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Shared Hosting: Economical Web Hosting Solution


Shared Hosting provides the most economical web hosting solution by offering shared server space to host the files of multiple websites. It is an ideal website hosting option for sites that are simple and/or get less web traffic, blogging sites, sites of small-sized businesses, etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Shared Hosting: Economical Web Hosting Solution

Shared Hosting Economical Web Hosting Solution
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Service of Website Hosting
  • Different Types of Web Hosting Services
  • Web Hosting Company
  • Main Features of Website Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Benefit of Shared Web Hosting
  • Drawbacks of Shared Web Hosting
  • When to Use Shared Hosting
  • Why Shared Hosting is Economical
  • HTS Hosting
  • Shared Hosting of HTS Hosting
  • Conclusion

  • It is important for anyone seeking to host a
    website to have comprehensive information on the
    various types of web hosting services. The aim of
    this PPT is to provide information on one of the
    solutions for website hosting, which is Shared
    Hosting. The information shared here, which will
    include the advantages and disadvantages of
    Shared Hosting among other things, will help you
    in deciding if Shared Hosting is the most
    appropriate hosting solution for your website.

Service of Website Hosting
  • Website hosting is the service that needs to be
    availed for rendering websites accessible over
    the Internet to site visitors. Web hosting is
    offered through various types of web hosting
    solutions, all of which serve the same purpose of
    keeping a website up and running without any
    hindrance. In this service, the files of websites
    are stored on the web servers of web hosting
    companies and are processed and delivered from
    there, over the Internet, to the site visitors
    browsers to render the site accessible.

Different Types of Web Hosting
  • Web hosting solutions are of different types. The
    reason for this is that different types of
    websites require different types of hosting
    solutions. For example, a blogging sites hosting
    requirements will be much simpler than that of
    the site of an enterprise. That is why web
    hosting solutions are provided through a wide
    range of plans that cater to various types of web
    hosting requirements and budgets.
  • The main types of web hosting services are Shared
    Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting,
    Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting and VPS Hosting.
    The best Shared Hosting service is often
    referred to as the Best Windows Shared Hosting.
    The same goes for any efficient Dedicated Hosting
    service, which can be referred to as the Best
    Linux Dedicated Hosting.

Web Hosting Company
  • A web hosting company, which is also referred to
    as a web host or as a web hosting service
    provider, is a company that offers various
    website hosting services for the purpose of
    making websites accessible. It offers plans that
    cater to both, Linux and Windows. Space on its
    web servers is provided by a web hosting company
    for storing, processing and finally delivering
    the files of its customers websites. All the
    technologies and the services required for the
    purpose of successfully hosting a website and for
    keeping it up and running without interruption
    are also provided by a web hosting company.

1-800-123 -8156
  • Whoa! Thats a big number, arent you

Main Features of Website Hosting
  • Regardless of the type of website hosting
    service, it is important for every reliable and
    efficient web hosting plan to offer the
    following, for the seamless functioning of the
    service of web hosting and for the convenience of
    the customers-
  • A wide range of web hosting plans catering to
    different bandwidth requirements
  • High Uptime
  • SSD
  • Secure Service
  • Fast Speed
  • User-friendly cPanel
  • Data Backup Facility
  • Affordable prices
  • 247 Customer Care Service
  • The availability of these essential features need
    to be ensured, along with ones sites hosting
    requirements and ones budget for web hosting.

Shared Hosting
  • Shared Hosting is one of the many types of
    website hosting services that is highly
    sought-after as an economical web hosting
    solution. It is the most basic type of web
    hosting service and is provided by all web
    hosting companies.
  • In the service of Shared Web Hosting, which can
    be Linux Shared Hosting or Windows Shared
    Hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single
    server. This leads to the sharing of server space
    and server resources among these websites, which
    results in it turning out to be the most
    economical web hosting solution. The allotment of
    server space to the individual users of Shared
    Web Hosting will depend on their Shared Hosting
    plans specifications.

Benefit of Shared Web Hosting
  • The major benefit of using Shared Hosting is its
    affordability. Shared Hosting is the most
    economical website hosting solution due to its
    shared server environment. Those that have less
    budget for web hosting or do not require
    dedicated web server resources for this purpose
    can easily avail website hosting by opting for
    the service of Shared Hosting.

Drawbacks of Shared Web Hosting
  • Limited availability of the shared server
    resources, slow site loading speed, security
    concerns with regard to the service of web
    hosting, are some of the major drawbacks of using
    a shared server in the service of Shared Hosting.
    All of these issues are caused by the shared
    server environment of Shared Hosting, wherein
    multiple websites utilize the server resources of
    the same server impacting its speed, resource
    availability and the security aspect of this type
    of website hosting.

When to Use Shared Hosting
  • Shared Web Hosting provides one of the most
    economical web hosting solutions to the
    following, which do not require
    resource-intensive web hosting services-
  • Websites that do not receive a lot of web traffic
  • Blogging sites
  • Simple websites
  • Website owners with less budget for web hosting
  • Small-sized businesses
  • In a nutshell, if a website owner is looking for
    a comparatively low-priced hosting solution for a
    website that does not require dedicated server
    resources or have strict requirements for speed
    and security, then Shared Hosting solutions are
    thoroughly equipped to cater to the hosting
    requirements of such a site.

Why Shared Hosting is Economical
  • Shared Hosting is regarded as the most economical
    web hosting solution for hosting websites, owing
    to the low prices at which Shared Web Hosting
    plans are made available. The reason for it is
    the shared server environment. Since multiple
    sites are hosted on a single server in Shared
    Hosting, it drives down the individual price of
    availing web hosting for each of the users of
    this service. This is the reason for its
    popularity as an economical solution to host

HTS Hosting
  • HTS Hosting is a well-known name in the arena of
    web hosting and is renowned as the best Website
    Hosting Company. As an experienced web hosting
    service provider, HTS Hosting excels in providing
    a wide range of affordable web hosting solutions
    for all types of web hosting services. All of its
    hosting plans for Linux and Windows deliver all
    the essential features that are required for
    seamless website hosting, such as high uptime,
    fast speed, SSD, powerful security, data backup
    facility, 247 customer care service and much

Shared Hosting of HTS Hosting
  • The different web hosting plans of HTS Hosting
    for Linux Shared Hosting as well as for Windows
    Shared Hosting are globally popular because of
    the outstanding performance that these deliver at
    the most affordable prices. 99.95 uptime, SSD,
    free SSL certificate, top-notch performance,
    robust security, data backup facility, round the
    clock technical support and much more are
    provided through highly efficient web hosting
    plans that start at prices as low as Rs.31/month.
  • HTS Hosting prioritizes delivering fast and fully
    secure Shared Hosting services, despite the
    shared server environment, through its powerfully
    configured servers and meticulously designed web
    hosting plans.

  • Shared Hosting provides one of the most
    low-priced web hosting services, enabling those
    with budget constraints as well as those with
    less resource-intensive requirements for web
    hosting, to reap the benefits of hosting their
    websites and rendering their sites accessible
    online. Shared Hosting services should be availed
    from a web hosting company, such as HTS Hosting,
    that offers the best website hosting service at
    the most affordable prices, along with features
    such as fast speed and enhanced security, despite
    the shared server environment.

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