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Cloud Storage is set to rise in 2022


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Title: Cloud Storage is set to rise in 2022

Cloud Storage is set to rise in 2022
  • Users are leveraging huge cloud benefits with
    cloud computing, cloud storage, and other cloud
    technologies. Moving through a decade of
    evolution, the cloud has come a long way,
    especially in terms of the storage aspect. Data
    has become an important aspect for every user on
    the planet, and it has colossal effects on the
    business part of life. Every enterprise uses data
    to build marketing strategies, find new clients,
    enhance customer retention, improve customer
    service, monitor social media interaction, help
    make informed decisions, and other paramount
    opportunities. Cloud storage is a computing model
    wherein users can store data on remote servers.

  • Users and enterprises are turning to cloud
    storage providers who can provide bespoke
    services based on their needs and requirements.
    The most basic application of cloud storage is
    storing data in the form of documents, images,
    audio, video, or any other data format, primarily
    to access or share it amongst friends, family,
    colleagues, etc. Free cloud storage has become a
    trend wherein users can leverage free 10GB cloud
    space to store personal data.
  • Moving on to the business or enterprise side of
    cloud storage shows significant benefits in terms
    of IT costs savings, faster data access, enhanced
    security, and more. Businesses or enterprises
    need higher storage space as their business
    relies on crucial data storage, access, and
    collaboration. Furthermore, they do require
    premium services for cloud storage.

  • Here are 5 benefits of cloud storage that
    enterprises leverage for their business or brand
  • 1. Pricing Model
  • Enterprises using a cloud storage model or
    cloud-based services are likely to save on
    in-house IT costs or external physical storage
    devices. The cost of migrating to the cloud is
    around 0.03 per GB, which is absolutely
    affordable for businesses. Cloud storage
    providers render customers with bespoke plans
    that generally include free, groups, or
  • New business users can begin their cloud journey
    by subscribing to a free plan, and use it to get
    a better idea on how cloud storage can help them
    cut down on costs, and deliver a better ROI using
    premium or paid services. Premium services do
    include a comprehensive set of features like
    multiple users, activity tracking, file
    versioning, and other features that help make
    life easier for business owners.

  • 2. Greater Accessibility
  • With data stored on the cloud, it becomes easy
    for users to access it from any location, and
    anytime. All users need is an internet
    connection, web browser, and the cloud storage
    providers interface to upload, access, and share.
    You can access any file on the cloud viz. docs,
    images, audio, video, etc.
  • 3. Better Recovery
  • As data is a cornerstone aspect for businesses,
    it needs to be stored or backed up with cloud
    storage. There is another side to this, viz. data
    recovery, wherein data can be restored or
    recovered from the cloud in case of a natural or
    human-infused disaster. With an easy-to-use
    interface, business users can recover every piece
    of data from various timestamps.

  • 4. Synchronized Technology
  • Synchronizing systems with the cloud makes it
    easy to upload data on to the cloud. It can be an
    extremely tedious task to manually sync large
    volumes of data, this is where cloud sync helps
    users automate the entire process.
  • 5. Better Security
  • Cloud storage providers do add in layers of
    security in terms of firewalls, authentication,
    encryption, and granular permissions. This is
    done in order to prevent malicious attacks on
    your data that could fall into the wrong hands or
    even be lost.
  • Key Takeaways
  • It is 2022, and the cloud is set to rise to its
    full potential wherein more than 80 of the
    enterprises are looking at complete cloud
    migration of their data. Large cloud storage
    providers are moving to evolve into new
    technologies, whilst the smaller ones are growing
    their business with striking services and
    features that help users upload and manage data

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