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Role of Web Hosting Companies


The role of web hosting companies in rendering websites accessible online cannot be overemphasised, as these service providers offer the service of web hosting for seamless online accessibility of a diverse range of websites. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Role of Web Hosting Companies

Role of Web Hosting Companies
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Whats Web Hosting?
  • Websites
  • Different Types of Websites
  • Dynamic and Static Websites
  • How Web Hosting Functions
  • Web Hosting Companies
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Reseller Hosting and Word Press Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • HTS Hosting
  • Conclusion

  • Web hosting is an important service that is
    needed by every website which is accessible
    online. In this context, what role do web hosting
    companies have to play? The answer to that, along
    with additional information on web hosting
    services shall be imparted through this

Whats Web Hosting?
  • Every type of website that is supposed to remain
    seamlessly accessible online, needs to avail the
    service of web hosting. This service is also
    referred to as website hosting and includes the
    following in its various plans
  • Web server space
  • Technologies
  • Services, as in features of the plans
  • It is the service of web hosting which is
    purchased by websiteowners through various web
    hosting plans, which renders their websites
    accessible over the Internet to site visitors
    with active Internet connection.

  • Websites can be of many types but every website
    is essentially a collection of related web pages
    that are publicly accessible and are interlinked
    and which are found under a single domain name
    and can be identified by a common domain name. A
    website, regardless of its type, is published on
    at least one web server. A collection of publicly
    accessible websites forms the World Wide Web.
  • Examples of websites are,, etc.

Different Types of Websites
  • Websites can be of many types. Some of the main
    types of websites are being mentioned below
  • Blogs
  • E-commerce sites
  • Corporate websites
  • Online forums
  • Websites of non-profit organisations
  • Educational sites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Entertainment websites
  • Social media sites
  • Web portals
  • Event websites

Dynamic and Static Websites
  • The difference between two types of sites, a
    dynamic website and a static website is explained
  • Static Website This type of a website displays
    the same content to every user. Such a website is
    usually written in HTML.
  • Dynamic Website This type of a website displays
    different types of content every time a user
    views it. Many factors influence this change in
    display, which include viewer demographics,
    language settings, time of the day, etc. It
    displays different content and enables user
    interaction. It uses advanced programming and
    databases, along with HTML.

How Web Hosting Functions
  • Every type of website that has been mentioned in
    this presentation, as well as any other type of
    website, needs to avail the service of web
    hosting in order to become accessible online to
    website visitors and remain accessible.
  • In web hosting, web server space is provided for
    storing and processing the files of websites.
    These files are then delivered over the Internet
    to the devices of site visitors whose browsers
    had requested for the content of the hosted
    sites. This is how websites are made available
    through the service of web hosting.

1-800-123 -8156
  • Whoa! Thats a big number, arent you

Web Hosting Companies
  • No matter what type of a website it is, every
    site is made accessible online through a website
    hosting solution offered by a certain web hosting
    company. A web hosting company is a service
    provider of web hosting services. It is referred
    to as a web host and as a web hosting service
  • Web hosting companies have the necessary
    infrastructure in place to offer web hosting
    services seamlessly. These offer a wide range of
    web hosting plans that are purchased by website
    owners for rendering their sites accessible

Web Hosting Services
  • Since there are different types of websites,
    there are different types of hosting
    requirements. Web hosting companies offer
    different types of web hosting services to cater
    to this diverse range of web hosting
    requirements. The main types of web hosting
    services are as follows
  • Reseller Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting
  • Web hosting companies offer Reseller Hosting as a
    web hosting solution to those that are looking
    for an easy and quick way to start the business
    of web hosting, without having to invest
    substantially in it. In Reseller Hosting, the web
    hosting services of well-established and
    full-fledged service providers are purchased by
    the reseller and are then resold as
    newly-designed hosting plans to his own customers
    at profitable prices.
  • WordPress Hosting is a specialised hosting
    service that is meant for hosting WordPress
    websites and caters to such sites specific
    hosting requirements.

Shared Hosting
  • Shared Hosting is the most common and the most
    economical web hosting solution offered by web
    hosting companies. In it, the files of several
    websites are stored and processed on a single web
    server of the web hosting company.
  • The hosted sites share server resources and
    server space among each other. It is not possible
    to customize the server in Shared Hosting. There
    is a shared IP address.

Dedicated Hosting
  • Web hosting companies ensure that a hosted site
    gets a dedicated IP address, dedicated web server
    resources and the entire space on a web
    server,along with the option to customize the web
    server, in the service of Dedicated Hosting.
  • In it, a single website is stored and processed
    on a single web server, which ensures the full
    utilisation of the entire server resources by the
    hosted site.

VPS Hosting
  • Almost every professional web hosting company
    offers VPS Hosting, which is a web hosting
    solution wherein multiple websites are stored and
    processed on a single web server (VPS) but each
    of the hosted sites gets dedicated server
    resources, dedicated IP address and virtual and
    private server space where it is hosted. This is
    attained through Virtualization Technology which
    virtually partitions a physical web server into
    several servers that can function independently
    by installing their own operating system and
  • When a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is managed by
    the service provider, it is called a Managed VPS
    and when it is managed by the user, it is
    referred to as a Self-managed VPS.

HTS Hosting
  • HTS Hosting is a well-regarded web hosting
    company that has clients from all over the world.
    It excels in offering efficient and affordable
    web hosting services for Linux and for Windows.
    As the best Website Hosting Company, HTS Hosting,
    provides a wide range of feature-rich web hosting
    plans at massively discounted prices for peak
    site performance, high uptime, fast page loads,
    superior security, seamless site availability,
    value for money service and much more.

  • Web hosting companies play the single most
    important part in rendering websites accessible
    over the Internet and in keeping the sites
    seamlessly available online. For this purpose,
    these companies offer all the required
    technologies, services and web server space on
    their web servers, through their web hosting
    packages. These packages should be chosen based
    on hosting requirements and budget. The
    reputation of the web hosting company should
    always be considered before opting for its
    hosting services.

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