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Web Hosting Terms Explained


Every website needs to be hosted with a web hosting company in order to be accessible over the Internet. There are several terms that are used in web hosting. Hence, it becomes essential to be aware of, as well as understand these terms, especially when availing web hosting services. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Web Hosting Terms Explained

Web Hosting Terms Explained
Table of Contents
  • Web Hosting
  • Addon Domain
  • Apache Web Server
  • b2evolution
  • Bandwidth
  • Blog
  • Bounce Rate
  • Browser
  • Catch-All Email
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Cloudlet
  • Country Code TLD
  • Control Panel
  • CMS
  • cPanel and cPanel Hosting
  • Database and Data Center
  • Dedicated IP and Dedicated Hosting
  • DDoS Attack
  • Disk Space

Web Hosting
  • Web hosting is a service provided by web hosting
    companies, which makes websites accessible over
    the Internet. Server space along with necessary
    services and technologies are made available to
    website owners through web hosting, so that their
    websites can remain up and running.
  • There are different types of web hosting, such as
    shared, dedicated, reseller, WordPress, VPS and
    cloud. Linux Dedicated Server Hosting,
    WordPress Hosting, Windows Dedicated Hosting
    etc. are terms that are used to refer to
    different types of hosting.
  • Some of the various terms that are used in web
    hosting will be discussed in the following

Addon Domain
  • An addon domain refers to an additional domain
    which can be added through the control panel of a
    user. It is capable to carrying out tasks such
    as, hosting a website, creating email addresses,
    forwarders etc.

Apache Web Server
  • Apache web server is a stable and feature-rich
    web server that is meant to deliver web content
    to the users through their web browsers. Apache
    is an open source web server that can be used for
    free. An open community of Apache developers
    maintains it. It is used extensively by web
    hosting service providers.

1-800-123 -8156
  • Whoa! Thats a big number, arent you

  • b2evolution is an open source, multi-blog
    publishing platform that has multi-user as well
    as multi-lingual properties. It is one of the
    most efficient platforms for blog management that
    has been created in PHP and is backed by MySQL

  • Bandwidth refers to the amount of data which can
    be transferred at any given point of time. Data
    transfer occurs in a website when visitors browse
    a website or download/upload files etc.

  • A blog refers to a website which is updated
    regularly by an individual or a group of people
    that are known as bloggers. It contains articles,
    images, videos and other content that are
    published by one or more individuals.
  • WordPress, which is a web publishing software,
    can be used to create blogs. It is probably the
    easiest as well as the most flexible blogging and
    content management system, especially for
    beginners. WordPress hosting is provided by most
    web hosting service providers, along with other
    types of hosting, such as dedicated, shared, VPS,
    cloud, reseller etc. There are various plans for
    various types of hosting, for example, plans for
    Linux Dedicated Server Hosting, WordPress
    Hosting, Windows Dedicated Hosting etc.

Bounce Rate
Bounce rate of a website indicates the volume of
visitors to that particular website that leave it
in a short span of time or after viewing merely a
single page on that website. A high bounce rate
is an indication of the fact that visitors
havent succeeded in finding on a website what
they have been looking for and/or they have lost
interest in browsing that site. A high bounce
rate should be regarded as an alarming sign for
any website.
  • A browser, which is also known as a web browser,
    refers to a client application which serves the
    purpose of decoding HTML from a web server and
    then displaying it in the form of a web page that
    is easily readable. The most commonly used web
    browsers are Internet Explorer, Apple Safari,
    Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Catch-All Email
  • Catch-All refers to a mailbox on the domain. It
    catches all the emails that are addressed to the
    domain. The catch-all mailbox catches those
    emails which do not exist in the mail server.
    When the catch-all address is configured, then
    emails wont be lost due to spelling errors.

Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud hosting refers to a type of web hosting
    service in which a cluster of servers store the
    data of websites virtually in the cloud. Cloud
    hosting makes it possible to scale resources up
    or down in real time, based on the requirements
    of a website / application. Cloud server enables
    access to data from anywhere and at any time.
    Cloud servers are ideal for meeting the
    requirements that have to do with extensive
    software development.
  • There are some other types of web hosting, which
    are, shared, dedicated, reseller, VPS, WordPress
    etc. One often hears terms such as Linux
    Dedicated Server Hosting, WordPress Hosting,
    Windows Dedicated Hosting etc. These refer to
    different types of web hosting services.

  • A cloudlet refers to a small-scale cloud data
    center that has enhanced mobility. It exists at
    the edge of the Internet. A cloudlet performs
    mainly the task of supporting mobile applications
    that are interactive as well as
    resource-intensive. It accomplishes this by
    ensuring low latency and by making powerful
    computing resources available to mobile devices.
    It is a state of the art technology in cloud
    computing infrastructure.

Country Code TLD
  • A country code TLD refers to a country code top
    level domain. It is a two letter code that is
    meant to identify websites and content that are
    specific to a country. An example of it is, .uk
    being used for United Kingdom.

Control Panel
  • A control panel, which is a web based interface,
    is made available to a user by a web hosting
    company for the purpose of managing the users
    website and his web hosting account. It lets a
    user manage his services, with regard to hosting,
    through a single interface. With the aid of a
    control panel email addresses can be added,
    domains can be parked, applications can be
    installed, files can be uploaded, databases can
    be managed etc.

  • CMS is the abbreviation for Content Management
    System. It is a computer software, which runs in
    the backend, for the purpose of managing the
    creation as well as the modification of content
    that is digital. A CMS aids in not only posting
    content on a website but also in adding new
    themes to the website.
  • Some of the most popular Content Management
    Systems are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

cPanel and cPanel Hosting
  • cPanel
  • cPanel refers to a control panel that is
    user-friendly and provides a graphical interface
    along with automation tools that make website
    management simple. It is offered in Linux-based
    web hosting services. cPanel functions to manage
    easily website files, databases, domains,
    sub-domains, create email accounts etc.
  • cPanel Hosting
  • cPanel hosting is the web hosting that works with

Database and Data Center
  • Database
  • A database refers to a system in which various
    types of organized information (data) are stored.
    This information can be accessed, managed and
    updated easily.
  • Data Center
  • Any facility (a physical infrastructure) that
    houses web hosting servers is referred to as a
    data center. It houses computers, networking
    systems, servers and other components that have
    to do with an enterprises IT infrastructure. Web
    hosting data centers are usually present in
    several locations.

IP and Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated IP A dedicated IP (Internet Protocol)
is an IP which is allotted exclusively to a
particular website. This unique IP is used by a
single web hosting account. Dedicated
Hosting An entire server is rented in dedicated
hosting. Hence, a user of dedicated hosting is
not only able to have full control over the
server but also uses all the server resources
DDoS Attack
  • A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is
    carried out to disrupt the traffic of a server or
    a network that is targeted, in order to make
    computer or network resources unavailable. It
    overwhelms the target with an excess of Internet
    traffic. These attacks are executed through
    networks of machines that are connected via the

Disk Space
  • Disk space, with regard to web hosting, refers to
    the amount of storage space that is available to
    a client as per his hosting plan. Sufficient disk
    space is an essential requirement for the purpose
    of storing properly a websites html pages,
    files, images, databases, emails, etc.
  • Web hosting companies that provide web hosting
    services have various plans that offer different
    disk space to fulfil the requirements of their
    clients. Since web hosting is of many types, it
    is referred to with many terms as well. Some of
    these terms are Linux Dedicated Server Hosting,
    WordPress Hosting, Windows Dedicated Hosting

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