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Variety of Indian Food in Hong Kong


Gone are the days when you used to crave Indian food overseas and could hardly get it. Now, no matter where you are, in which part of the globe, you can easily get to eat your favorite Indian platter without compromising on the quality, and price. Are you looking for the best indian food in hong kong? So, Visit our website and get more information regarding this topic as well. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Variety of Indian Food in Hong Kong

Variety of Indian Food in Hong Kong
Gone are the days when you used to crave Indian
food overseas and could hardly get it. Now, no
matter where you are, in which part of the globe,
you can easily get to eat your favorite Indian
platter without compromising on the quality, and
price. Especially, if you are looking forward to
eating the Best Indian Food in Hong Kong, visit
the Best Indian Restaurant, Mint and Basil and
enjoy different food types. Whether your taste
buds are craving Indian street food like
vegetarian samosas or grilled/ Tandoori food,
Mint and Basil in Tung Chung have everything to
suit your taste buds. The menu is not just
limited to lunch, dinner, but different drinks,
appetizers, seafood, dessert, and the list is
endless. Mint and Basil, the Best Indian
Restaurant in Hong Kong serve a number of Indian
delicacies. Let us see what are those
Vegetarian Samosa
Hot Appetizers
This Indian savory is deep-fried and filled with
potatoes and vegetables. This tastes ten times
better if eating with fingers. Once you have it,
you will never stop licking your fingers. So,
heres a pro-tip Keep the forks and knives
aside, eat it with fingers because this
vegetarian Samosa is cooked with all things
healthy and nice. Eating it with fingers will
certainly accentuate the taste of this savoury.
Grill and Tandoor
Chicken Tikka This is a North Indian-style
boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and spices.
If you are in Hong Kong and craving for Punjabi
cuisine cooked in an assortment of spices, then
what better than the Mint and Basils Chicken
Tikka n case you are a vegetarian, you can order
Panner Tikka This is a spice and yogurt steeped
cottage cheese cooked in tandoor. The earthy
flavour that this dish gets will transport your
taste buds to seventh heaven. Not just the food,
but the ambiance in the restaurant will also give
you all the Indian vibes, making you feel at top
of the world.
Heritage Curry
Mix Vegetable Curry If you are a vegetarian and
looking forward to eating something healthy and
tasty at the same time, come to Mint and Basil
and try this mixed vegetable curry. As the name
says, this curry is made by using different
vegetables. A healthy assortment of mixed
vegetables in a mild and flavorful curry makes
this Heritage Curry.
Butter Chicken
We have got variety in both vegetarian to non-
vegetarian food. Butter Chicken is the Iconic
dish of tandoori chicken cooked in smoky, rich,
and buttery tomato curry.
Kadai Chicken
This is a salted chicken cooked with peppers and
onions in an assortment of herbs and Indian
spices. This is also spicy in taste but yummy at
the same time. Once you order it, the aroma of
this Kadai Chicken will inform you about its
preparation right from its whiff such aromatic
is this dish to nostrils, imagine its taste.
What Makes Indian Food So Special?
Indian dishes are versatile in nature. You do not
have to cook them with specific measurements.
This nature of Indian food makes it unique and
special. Today, Indian food stands out of the
crowd and is definitely popular all over the
globe. Right from North Indian Butter Chicken to
South Indian Idlis and Dosas, Indian food is not
just rich in its taste, but also variety. You can
find something for every occasion such diverse
is the Indian food. Apart from that Indian food
is made with a wonderful combination of delicate
flavours and strong spices. Other than that, it
is also the symphony of different nutrients that
make the Indian food healthy and fit to
eat. Now, let us look at the factors that make
Indian food different to other food types.
Of course, India is a country with rich history
and diverse culture. Every 100 km you travel,
you will find a unique flavour and a completely
different cultural background. Even the food
differs in its taste, a variety from place to
place. The diversity in colours, presentation,
and aroma of Indian food makes it special.
  • Fair to say, Indian dishes are not simple. These
    require some time to prepare. The reason is that
    Indian dishes are prepared in Indian spices and
    those are simmered to get the flavour and aroma
    out of them. There are some Indian dishes that
    require hours of preparation even before putting
    it for cooking. Some dishes even require
    complicated cooking procedures. For instance,
    cooking Butter Chicken, Kadai Chicken needs time
    as the gravy (soup) is cooked slow to make the
    chicken tender and juicy. Every dish requires
    different cooking technique, which is an art in

This is another important factor that makes
Indian food special. The Indian food tastes
different everywhere. Whether you order
something at a restaurant or you eat something at
home, or in any part of the world, you will get
different flavours. Indian dishes do not require
you to follow strict measurements because almost
every Indian dish is made using spices. Those
who like eating spicy food add extra spices
while those who like less chilly, will prefer
Indian food made in less Indian spices. So, this
is how consistency differs and it makes Indian
food extra special.
Health Benefits
Even though a lot of Indian spices are added, the
Indian food offers number of health benefits.
The spices like ginger, turmeric, red chili
powder, cumin seeds, etc., are added in almost
every Indian dish. These ingredients have a lot
of health benefits and also makes the taste
rich, spicy, and full of flavours. This shows
that the ingredients used in Indian food are not
just rich in taste but offer a number of health
benefits too. Thinking about the price? Well, do
not worry about it. Mint and Basil, the Best
Restaurant in Hong Kong, offers delicacies in
the most affordable range.
Shop K, Seaview Crescent, 8 Waterfront Rd,Tung
Chung Hong Kong 852 2762 8077 info_at_mintandbasi Content Resource https//hongkongfoodies.w
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