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Which is The Best Indian Food in Hong Kong for Vegetarians


Asian countries are not so easy for vegetarians. If you walk into a typical Thai restaurant, generally nothing will be specified as vegetarian on the menu. But Thai cuisine is one of the food kinds that can easily be made with vegetarian options. read full blog at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Which is The Best Indian Food in Hong Kong for Vegetarians

Which is The Best Indian Food in Hong Kong For
  • India the land of spices and flavors! When it
    comes to diversity, India is unmatched and so its
    food. In the vegetarian kitchen, we are a big fan
    of Indian food, because of several options and
    many flavors it contains.  
  • Did you also know that the naan bread, which you
    can also eat with curries, comes from India?
    Also, the spicy chai tea comes from India.
    Finally, the chutneys, such as the delicious
    spicy mango chutney is also a delicacy from
    Indian soil. It is often eaten there and has now
    made its appearance in Western cuisine.  
  • If you too have been tired of eating the same
    selected dishes every time, then we will get you
    covered. Today, we have brought you some great
    vegetarian food dishes to choose from. Lets get
    you through a journey of the best Indian food for
    vegetarians in Hong Kong.  

  • You dont know how much you are going to love
    this Indian snack after trying it for the first
    time. Infused with spices, Samosa is a kind of
    crispy fried pastry stuffed with potatoes and
    peas. Having the flavor of spice and slightly
    sweet, vegetarian samosas are to be enjoyed any
    time of the day. They taste amazing when served
    with authentic Indian chutneys.  

  • This vegetarian Indian dish is loved universally.
    Those who want a vegetarian version of chicken
    tikka, this is a must go. The popular Indian
    vegetarian dish is prepared when marinated
    cottage cheese is grilled. Yogurt and spices are
    used for marination of cheese and is served with
    chili sauce.   

  • One of the most-liked Indian vegetarian food for
    the main course! Mix vegetable curry includes the
    spices and vegetables with a combination of
    colors that makes it interesting to present and
    of course, taste. The herbs that are used make
    the dish special for us. Try our light and mild
    vegetarian curry for a healthy, tasty meal.  
  • The best Indian food in Hong Kong to combine with
    Naan bread or rice!   

  • Dal means lentils and Makhni refers to creamy
    or buttery. This is a famous North-Indian
    vegetarian dish made with whole black lentils
    that are cooked with butter and creamy paste. The
    thick texture and strong flavors are enough to
    add to the cravings when youll have the dish at
    your table. As its cooked on slow heat,
    Dal Makhni gives a smoky flavor that tastes
    incredible when eaten with garlic naan.   

  • There hardly would be a person in India who does
    not like to eat Masala Dosa. It is considered
    a famous and liked dish of South India. Dosa is
    often eaten for breakfast. It is a kind of thin
    pancake served with a yogurt dip, and onion
    chutney or sour stuff. There are also other
    variants, for example with cheese and vegetables.
    Although some people thought of it as a bit too
    spicy for breakfast, they like to have it
    in lunch or dinner. 

  • Uttapam is basically considered as a pancake made
    with a batter of rice and lentils and topped with
    vegetables of your choice. Paneer and
    tomato uttapam, as the name says, includes the
    toppings of tomato and grated cheese with some
    spices and salt. When garnished with coriander
    and served with chutney, it gets more
  • The dish is so much healthier and tastier that
    once it is on your plate, it will be over in a
    little time.   

  • You certainly cannot forget this delicious dish.
    Although Idli has many variants, steamed Idli is
    preferred as the healthiest one. Prepared with
    lentils and steamed rice, Idli is a kind of cake
    that tastes amazing when consumed with sambhar (a
    delicacy of South India). To taste this
    mouth-watering vegetarian Indian food in Hong
    Kong, head on to Mint Basil the best Indian
    restaurant in Tung Chung.  

  • Indian food is always a weakness, and so
    are Chole Bathure. This authentic North Indian
    cuisine is a perfect choice for vegetarians.
    Chole means chickpeas and Bhatura means a fried
    tortilla made of flour. This combination of
    Chole and Bathura stands apart and are
    enjoyed in any time meal. If you havent tried
    this delicious Indian dish yet, make sure to try
    it once at Mint Basil, and youll become its

  • From the streets of Old Delhi, Bhel Puri is a
    tantalizing street food that you will not be able
    to resist. With the same flavors and aroma, Mint
    Basil has brought you the Indian
    style Bhel Puri which is sure to be enjoyed.
    Prepared with puffed rice, vegetables, boiled
    potatoes, onions, chickpeas, spicy and sour
    chutneys, and sev, this snack taste really crispy
    and savory. Try it as a starter or mid-meal
    snack the dish has the capability to satisfy
    your cravings. 

  • Now last but not least, another Indian food in
    Hong Kong for vegetarians that would leave you to
    crave for more once tasted. Pav is butter toasted
    bread and bhaji is a vegetable dish prepared with
    mashed veggies, onions, spices, butter, and
    cilantro. This hot vegetable curry (bhaji) has an
    incredible match with butter bread that youll
    realize after trying for the first time. So, do
    not miss out on this luscious Indian cuisine.  
  • Cant wait to try these out? Then why not now.
    Come and enjoy these vegetarian delicacies at our
    Indian restaurant Mint Basil.  

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