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Stress in Pets – Causes and Signs | VetSupply


Many things we do can cause stress to dogs. Find out what are the symptoms and what they mean and what you can do to help relieve stress. Get Pet Supplies online at the lowest price. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Stress in Pets – Causes and Signs | VetSupply

Stress in Pets Causes and Signs
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Due to the ever-increasing competition in todays
dynamic world it has been found that
approximately 85-90 of human population in the
world has stress. Its not that humans only face
stressful situations, this menace called stress
is also found in pets. An unhappy pet is a cause
of concern for every pet parent. But the major
question is What are the causes of stress in
pets? The answer lies in the fact that pets
living in shelters are more prone to stress
because of the kind of environment they live in.
The major trouble is the fact that the place is
so noisy that it becomes very difficult for them
to get away. Then there are sensitive pets that
face a very difficult time leading a shelter
life. For pets that live with their human
parents, situations like change of place, new
pet, strangers, vet visits and separation can
cause anxiety.
Causes of stress in pets
  • There are three major causes of stress in pets.
    They are
  • Environmental stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Physical stress

Environmental stress This stress is caused due
to shifting to a new location, alteration in
daily routine, holiday season (since the pet
sometimes needs to stay alone when the pet
parents go for long holidays), death of a family
member (this can be any human being from the
house or pet), other pets, visit to a vet, and
other related environmental issues.
Emotional stress
Emotional stress in pets is caused due to many
reasons. Some of them are monotony, being left in
solitude, over excitement, expecting something,
prolonged activity, fear, competition or jealousy
with other pets, shouting at the pet, incoherent
training, and lack of exercise amongst others.
Physical stress
Pets are quite sensitive towards climatic
changes, low quality diet, shock, recuperation
from an operation, and external and internal
parasites. The pets body reacts to all these
situations and may develop minor or chronic
diseases in the long run.
Signs of stress in pets Early detection of
stress in pets is very important. If it is not
treated quickly, then it can lead to diseases and
depression. Hence, it is significant for all pet
parents to understand the different signs of
stress in pets.
Major signs of stress in pets
  • Detaching themselves from others
  • Abrupt alteration in temper
  • Trying to runoff from a particular person or pet
  • Sudden changes in toilet locations (going in the
    toilet rather than the place designated for
  • Annihilating furniture / garden
  • Depicting tendencies of destruction
  • Change in eating habits (eating less or more)
  • Over-grooming

If you find any of the above mentioned signs in
your pet then rush to a veterinary physician at
the earliest. Once the physician confirms that
your pet is going through stress, consider taking
stress relievers for your pet. Feline Anxiety
relief is specifically for cats. It is a natural
homeopathic antidote that can be taken for
different kinds of phobias, stress and anxieties.
This oral treatment is useful in reducing stress
levels caused due to separation, veterinarian
visits, traveling, introduction to new pets,
urine marking etc. Travel anxiety is a
homeopathic antidote for travel sickness faced by
canines. It is an oral treatment which has proven
valuable in providing immediate respite to dogs
that face stress due to travel phobias (doing
journeys in cars, boats, flights and trains), and
motion sickness. With the intake of this antidote
dogs can be protected from symptoms like
quivering, restfulness, drooling, and vomiting.
Bottom Line Stress levels affect the pets in
the same way as it affects human beings. Hence,
if you as pet-parent find that your pet has
stress then do not delay. Give proper treatment
to keep your pet safe and protected from
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