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Linux Is Ready for Business


Other regional distributors (Red Flag, ... Harry Roberts, Chief Information Office, Boscov's Department Stores, LLC ... Boscov's Department Store. Challenge ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Linux Is Ready for Business

Linux Is Ready for Business!
  • Small and Medium Business Focus

Carol Holliman
Linux Business Area Leader, Global SMB (405)
What is Linux
  • UNIX-like operating system developed by Linus
  • Version 2.4 available
  • Developed / tested by the Open Source community
  • Highly disciplined / structured
  • High quality
  • Secure
  • Stable
  • Packaged and shipped by distributors
  • SCO Group (Caldera)
  • Red Hat
  • SuSE
  • Turbolinux
  • Other regional distributors (Red Flag, Conectiva,
    Mandrake, etc...)

Linux Distributors Combine their Power
UnitedLinux Open Industry Consortium
  • Concept
  • Binary-compatible Linux distribution, branded
  • Initial Members SCO Group (Caldera), SuSE,
    Turbolinux, Conectiva
  • Open to others
  • Business Model
  • Distributors add software and services
  • Distributors maintain brand names with
    "UnitedLinux Inside"
  • UnitedLinux promotes the brand, issue
    memberships, certifications, manages requirements
  • SuSE acts as UnitedLinux systems integrator
  • Implementation
  • Supported by all IBM eServer platforms, key
  • Worldwide language support, standards based (e.g.
    LSB 1.1, LI18NUX)

Linux Momentum

Linux will become the dominant server operating
system in the United States by 2005. Stacey
Quandt, Giga, Business 2.0, June 17, 2002 Linux
will have a "breakout year" in 2002. Now it seems
clear that Linux has become a viable alternative
for enterprise use. IDC, January 2002 By 2006,
Linux will be a key foundation for a strategic,
cross-development-platform environment,
accelerating Unix server consolidation, while
creating a powerful alternative to Windows
.NET. Gartner, May 2002
Server Shipments by OS Growth
2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
IDC, Enterprise Server Fundamentals, March 2002
Linux Value

Cost Effective
Open Standards
Source IBM Market Research 2001
"It's going to be almost 30 times cheaper to run
and maintain" (than Sun systems)
Josh Levine
Chief Administrative Officer and President,
eTrade Technologies
Recent Linux News
  • German Department of Interior chooses Linux
  • "With the contract with IBM we meet three key
    targets we raise the level of IT security by
    avoiding monocultures we lower the dependency on
    single software vendors and we reach costs
    savings in software and operation costs. Otto
    Schily, German Minister of the Interior
  • Walmart selling 299 Linux PCs
  • Lindows distribution (allows some Windows
    programs to run on Linux)
  • Full compliment of Linux client software
  • VA Software chooses DB2, WebSphere Application
    Server for
  • World's largest Open Source collaborative
    development web site

IBM Linux Strategy
Integral component to IBM's open strategy
Prepare for Future
Move Linux into mainstream and emerging markets
Grow the Market
Increase Size of Opportunity and lead in market
fan out
Win in Linux "High Affinity" Segments
  • Business Applications
  • e-business
  • Commercial
  • Clusters
  • Telco carrier-grade

Gain share in current segments while driving
expansion into adjacent segments
  • Infrastructure
  • Scientific Clusters
  • Enterprise-class features
  • Open, pervasive ADE
  • Blade Technology
  • Grid
  • Webservices
  • Integrated solution focus
  • Focused industry execution
  • Expand into SMB
  • Drive standardization
  • Technology assets
  • Product enablement
  • Enterprise-class support
  • Educate and energize the field and business

Trends Linux Market Broadening

Customers considering Windows Alternative
  • Microsoft Software Assurance Program
  • Governments legislating Linux
  • .Net closed - limiting choice

Technology maturing with enterprise server and
client functions
  • Scale-up competitive at 8-way and evolving
  • "Carrier-grade" reliability, serviceability
  • GNOME 2, KDE 3, OpenOffice 1 viable
  • Eclipse open source desktop framework

Market Lifecycle progressing
  • Workload usage maturing
  • Technical computing in full swing
  • Industry vertical ISV support starting
  • Sectors expanding - Industrial, Retail, Financial
  • Enterprise customer usage increasing
  • Heightened vendor support

Fine Tuning IBM Strategy to Market Trends
Open, comprehensive application development
Open, standard application framework
Main stream
High Affinity
Preferred Government Linux partner
Application client focus
How Customers are Deploying Linux

Linux Clusters
Workload Consolidation
Infrastructure Solutions
Application Solutions
Distributed Enterprise
SMB Customer Successes
Infrastructure Solutions
Optimized eServer and IBM Software for Linux
  • Infrastructure Servers
  • File/Print
  • Web/Application
  • Application dev.
  • Content/Caching
  • Security
  • Advantages
  • Low cost
  • Highly reliable
  • Turnkey
  • Rapid setup
  • Innovative packaging
  • Infrastructure Software
  • DB2 Universal Database
  • Domino collaboration
  • Tivoli Systems Management
  • MQSeries messaging
  • WebSphere Family for application development
  • Advantages
  • Scalable
  • Open standards
  • Industry proven

Weta Digital
New Zealand Special Effects Company
  • Challenge
  • Improve system performance/reliability without
    increasing costs for special effects company
    producing effects for the Lord of the Rings
  • Solution and Benefits
  • IntelliStation and Linux systems operating as
    standalone units linked by Gigabit ethernet
  • Dual Xeon IBM IntelliStation MPro workstations
    running Red Hat Linux
  • IBM Linux Supportline
  • Lower hardware acquisition cost and much higher
    system performance

KDI School
  • Company
  • The KDI School of Public Policy and Management
    was established to educate and develop the next
    generation of leaders
  • KDI offers an innovative educational program
    focusing on policy and international issues.
  • Challenge
  • KDI needed to build an Internet-based video
    conferencing system for overseas communication
    with research institutes and universities.
  • Solution and Benefits
  • IBM provided video conferencing system composed
    of xSeries 342 servers, Linux and various
    Internet-based software, including Codec, Rear
    Projection and PDP technology
  • Two IBM x342 servers used as appliance systems
    for broadcasting and streaming
  • IGS Integrated Technology Services (ITS) provided
    end-to-end service to establish this system from
    the system design to tuning and testing
  • KDI School selected the Linux-based system
    solution because Linux is a robust and reliable
    platform with better price/performance.
  • KDI expects that it can save more than 30 percent
    in travel expenses due to the IBM solution

Ergo-Brains Inc.
DB2 on TurboLinux
  • Company
  • Ergo-Brains manages an Internet-based community
    to which it delivers e-magazines and opt-in
  • Ergo-Brains was established in 1997 in order to
    pursue the possibility of marketing on the
    Internet. As an opt-in e-mail advertisement
    agency, it currently has more than 1 million
  • Challenge
  • Frequent system problems with the burden of heavy
    workload, it needed a secure, stable and scalable
    e-business infrastructure for its rapidly growing
  • Solution and Benefits
  • Integrated customer database on DB2 for Linux.
  • The new database provides the customer with a
    highly-available infrastructure
  • Significantly improved performance, scalability
    and stability of its business infrastructure,
    delivering a significant business advantage.
  • Other Benefits Maximized cost/performance ratio,
    Increased performance

"We have not had any trouble after the
service-in. We realized this was really a reason
for our customers in media industry to use our
mail system. We can now appeals our ad-mail
systems as very reliable. We now really
understand that a reliable system can only exist
on a reliable infrastructure" Hirotaka Fukuoka,
COO Ergo-Brains Inc.
Infrastructure Successes

Hundreds of Successful Customers
Consolidate Workloads Across the Organization
Simplified Infrastructure with IBM and Linux
  • Workload Consolidation
  • Replace many with few
  • Optimize assets
  • Advantages
  • Reduce costs
  • eServer proven reliability
  • Virtualize servers
  • Dynamically manage workloads
  • Enabled across all eServer products

Switched platforms from Window NT server farm to
IBM zSeries
  • Challenge
  • One of the largest specialty insurers and the
    85th largest property and casualty insurer in the
  • Excessive hardware and software maintenance costs
    and lack of the availability, reliability and
    security needed.
  • Solution and Benefits
  • IBM revitalized the insurer's IT infrastructure
    with a new S/390 G5 server running Linux, along
    with DB2 Connect and MQSeries middleware.
  • US1.2 million in infrastructure cost savings
    over 30 months, as well as additional savings in
    software and server support costs.
  • By replacing the 20 Windows NT servers with the
    S/390, GuideOne has reclaimed more than 500
    square feet in its data center and reduced total
    power consumption.

Dialtone Internet
Switched platforms from Sun/Cobalt to IBM -
Server Consolidation
  • Challenge
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Dialtone Internet,
    offers dedicated hosting services for SMB
  • 80 Employees, 1300 SMB clients, 8M revenue in
    2001, 2200 servers
  • Needed to handle increasing client load and
    growth in server farm more efficiently
  • Solution and Benefits
  • xSeries and pSeries hardware
  • Tivoli for systems management
  • Established 650 NEW SMB customers in 5 months
  • Improved price/performance
  • Reduced HW and systems management costs
Note Dialtone Internet was recently acquired by
"Using the IBM xSeries servers here at Dialtone
has helped us optimize overall reliability,
scalability, and server performance for our
customers in a highly cost-effective
manner" Alvaro Albarracin Area Vice-President of
Dedicated Hosting

Banco Mercantil
Linux zSeries Consolidation of Web Infrastructure
  • Challenge
  • Offer corporate, commercial and personal
    financial products
  • NT Servers costly and unmanageable
  • Need reliability and systems management allowing
    for workload growth
  • Solution and Benefits
  • Phase 1 - Replaced 30 NT file, Internet domain,
    and firewall servers with zSeries running Linux
  • Phase 2 - Move applications from Unix to
  • Reduced administrative support
  • Higher availability
  • Improved price/performance
  • Reduced HW and systems management costs

"Linux on the S/390 allows us to consolidate in a
very cost effective way" Isaac Arismendi,
Banco Mercantil
Boscov's Department Store
Family Owned Department Store
  • Challenge
  • Provide scalable IT environment for
    mission-critical applications
  • Manage increasing complexity and costs of large,
    growing server farm
  • Improve systems availability, scalability and
    backup and recovery
  • Solution and Benefits
  • Consolidation of server farm applications on SuSE
    Linux running on IBM zSeries servers
  • Affordable support for incremental application
  • Reductions in costs, networking hardware and
    management resources, server administrators and
    floor space
  • Increased availability for applications vs server
    farm environment

"We chose to deploy Linux on zSeries servers
because it provides a robust platform that meets
our expected growth in mission-critical
applications." Harry Roberts, Chief Information
Office, Boscov's Department Stores, LLC
Workload Consolidation Success

Hundreds of Successful Customers
Linux Clusters
IBM Solutions for Complex Workloads
  • Clusters with Linux
  • Computationally intensive workloads
  • High performance computing
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Advantages
  • Supercomputing performance at
  • "mass market" prices
  • Choice of eServer architecture
  • IA 32, IA 64, or PowerPC
  • Industry leading IBM cluster software
  • GPFS - General Parallel File System
  • CSM - Cluster Systems Manager
  • IBM factory installed and delivered

MDS Proteomics
Canadian Leading Proteomics-based Drug Discovery
  • Challenge
  • Analytical capability to determine gene and
    protein function
  • Access and manage data 24x7
  • Design novel small molecule drugs capacity for
  • Solution
  • 3 100 node xSeries 330 Clusters
  • pSeries H80, M80, and 680 servers
  • DB2 Universal Database, Enterprise Storage Server
  • IBM Linear Tape Open library system
  • Tivoli fault-tolerant, cluster-based system
  • Benefits
  • Fast, robust, scalable and disaster-tolerant
  • Enhanced development capabilities
  • A scalable relational data management
  • Improved availability and reliability of system
    and network
  • Consolidation of information into a virtual
    database to address complex medical problems

"Through our strategic alliance with IBM, we are
applying breakthrough information technology to
improve our understanding of how proteins
function in order to put drug design and
development on a faster track." Christopher
Hogue, MDS Proteomics' Chief Information Officer
Genome Sequence Center
British Columbia Cancer Agency
  • Challenge
  • Find innovative means to automate the gene
    sequencing and fingerprinting process
  • Dramatically increase compute power, capacity and
    speedy storage within cost constraints
  • Solution and Benefits
  • 40 xSeries 330's
  • 3583 Ultrium Scalable Tape Library
  • Linux
  • Cluster Management Software
  • Life Sciences Applications
  • Improve ability to access and integrate massive
    amounts of genomic data for sequencing research -
    quality of research
  • Improve scalability within space cost
  • Improve data accessibility with Tape Library
    without the online costs
  • Develop leadership role in Research Field

Dupont Photomask
Linux Clusters
  • Challenge
  • Minimize photomask development by increasing
    computational speed
  • 99.9 percent availability
  • Solution
  • Linux cluster of 10 xSeries servers
  • RedHat V7.1
  • Value
  • 3X the processing power of existing NT servers
  • Reduced run time from days to less than 4 hours
  • Reduced photomask development/testing cycle

Renaissance Technologies

Medallion Fund Outperforms the Street
  • Challenge
  • Lead Wall Street with the best hedge fund
    performance, while improving IT price/performance
  • Leverage technology to create a competitive
  • Remain in existing data center, without
    increasing floor space or system management
  • Solution and Benefits
  • IBM xSeries 330 Intel servers rack mounted and
  • Increased price performance over incumbent Sun
    6800 servers
  • manage multiple parallel quantitative analysis
    with faster response time

Linux Clusters Success

Dozens of successful deployments in all industries
Distributed Applications to Serve Many Locations
Replicate Function Across the Enterprise
  • Distributed solutions with Linux
  • Geographically dispersed
  • Serve more customers or employees
  • Advantages
  • Low cost, small footprint eServer
  • High reliability and stability
  • Secure
  • Easily replicated
  • Centrally managed
  • IBM worldwide support and implementation

China Post
Distributed Linux
  • Challenge
  • Cut cost and increase efficiency across 1,200
    branch locations and 2,000 total locations
  • Transform manual record keeping and data
    collecting to an electronic system
  • Set up an e-Post branch office
  • Solution
  • IBM xSeries 200s running Linux
  • Value
  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced cost
  • Improved customer service and customer

Innovative Point of Sale Solution
  • Challenge
  • Major manufacturer with over 2,600 outlets
  • Needed to upgrade point of sale system plus
    provide e-mail, intranet and Internet
  • Solution
  • Custom IGS Services for Point of Sale
  • NetVista for in-store processing
  • Benefits
  • New functionality provided for the stores for
    POS, e-mail and Web
  • Web browser and StarOffice as new capabilities
  • Reduced administrative support
  • Higher availability
  • Redundant servers and diskless POS PCs
  • Improved price/performance

Distributed Successes
Application Solutions
Affordable Integrated Solutions for Linux
  • IBM Business Partner and ISV Solutions
  • Enable e-business initiatives
  • Deliver industry vertical applications
  • Leverage Business Partner and ISV expertise
  • Advantages
  • Bundled eServer / IBM middleware / ISV
  • Low cost
  • Optimized solutions
  • Reduced implementation time

ISV/VAR Application
IBM Middleware
IBM Server Software
Linux Distribution
Tommy Hilfiger
e-business Infrastructure
Tommy Hilfiger selected technologies from IBM,
including IBM products such
as iSeries and xSeriesTM servers running Red Hat
Linux, for Web based transactions, DB2
Universal DatabaseTM, JavaTM and eOneGroup's
suite of software products to expand its presence
  • Challenge
  • Expand presence among retailers and worldwide
    manufacturing facilities and employees
  • Solution
  • New B2B portal that allows retailers to view
    available inventory in real time and place, track
    ship orders
  • Business-to-plant website that links worldwide
    production facilities
  • Virtual employee store that allows employees to
    shop online
  • Benefit
  • "IBM's server interoperability and application
    flexibilityenabled lower costs and increased
    revenue..... the manufacturing portal and
    employee store are expected to produce
    substantial cost savings and has
    already proved productive and efficient for
    specialty store retailers with limited travel
  • Dan Watson, President of eOneGroup

Consolidate e-mail on Linux for zSeries
  • Challenge
  • Upgrade e-mail - problems with calendaring and
    attachment corruption
  • Minimize impact to existing Microsoft Exchange
  • Cost significantly less than US100,000 to
  • Solution and Benefits
  • Bynari Insight Server for e-mail and calendar
  • SuSE Linux virtual server under VM/ESA in an IBM
    Multiprise 3000 model H30
  • Benefits
  • Savings of US75 thousand in software
  • Higher availability of a mainframe solution

"Bynari Insight Server gave us a more
cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Exchange,
... it showed us that Linux for the mainframe is
ideal for enterprise applications.'s not
only more reliable but it's also just cheaper and
easier to run." Dave Ennen, Technical Support
Manager at Winnebago.
Netfinity Cluster
  • Company
  • Hiroshima, Japan-based consumer electronics
    retailer that operates 112 shops directly and 381
    shops through franchises in Japan
  • One of the largest retailers in its market,
    DEODEO has a customer base of 13.5 million
    people. 80 Employees, 1300 SMB clients, 8M
    revenue in 2001, 2200 servers
  • Challenge
  • Launch a virtual shopping mall using data mining
    techniques to establish one-on-one relationships
    with customers
  • Needed to handle increasing client load and
    growth in server farm more efficiently
  • Solution and Benefits
  • IBM (5) clustered Netfinity 3000 servers, running
    TurboLinux operating system and Java technology
    sixth server for sysadmin offsite. Core of
    project is Oracle 8 Database.
  • Total Cost of Ownership less than comparable Unix
    system superior end-to-end growth and risk
    management capabilities mainframe-class
    scalability, reliability and security on one
    high-powered server system
  • Turbolinux supports Japanese language
  • Generated US20 million in new business via its
    CyberCity Web site
  • Customer satisfaction has increased as a result
    of the stability of the Netfinity/Linux platform
    and its low TCO

"Working with IBM, we were successful in
providing a mission-critical solution against a
competing proprietary UNIX solution that would
have cost DEODEO four times as much money." T.
Paul Thomas CEO, TurboLinux

Is It Real?
Is It Real?
The Myths of Linux
  • Linux doesn't scale
  • Linux isn't ready for the Enterprise
  • Linux porting is difficult
  • Linux lacks business applications
  • Linux isn't secure
  • Linux skills are scarce

Is It Real?
The Myths of Linux
  • Linux doesn't scale
  • Linux isn't ready for the Enterprise
  • Linux porting is difficult
  • Linux lacks business applications
  • Linux isn't secure
  • Linux skills are scarce

Fact Linux Scales
  • Database - world record TPC-H benchmark
  • DB2 v7.2 4 Intel 900MHz PIII Xeon processors
  • 74 faster than the best Windows-based result
  • File Serving
  • PC Mag's file servers performance tests ... Linux
    with Samba significantly outperformed Windows
    2000, 11/01
  • Linux's throughput was 78 faster
  • xSeries - record ECperf Linux performance
  • WebSphere v4.03 9 node xSeries 330 cluster with
    2 x 1.266 GHz PIII processors
  • Near linear scalability from 1 to 9 servers
  • 86 of the performance 29 of cost of top
    HP-UX/BEA benchmark
  • zSeries 12-way Server running WebSphere - Linux
    vs Solaris
  • 12-way zSeries Linux partition 36-way (9 X 4
    CPU) Sun 420R servers at 100 utilization
  • Linear scalability for multiple Linux instances
    and users

"We chose DB2 running on Linux based on its
stability, scalability and performance. There's
almost no end to DB2's advantages, which include
high efficiency, fast querying and search speed,
and the ability to store very large amounts of
Dr. Napthali Rishe
Director, Florida International University High
Performance Database Research Center
Is It Real?
The Myths of Linux
  • Linux doesn't scale
  • Linux isn't ready for the Enterprise
  • Linux porting is difficult
  • Linux lacks business applications
  • Linux isn't secure
  • Linux skills are scarce

Fact Linux is Rock Solid
  • In a Cluster Environment Peak Operation Downtime
    Per Year
  • Microsoft...........30 hours
  • Linux..................14 hours
  • Google runs on Linux
  • 100 million queries per day
  • Average response times less than half a second
  • IBM service/support
  • Level 1-2-3 support for all eServer platforms
    running Linux

Standish Research Group 2001
Is It Real?
The Myths of Linux
  • Linux doesn't scale
  • Linux isn't ready for the Enterprise
  • Linux porting is difficult
  • Linux lacks business applications
  • Linux isn't secure
  • Linux skills are scarce

Fact Porting to Linux is Easy
"Several large projects of moving Unix-based
applications from 100 KLOC to 600 KLOC have been
completed. Most were completed in about two
months and only required a small percentage (1
or so) of the code to be modified in any way."
  • Porting Solaris applications to Linux
  • 80 of APIs are identical
  • Less than 15 require simple translations or
  • Less than 5 of APIs may require rework
  • D.H. Brown
  • Migrating UNIX web servers to Linux is one of the
    easiest migration scenarios in the industry.
  • Some users and deployment specialists report one
    day or less time to migrate small installations.

SoundView Technology Group
"Linux Momentum in Europe Appears to be Strong",
June 13, 2002
Source IBM Canada "Migrating Mail and Web
Servers to Linux", D.H. Brown "Unix-to-Linux
Migration An Easy Journey", Giga
Is It Real?
The Myths of Linux
  • Linux doesn't scale
  • Linux isn't ready for the Enterprise
  • Linux porting is difficult
  • Linux lacks business applications
  • Linux isn't secure
  • Linux skills are scarce

Fact ISVs Adopting Linux
  • 3,800 Linux applications in IBM Global Solutions
  • Includes Distribution, Retail, Industrial,
    Health, Finance, Media and Petroleum
  • 90 increase since April, 2001
  • Eclipse open-source, integrated foundation for
    app development
  • Supported by 150 ISVs
  • Business Partner firms supporting Linux grew from
    600 to 4500
  • 650 increase in little over 1 year
  • IBM actively recruiting ISVs for SMB
  • Full PartnerWorld support
  • Linux Lens
  • 9 WW IBM Porting Centers for Linux
  • Chicago, Waltham, San Mateo in the US
  • Over 30 IBM Strategic Alliances formed with
    target ISVs since March 2002

Evans Study March 2001
ISVs Adopting Linux
Is It Real?
The Myths of Linux
  • Linux doesn't scale
  • Linux isn't ready for the Enterprise
  • Linux porting is difficult
  • Linux lacks business applications
  • Linux isn't secure
  • Linux skills are scarce

Fact Linux is Secure
  • The Open Source development process
  • Darwinian -- structured/disciplined
  • Exposed vs. hidden
  • "World Governments Choosing Linux", AP, 12/1/01
  • "Chinese, French and German govts ... adopting
    Linux over MS "
  • "Security experts ... agree computers are less
    prone to hacking and viruses when running
    open-source software like Linux"
  • The US National Security Agency embracing Linux
  • Investing to develop Linux security enhancements
  • "...Window's inherent instability and
    susceptibility to hacks are now becoming major
    issues to corporate and government buyers."
  • "Microsoft's Global Insecurity Complex",
    Business2.0, June 17, 2002

"Gartner recommends that enterprises continue to
weigh open source review as a positive factor in
the security of software."
Gartner Group,
"Microsoft Sends Mixed Signals About Software
Security", May 13, 2002
Is It Real?
The Myths of Linux
  • Linux doesn't scale
  • Linux isn't ready for the Enterprise
  • Linux porting is difficult
  • Linux lacks business applications
  • Linux isn't secure
  • Linux skills are scarce

Fact Linux Skills are Easy to Learn, Widely
Taught, Transferable from UNIX
  • IBM Linux Scholars Challenge
  • 1,462 students entered
  • 664 colleges represented
  • IBM Learning Services
  • 40 courses
  • Universities embracing Linux
  • MIT, UC Berkley, City Univ. of NY, Univ. of
    Texas, Loyola College, Univ. of Cincinnati
  • National Univ. of Korea, Beijing Univ., Osaka

"If your IT organization supports UNIX today, you
are well positioned to support Linux. UNIX
skilled programmers can easily and quickly
develop into Linux programmers."
Harry Roberts
SVP and CIO, Boscov's, Inc.
Linux _at_ IBMx
A Commitment to Linux across the Entire Business
  • 1100 servers WW
  • Internal Linux Projects
  • redundant xSeries Linux servers
  • Intranet search engine
  • xSeries servers Inktomi search engine
  • IGS Internet Vulnerability Security Scanning
  • 61 xSeries scanning 30k IP addresses/ week
  • Performance monitoring
  • 24 xSeries servers
  • 75 fewer Linux servers than NT servers for same
  • IBM Global e-Mail Anti-virus Management
  • xSeries scans incoming/outgoing mail for viruses
  • 300mm Wafer Manufacturing Equip. Control
  • Much more reliable than Win2000
  • 159 xSeries 300-400 by year end

Linux _at_ IBM
A Commitment to Linux across the Entire Business
  • Linux Technology Center
  • "Help make Linux better"
  • 250 developers, 21 sites working within the open
    source community
  • Linux Integration Center
  • Technical consulting, proof of concepts,
  • Open Source Development Lab
  • Enabling Linux and Linux-based applications for
    data center and carrier-class deployment
  • Linux Porting Centers
  • Linux CoC for Finance - NYC
  • Assist financial services customers testing and
    implementing Linux applications
  • Linux for Service Providers Lab
  • Assist telecomm service providers, network
    equipment providers and ISV's test and implement
    Linux solutions
  • 2,000 Linux-skilled IGS professionals

IBM's Contribution to Linux
  • 250 developers worldwide
  • 70 active projects
  • Significant contributions to 2.4 and upcoming 2.5
  • Cluster Management
  • System Management
  • Network security
  • Networking
  • POSIX Threading
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Scheduler
  • Security
  • Serviceability
  • Internationalization
  • Journaled Filesystem
  • Trusted, valued members of the Linux Community
  • Open Source Development Lab
  • Linux ATM Project
  • Linux Token Ring Project
  • USAGI (IPV6) Project
  • GNOME Foundation
  • KDE League
  • Linux Standards Base
  • Free Standards Group
  • Linux Internationalization
  • Linux Test Project

IBM Family Supports Linux
  • zSeries
  • zSeries 800 for Linux
  • Many Linux servers on a single HW platform
  • Unmatched scalability
  • Large applications portfolio
  • Simplified Systems
  • Management
  • Runs in an LPAR
  • or on z/VM
  • zSeries - 64 bit 31-bit
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • xSeries
  • xSeries 343 for Telco
  • X-architecture innovation
  • OS freedom of choice
  • Affordable, Scalable, Reliable
  • Appliances
  • xSeries 335, 305 Xeon rack-optimized servers
  • Clusters (1300,1350)
  • Integration and testing of IBM OEM
  • Speed to market
  • xSeries rack optimized servers
  • iSeries
  • iSeries Linux edition - 820
  • Reliable / Scalable
  • Up to 31 Linux Partitions
  • Integration with OS/400
  • Resource sharing and management
  • I/O Flexibility
  • pSeries
  • Native Linux 32-bit 64-bit
  • Linux Virtual Servers on server p690 and
    server p670
  • Linux affinity on AIX 5L
  • I/O Bandwidth and RAS
  • Multiplatform flexibility

IBM Blade Center
The Technology That Outperforms
  • Performance Density
  • 2X density of existing 1U rack solutions
  • Latest, highest performance Intel processors
  • Comprehensive set of storage alternatives
  • Affordable Availability
  • Unprecedented redundancy
  • No single point of failure 24x7 availability
  • Network Integration
  • Integrated Ethernet Switch increased density
  • Simple management of switches with Common
    Director interfaces
  • Modular Scalability
  • Ideal platform for "Scale Out" enterprise
  • Power/packaging/cooling designed with room to
  • Infiniband ready investment protection

IBM Middleware is Ready Today!
  • Solutions available across all product lines

Transaction Integration
  • Scalable
  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Standards based
  • Reliable

Leverage Information
Leverage Collaboration
Systems Management
  • Open is the world's new direction
  • Eclipse An open tool platform contributed by IBM
    to an independent open source organization
  • Solutions at lowest TCO
  • DB2 for Linux currently up to 50 off

IBM Services for Linux

Managed Operations
  • Grid
  • Grid Computing Workshop
  • Consulting
  • Design/Architecture
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • 5 languages 20 countries
  • All eServers
  • Web-based and classroom
  • Cluster workshops - New!
  • Clusters
  • Support Line
  • x1350 Installations
  • OEM Procurement
  • Hardware Setup
  • Software Installation
  • Web Hosting
  • xSeries
  • zSeries Linux
  • e-Sourcing
  • Middleware Enablement
  • DB2
  • WAS
  • MQSeries
  • ISV's
  • QuickStarts
  • Technical Support
  • Support Line
  • Account advocate
  • Advanced Support
  • All eServers including clusters
  • 24/7
  • Workload Consolidation
  • File/Print, Webserving
  • Bynari, Sendmail coming '02
  • Linux Solution for e-business
  • Application Porting
  • Solaris to Linux Migration

The IBM Managed HostingApplication Enablement
Start the journey now . . . and reap these
  • Offers a step-by-step, structured approach,
    helping reduce risk and shorten time to market
  • Extends your market reach, thanks to lower
    customer deployment costs
  • Gives you access to new business models
  • Offers flexible compensation methods to help meet
    your needs
  • Includes go-to-market planning and support
  • Allows you to leverage the IBM brand in your
    service delivery and marketing activities

Evolution and growth
Enablement and testing
Helping you stay ahead of the competition
Partner Linux Programs Sustained Leadership
  • Enablement
  • Sales Technical Training
  • Trained over 1,500 partners
  • 50 increase since January 2002
  • Partners driving 25 of IBM Linux Sales
  • Partners participating with IBM at Linux
    industry events
  • New server Integrated Platform for e-business
    designed for partners

IBM Leadership Edge for Linux
Solutions Edge for Linux
Ready, Set, Linux and Go!
Leaders for Linux
  • Enablement
  • i/zSeries Test Drives
  • xSP Prime
  • Porting centers
  • ServerProven
  • developerWorks
  • Marketing
  • Start Now Solutions
  • Proven
  • IBM Solutions Connection
  • Global Solutions Dir.
  • Enablement
  • Support education
  • Certifications / incentives
  • Start Now
  • Solutions
  • Linux Lens
  • Marketing
  • Linux events
  • roadshows
  • Campaign Designer
  • BP Connections
  • Marketing
  • Sales force linkage
  • Sales accelerators
  • Co-marketing
  • incentives
  • Event participation
  • Industry specific
  • Brand-specific
  • IBM sponsored

IBM PartnerWorld Program
Leaders for Linux
Our key go to market Linux Business Partners
e-business with Linux Just Got Easier...
IBM Integrated Platform for e-business
Integrated Platform
  • Fully integrated Linux-based platform for Java
    applications and Web Services
  • IBM pre-architected, tested and optimized for
    popular e-business workloads (based on IBM
    patterns for e-business)
  • Dramatically reduced time to solution
  • IBM engineered security and reliability
  • An IBM StartNow solution
  • Initial support from ISVs includes eOneGroup,
    Selectica, Marcole
  • Linux Distribution - SuSE

Customers Business Partners Suppliers Employees
Directory and Security Servers
Transaction Servers
N e t w o r k
Web Presentation Servers
Web Application Servers
Data Servers
  • Solution Components
  • WebSphere Application Server
  • DB2 (optional)
  • Security Directory software
  • Firewalls
  • xSeries servers (other series in future)
  • Available through select IBM partners

Customer Reference
Exploiting Linux for Competitive Advantage
IBM is Ready to Help You
  • ...get educated
  • ...assess what's happening in your company
  • ...develop your strategy
  • ...pick and implement a pilot
  • Information
  • Contact

  • Linux market is maturing
  • customer-proven implementations
  • dramatic increase in applications
  • infrastructure to business aps
  • Linux value proposition is strong
  • significant savings
  • enhanced reliability
  • greater flexibility
  • IBM has the most comprehensive portfolio of SMB
    offerings and best support for Linux
  • IBM is an excellent partner for ISVs

Linux for SMB
Moving fast, having fun
Real World Solutions for your Business
Linux for SMB
  • Solving Real Business Problems

Carol J. Holliman
Linux Business Area Leader, Global
Linux and iSeries
  • What does Linux Bring to iSeries
  • Applications
  • ebusiness infrastructure
  • New generation of web-based applications
  • Provides flexibility and choice of environment
  • Ease delivery of open source components
  • Resources and Skills
  • Leverage virtual world-wide development team
  • Broad skill base to deliver iSeries solutions
  • Leverage other IBM investments in Linux
  • What does iSeries Bring to Linux
  • Ability to consolidate multiple Linux servers
  • A reliable, scalable server to run Linux
  • Support for Multiple Linux Partitions
  • Resource sharing and management
  • Integration with OS/400

Linux on iSeries Advantages
  • Server Consolidation
  • OS/400, Linux, and Windows 2000 Server
  • Support for up to 31 Linux partitions
  • Resource Sharing
  • Partitioning
  • Shared Processors, Dynamic Movement
  • Virtual I/O Disk, LAN, Tape, CD-ROM
  • Minimal Hardware Requirements for a Linux
  • Part of a processor, memory
  • Virtual I/O Disk, LAN, Tape, CD-ROM
  • Reliable Server
  • Leading single server availability
  • Unique virtual disk support provides excellent
    test/development environment
  • Storage Area Network facilities
  • Full OS/400 system backup provides disaster
    recovery for Linux virtual disks
  • Linux backup saves daily Linux files changes
    direct to iSeries tape device
  • OS/400 Integration

iSeries Linux Edition (820) - Offering
The open-source server
  • Packaged set of hardware and software products
    for workload consolidation.
  • Designed to be used with a Linux Operating system
    purchased from one of the three participating
    vendors, Red Hat, SuSE or Turbolinux.
  • iSeries Model 820 with one, two, or four
  • Up to 32GB memory - 8TB disk
  • Supports up to 15 Linux partitions.
  • Wizard for simple Linux installation and LPAR
  • Buy a new Linux Edition 820
  • Eligible configuration - end user receives rebate
  • 11,600 - 40,000
  • SuSe, TurboLinux or RedHat
  • Invoice purchase date on or after 3/26/02
  • Can be combined with other offerings
  • Announcement letter 502-054

IBM eServer iSeries Wins "Best of
Show" LinuxWorld San Francisco, CA August 28-30
zSeries Offering for Linux
  • Build server for server consolidation
  • Support flexible business growth
  • One to four enabled Linux processors
  • Protect IT investment
  • Open standards provide adaptability, flexibility,
  • Offer virtualization capability to run 20 to many
    hundreds of Linux images
  • Deliver high performance, scalability,
    availability, security and connectivity
  • Incorporate advanced zSeries architecture
  • HiperSockets - speed up the communication of the
    virtual Linux images
  • Hardware Assisted Cryptography - enhances the
  • z/VM Virtualization Technology - enables server
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reduce complexity through consolidation of UNIX,
    Windows and Linux applications to Linux on
  • Provide attractive package price, terms, and

Packaged Offering zSeries Technology
  • zSeries Hardware
  • z800 Model 0LF
  • 1 to 4 Integrated Facility for Linux engines
  • Memory pre-configured to match enabled processor
  • Includes FICON and OSA Connectivity
  • zSeries Virtualization Technology
  • z/VM Version 4
  • zSeries Maintenance
  • 3 years hardware warranty and maintenance
  • 3 years z/VM Subscription and Support License
  • TOTAL Solution Financing - optional
  • Financing options available from IBM Global
  • IBM Global Services - optional, such as
  • IBM Support Line Software Services for Linux
  • IGS Linux Rapid Deployment Solution

Maintenance Support
zSeries Offering for Linux
Linux Strategy Workshop
Business and IT gain integrated strategy for
implementing Linux and Open Source
  • Description
  • A unique workshop to help you evaluate Linux and
    Open Source options in your business
  • You will walk away with a customized, high-level
    Linux strategy created just for you that links
    business and IT goals
  • Most industries and companies of any size
  • Benefits
  • Map existing business initiatives to Linux
    technology solutions
  • Prioritize business value and technical
    feasibility of implementing Linux
  • Create a Linux high-level strategy and action plan