makes this dish so
loved is the combination of sweetness, sourness
and spiciness.
Tom Yum Goong
One of the most popular dishes is Tom Yum Goong.
But this dish will be great for those who like
eating extra spice. So, this may not be the best
choice for those beginners who do not like spicy
food. However, it will make a great choice
otherwise. You can handle more spice in your
food, then Tom Yum Goong should be on your top
list. Tom Yum is a sour and spicy soup with
prawns (Goong). Herbs such as galangal,
lemongrass, fish sauce, lime juice and kaffir
lime leaves make it even more delicious. This
dish is available in two different versions like
Tom Yum Nam Khon and Tom Yum Nam Sai. The first
version is by far more popular as it is made of
a dash of coconut milk which makes the soup
creamy and less spicy.
Pad Kra Pao Pad Kra Pao (Stir-Fry with Holy
Basil) is one of the most comforting Thai foods.
You can see it as something equivalent of a
hamburger. It is very easy and quick to make so,
you can even see it as fast-food. However, Pad
Kra Pao is spicy and therefore not the ideal
Thai food for beginners until you love
spices. Pad Kra Pao is a stir-fry made with holy
basil, garlic, chili, oyster sauce, soy sauce,
fish sauce, dark soy sauce and sugar. It is an
ultimate savoury, spicy dish. Massaman
Curry Similar to the earlier mentioned Khao Soi,
Massaman Curry has Muslim roots. If you pay close
attention, you will find similar flavours in
both the dishes. Massaman Curry is a rich,
non-spicy curry. It is slightly sweet and
fragrant. All thanks to the use of cinnamon,
cloves and star anise in the dish. Nowadays, some
Thai prepare the curry paste differently. People
make the creamier version of a curry a lot more
these days. This curry is usually served either
with chicken or with beef. The curry also has
chunks of potatoes in it. Mango Sticky Rice This
is one of the most loved and famous Thai
desserts. If you are in Hong Kong, visit the best
Thai restaurant in Hong Kong, i.e., Mint and
Basil and treat yourself with this heavenly
dish. If you crave something sweet, then mango
sticky rice is something you must definitely
have. In Thai, this dish is called Khaow Niav
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