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The Best Hosting Solution for Less Resource-Intensive Websites


Shared Web Hosting provides an economical as well as an effective web hosting solution to websites that are not resource intensive. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Best Hosting Solution for Less Resource-Intensive Websites

The Best Hosting Solution for Less
Resource-Intensive Websites
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • What is a Website?
  • Types of Websites
  • Less Resource-Intensive Websites
  • Significance of Website Hosting
  • Web Hosting Solutions Types
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting (Managed VPS and Self-Managed VPS)
  • The Most Effective Hosting Solution for Less
    Resource-Intensive Websites
  • HTS Hosting
  • Conclusion

  • This presentation offers information on not only
    the types of websites that are considered as less
    resource intensive but also on the best website
    hosting solution for such sites. There shall be
    all-encompassing Information on websites and
    their different types as well as on web hosting
    and its different types.

What is a Website?
  • A website contains web pages and content that are
    related and can be identified by a common domain
    name. This collection of web pages is located
    under a single domain name and the navigation of
    the site is through web pages that are
    hyperlinked. A website is published on at least
    one web server and is about a particular topic or
    serves a specific purpose. It is usually produced
    by a single entity (person, group of people or
  • Websites become accessible through web browsers
    on devices such as smartphones, desktops, tablets
    and laptops that are connected to an active
    Internet connection. Examples of some popular
    websites are,,,

Types of Websites
  • There are various types of websites. Some of
    these are being mentioned below
  • Blogging site
  • E-commerce sites
  • Sites of different types of organizations
  • Archive site
  • Crowd funding website
  • Information site
  • Media-sharing site
  • Personal website
  • Showcase website
  • Web portals
  • Forums

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  • Whoa! Thats a big number, arent you

Less Resource-Intensive Websites
  • A resource-intensive website is a site that is
    resource-intensive and which requires dedicated
    web server resources for its efficient
    functioning. On the contrary, a less
    resource-intensive website can function properly
    even in the absence of dedicated web server
    resources. Websites that are less
    resource-intensive can perform optimally even on
    shared web server resources.
  • Examples of some less resource-intensive websites
    are small sites, simple sites, blogging sites,
    websites of small to medium-sized businesses and
    websites that receive minimum web traffic.

Significance of Website Hosting
  • Website hosting is a service that renders
    websites accessible online to site visitors. This
    service is provided by web hosting companies,
    such as HTS Hosting, that is frequently referred
    to as the best Website Hosting Company. Web
    hosting is availed by website owners of different
    types of websites, from web hosting service
    providers. This service is availed in the form of
    web hosting plans that cater to different web
    hosting requirements as well as varying budgets.
  • Web server space and various web hosting features
    (technologies and services) are offered through
    different web hosting solutions. The provided web
    server space is utilized to store and process the
    files of websites, which are retrieved by the
    browsers of site visitors for rendering the
    hosted sites publicly accessible over the

Web Hosting Solutions Types
  • Web hosting solutions can be availed for either
    Linux or for Windows through web hosting plans.
    The main types of web hosting solutions are
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Managed VPS Hosting
  • Self-managed VPS Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

Shared Web Hosting
  • Shared Web Hosting is a web hosting service that
    is meant for hosting multiple websites on a
    single physical web server. In this type of web
    hosting service, the web server resources of a
    single web server are used by multiple websites.
    The space on a web server gets shared among the
    sites hosted on it, as well as the IP address is
    shared by all the sites. Server customization is
    not possible in Shared Hosting.

Reseller Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting is a web hosting servicethat
    enables one to become the reseller of the web
    hosting solutions of popular and well-established
    web hosting service providers. Due to this web
    hosting solution, one can start the business of
    web hosting, as a reseller, quickly and easily,
    without having to invest in buying, obtaining and
    maintaining the infrastructure that is needed for
    this purpose.
  • In Reseller Hosting, plans are purchased by the
    reseller from a reputed and reliable service
    provider, such as HTS Hosting, and are resold at
    higher prices to his own customers. This helps
    the reseller earn profits from the web hosting
    solution of Reseller Hosting at minimum

Dedicated Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting is a special form of web
    hosting solution that is offered by HTS Hosting
    in which a dedicated IP address is provided to
    every website that is hosted on a shared web
    server. Unlike what is commonly understood, there
    isnt any availability of dedicated server
    resources or the hosting of a single site on a
    single web server in this type of web hosting
    solution. The Dedicated Web Hosting provided by
    HTS Hosting offers a dedicated IP address to
    every hosted site and the benefits that come
    along with it.
  • WordPress Hosting is a specialized web hosting
    service that is meant only for WordPress sites.
    It is rich in features that have been designed to
    boost the performance and security of WordPress
    sites. That is the reason WordPress sites prefer
    to be hosted on WordPress Hosting.

VPS Hosting (Managed VPS and Self-Managed VPS)
  • VPS Hosting is a web hosting solution wherein the
    environment of a dedicated server is provided to
    websites that share server space on the same web
    server. This is made possible through
    Virtualization Technology. In VPS Hosting a web
    server is virtually partitioned into multiple,
    independent, isolated servers that can install
    their own software and OS (Operating System) and
    host websites. Every website hosted on a VPS
    (Virtual Private Server) can not only install its
    own software and OS but also gets dedicated
    server resources and is hosted in a
    virtually-created private space on the VPS. VPS
    Hosting can be availed as Managed VPS Hosting and
    as Self-managed VPS Hosting.
  • A Managed VPS is a Virtual Private Server that is
    provided, managed, kept updated and secure as
    well asis maintained by the service provider. On
    the other hand, a Self-managed VPS is a Virtual
    Private Server that is provided by the service
    provider but is managed, kept updated and secure
    and is maintained by the user himself/herself
    without the assistance of the service provider.

The Most Effective Hosting Solution for Less
Resource-Intensive Websites
  • As mentioned previously, less resource-intensive
    websites, such as blogging sites, sites of small
    and simple websites, sites that receive very less
    web traffic, sites of small to medium-sized
    businesses, etc., can function effectively even
    when there isnt the availability of dedicated
    server resources. That is why such sites should
    avail the service of Shared Hosting, which is the
    most economical web hosting solution, and which
    can easily suffice the limited hosting
    requirements of less resource-intensive websites.

HTS Hosting
  • HTS Hosting is popular as the best Cloud Hosting
    Company and offers all types of website hosting
    services at discounted prices for Linux and for
    Windows. Its efficient and affordably-priced
    hosting plans for Shared Hosting, Dedicated
    Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Word Press Hosting and
    Managed VPS Hosting as well as for Self-managed
    VPS Hosting are highly sought-after by global
    customers. Every web hosting plan of HTS Hosting
    is full of features and includes 247 technical
    support as well as delivers high uptime, fast
    speed, seamless site availability, powerful
    performance, and fully secure service.

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