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Tapeworms In Dogs: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment | VetSupply


Though tapeworm infection can be successfully treated with medicines, it is extremely necessary to start providing him preventatives as the infection can recur if flea population is high in your region. Get wormers for dogs and cats at the best price online at vetsupply – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tapeworms In Dogs: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment | VetSupply

Tapeworms In Dogs Causes, Symptoms And
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Just like roundworms, hookworms and whipworms,
tapeworms are also intestinal worms. They have a
flat segmented body which is usually 8 inches
long. Tapeworms use hook-like structure i.e.
their head to tether themselves to the intestinal
linings of the dogs body. As the immature
tapeworms extract nutrients from the intestines,
the segments start increasing in number and form
a tail-like structure. These segments are known
as proglottids and appear like rice grains.
Often these proglottids are seen in the poop of
a dog or around his anus which dries up and
spread the eggs in the environment. Dipylidium
caninum is the most common tapeworm species that
infect dogs, cats and humans. Other tapeworm
species which could be involved in spreading the
infection are Taenia, Echinococcus and
What Causes Tapeworms In Dogs? Tapeworms require
an intermediate host, usually a flea, before it
could infect dogs. When the flea sits on the
contaminated fecal matter of other animals, it
picks up the tapeworm eggs which transform into
larva inside the fleas body. When a dog ingests
this infected flea either while biting or
grooming himself or grooming other animals, it in
turn contracts the tapeworm. This larval stage
matures into an adult tapeworm. This adult
tapeworm sheds its segment off and on which could
be then seen in the stools or near the anus of
the dog. Dogs living in the rural or suburban
area are at greater risk of contacting these
worms because of more population of fleas in the
woody regions.
  • How To Detect Tapeworms In Dogs?  
  • Keep an eye on your dogs poop. Fresh fecal
    matter usually contains proglottids i.e. white
    grain-like structures which is a tell-tale sign
    of tapeworm infection in dogs. These segments can
    also be found stuck to the fur of the anal region
    of the infected dog. Other symptoms of tapeworm
    infection in dogs are
  • excessive scooting due to itching in the hind
  • irritability
  • biting the anus
  • anemia
  • weight loss
  • weakness
  • diarrhea
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Sometimes dogs can even vomit the tapeworms but
    that is less frequent.

How Are Tapeworms Diagnosed In Dogs? All of the
symptoms related to tapeworm infection are
indicative of the infestation. Sometimes stools
tests may not give a positive result even if the
dog has tapeworms because they may or may not
have shed when the dog pooped. So, basically, it
is left up to a pet owners discretion whether he
is sure about the infection or not. How To Treat
Tapeworms In Dogs? Treatment drugs that contain
praziquantel as an active ingredient are very
beneficial in treating tapeworm infection in
dogs. Some combination drugs like Drontal All
wormer Dog, Endogard and Popantel For Dogs are
also very effective in treating other worm
infections like hookworms, whipworms and
roundworms along with tapeworms.
Can Tapeworms Infect Humans? Probably you dont
know but humans can also get tapeworm infection
if they arent careful. Touching any contaminated
matter or ingestion of fleas, consuming
contaminated veggies can cause severe tapeworm
infection in humans. So, wash your hands and wash
your vegetables thoroughly to eliminate all the
chances of contracting tapeworm infection. Can
Tapeworms Be Prevented? Yes, they can be
prevented by keeping the dog on
flea-preventatives throughout the year. Also, you
should groom your dog thoroughly and maintain a
weekly routine for doing so. Clean his paws
immediately after he gets back from an outing.
Keep him away from garbage and trash bins. Do not
allow him to go near dead animals. Most
importantly, pay regular visits to the vet and
inform if immediately if you find any signs of
tapeworm infection in your pet.
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