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Shared Web Hosting VS Managed WordPress Hosting


The way fish can’t survive without water, similarly, a website can’t exist without a good hosting plan in the world of online business. Hosting is one of the key aspects of a good website in this highly competitive online world. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Shared Web Hosting VS Managed WordPress Hosting

The way fish cant survive without water,
similarly, a website cant exist without a good
hosting plan in the world of online business.
Hosting is one of the key aspects of a good
website in this highly competitive online world.
Hosting helps your website to garner traffic and
make your website visible to online viewers. Not
only that, it also helps your website to perform
better with great speeds and security. However,
the online world is now cluttered with so many
hosting plans that people often get confused
about which is good and which is not. The two
most popular hosting plans nowadays are shared
hosting and managed WordPress hosting. If you are
a beginner or trying to go to a further level
then you may encounter either of the two hosting
plans for your website.  Once your domain is
registered, you have to take a hosting plan to
take things further. And, you will most probably
get the two most popular options in the initial
phase, shared web hosting and WordPress
hosting. Lets quickly dive into the world of
shared hosting and WordPress Hosting and find out
the various similarities, differences, pros, and
cons respectively.
  • About Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, your website shares a single
server along with many other websites. All the
resources offered by a single web server are
being shared among various websites. It is the
most popular web hosting solution for beginners
and those who are on a tight budget in the
beginning. Most shared hosting plans start from
2.50 per month to make it easier for beginners
and freelancers to mark their presence online
without burning a hole in their pockets. It is
basically meant for low-traffic websites,
starters, bloggers, and freelancers. There are
many popular hosting providers such as
Cosmoservers that offer the best shared web
hosting services and plans to kickstart your
dream website without facing any technical
  • Affordable The biggest benefit of shared
    hosting is it starts from an affordable price
  • cPanel access Most hosting companies like
    Cosmoservers offer cPanel access to make it
    easier for beginners to manage their website,
    emails, domains, etc.
  • Free email service The shared hosting plans
    offer a free professional email service to help
    you look like a professional without spending
    anything extra.
  • Its a little slower than other hosting plans
    The website loading time is a little slower than
    managed WordPress hosting.
  • One may experience frequent downtimes in shared
    hosting plans.
  • If you are running a high-traffic site then
    shared hosting is not meant for you.

About Managed WordPress Hosting
If you are running a WordPress website then it
is the best hosting solution. It offers
technology-driven features and capabilities to
build and manage WordPress websites. In this
hosting, every responsibility and task related to
the server is managed by the web host without
giving you any kind of trouble. Right from
installation to backups to updates to security
and performance checks, the web host manages it
for you. If you are an amateur and not aware of
WordPress and its features then you can take
this managed WordPress hosting to make your job
easier. On top of that, the web hosting
companies also offer some premium services and
round-the-clock customer support to rectify the
issues quickly. In short, managed WordPress
hosting will let you manage your business without
taking stress for technical issues on a daily
  • Here, one will get daily backups. One doesnt
    need to worry about data and files. In fact,
    users can also restore their websites.
  • It offers blazing-fast speeds along with hi-tech
    security features. One doesnt need to worry a
    little about hackers and virus attacks.
  • Users will get core updates from WordPress to
    enhance the security and performance of the
    website from time to time. Some web hosting
    providers may also offer themes and plugin
  • One gets a premium support system from the web
    host under this specific hosting plan.
  • It is really expensive for starters and
  • The host doesnt allow you to install any plugin.
    To keep performance and speed intact, they
    observe every plugin carefully.
  • One can only use it for WordPress sites. No other
    website is applicable under this particular
    hosting plan.

Which is a better hosting plan?
  • Overall, one should go with a shared hosting
    plan. There are many reasons such as
  • The best-shared web hosting plans are more
    affordable than managed WordPress hosting plans.
    One doesnt need to worry about the budget.
  • Shared hosting plans come with a lot of
    flexibility unlike managed WordPress hosting
    plans that are only supported for WordPress
    sites. There is no restriction related to
    websites, etc. They can be used for any type of
  • One can install any plugin in a shared hosting
    plan whereas managed WordPress hosting comes with
    a limitation. There are many more shared web
    hosting services that one can enjoy, unlike
    managed WordPress hosting.
  • If you are a beginner or someone who cant invest
    much initially then shared hosting is the best
    plan for you. However, if you are running a high
    traffic WordPress website, or running a business
    site then managed WordPress hosting is an apt
    choice for you. Hence, it all depends upon your
    requirements, business, and budget.

Where to get the best shared hosting plans?
  • If you are in search of best-shared web hosting
    plans online then look no further than
    Cosmoservers. The brand offers a versatile range
    of shared hosting plans starting from just 2.99
    per month. The award-winning shared hosting plans
    come with a number of technology-driven features,
    capabilities, unlimited sub-domains, and accounts
    with an assurance of 99 uptime. The best part is
    that the company gives a 45 days money-back
    guarantee as well.

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