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Five cloud storage capabilities that deliver the most striking outcomes for your business strateg


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Title: Five cloud storage capabilities that deliver the most striking outcomes for your business strateg

Five cloud storage capabilities that deliver the
most striking outcomes for your business
Why should you move to cloud computing or Cloud
Storage Solutions? The cloud computing market
will have a projected value of more than 250
billion dollars by 2022. More than 75 of the
computing power or workloads will be o?oaded onto
the cloud. More and more businesses are looking
at the cloud for their data storage and
processing requirements. More than 50 of the
enterprises have already deployed cloud storage
solutions in some form or the other to store or
run their applications.
Five clear bene?ts provide the most striking
answers to the problem.
The cloud in simplicity can be de?ned as storing
or processing your data or programs on the
cloud. With legacy storage systems, data had to
be downloaded onto a physical system to be
executed or worked upon. However, cloud computing
o?ers users the ?exibility of storing or running
data from the cloud or online or simply by using
the internet and web browser. Hosted data with
cloud storage solutions are processed at remote
locations and servers. This enables businesses to
shed o? free physical memory and computing power,
making it more e?cient and durable.
Top 5 Bene?ts of Cloud Storage Solutions
Highly Cost-E?ective
Businesses or enterprises can avoid unnecessary
capital expenditure on buying and installing
hardware and software resources, this saves a lot
of money for businesses working on a tight
budget. Enterprises can mitigate reprisals of
installing programs or software that is
completely ine?cient, and that could incur
unnecessary overheads. Furthermore, deploying
data on the cloud provides an environment that
fuels higher scalability and ?exibility for
enterprises. With increasing requirements,
enterprises can scale up resources as and when
required, thus saving on money and resources.
Enterprise-grade security
  • One of the most important aspects of the cloud
    would be the aspect of security. Cloud storage
    solutions rendered by cloud hosts provide
    enterprise-grade security for businesses to keep
    their data safe and secure.
  • With data stored on the cloud, users outside the
    enterprise system can be taken out of the
    equation for greater security of important
    business data

Reduced Carbon Footprint
With modern cloud storage solutions, enterprises
and users can reduce their carbon footprint
whilst mitigating the use of physical paper,
lesser emissions, and more. Documents can be
accessed and shared on the cloud thereby reducing
the use of physical elements or objects.
Highly Convenient
  • With data stored in the cloud, the option to
    access and share data becomes highly convenient.
    This data can be accessed by various individuals,
    customers, employees, ad more. Enterprises do
    not have to waste time searching for a speci?c
    ?le or program for usage or sharing.
  • With cloud storage solutions, businesses can
    leverage greater collaboration with various
    remote locations, and it also reduces the
    necessity of upgrading systems, thereby
    eliminating downtime.

Greater competitive edge
As the cloud gains signi?cant traction, almost
all business will move their data on the cloud
as it renders signi?cant long-term bene?ts. It
helps businesses streamline business processes
and serves clients quicker and better.
To Summarize
Its time for businesses to adopt the cloud at
its full potential as it would render signi?cant
bene?ts and pro?ts for your business. Simplify
your business operations, exemplify growth, and
create a winning path with modern cloud storage
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