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Otitis (Ear Infection) in Cats and Dogs — A Detailed Guide | VetSupply


The most common disorder of the ear canal in dogs is called otitis externa. Let's know about its cause, symptoms, and the best treatment available for your pet. Get Pet Supplies online at the lowest price. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Otitis (Ear Infection) in Cats and Dogs — A Detailed Guide | VetSupply

Otitis (Ear Infection) in Cats and Dogs A
detailed guide
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  • Otitis is a common term for ear infections. It is
    divided into different categories in dogs and
    cats (as well as humans and other species) based
    on the anatomic location of infection within the
    ear canal.
  • Otitis external Any infection that affects the
    external ear
  • Otitis media Any infection that affects the
    middle ear 
  • Otitis internal Any infection that affects the
    inner ear 

Causes of Otitis
Otitis occurs as a result of inflammation of the
ear. The primary causes that are responsible for
the inflammation include allergies,
keratinisation disorders, polyps, cysts, tumours,
ear mites, fleas, food reactions, endocrine
diseases, etc. Other factors that contribute to
otitis externa can either predispose the ear to
disease or prevent it from healing. Pendulous
ears, restricted ear canals, dampness within the
ears, secondary bacterial and yeast infections,
and middle ear disease may also be the causes of
otitis in pets. 
Symptoms of Otitis
The symptoms of otitis are easy to spot. Some of
the symptoms of Otitis externa include scratching
near the ears, shaking the head, painful ears,
red and inflamed ear pinna, discharge in the ear
and malodour. Depending on which microorganisms
have caused the infection, the discharge can be a
thick brown waxy discharge or a purulent (pus)
Diagnostic Process
There are several steps involved in the diagnosis
of otitis.
1 - Physical Examination A thorough physical
examination, which includes a thorough
dermatologic examination, can aid in the
identification of an underlying or primary cause.
Your vet will examine your pets ears using an
otoscope and may perform several tests that may
give information about the amount of discharge,
the changes in the ear canal, masses, foreign
bodies and other things that may be causing the
Diagnostic Process
There are several steps involved in the diagnosis
of otitis.
2 - History To help evaluate the underlying
cause and associated circumstances, your vet may
ask for a complete history of the problem. 3 -
Sensitivity and Bacterial Culture A swab sample
taken from your pets ears is studied to
determine the type of organisms (if any) that are
present in the sample. Depending on this, your
vet will guide the treatment.
  • Treatment for otitis has five general goals
  • Get rid of unwanted discomfort and agony.
  • Remove the debris and dispose of it.
  • Get rid of the infection in both the external and
    middle ears.
  • When feasible, reverse chronic pathologic
  • Determine and treat the underlying cause of
  • Your veterinarian will use a therapeutic ear
    cleanser to thoroughly clean your dogs ears.
    Your veterinarian may also recommend that you
    clean your dogs ears with a good ear cleaner at
    home. Oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatory
    drugs may also be prescribed by your veterinarian
    in severe situations.

Bottom Line Ear infections are a frequent and
often reoccurring condition in many dogs, but you
can keep your dogs ears clean and comfortable
with the help of your veterinarian. If your dog
is displaying symptoms of an ear infection, seek
treatment as soon as possible to avoid the
situation becoming more serious.
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