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Reasons for Heart Attack & Prevention | Aster Hospitals


Check out the main heart attack risk factors that contribute to high heart attack rate & tips to prevent the heart attack with lifestyle changes – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Reasons for Heart Attack & Prevention | Aster Hospitals

How to manage risk factors of a heart attack?
  • A doctor suggests a medicine after understanding
    several risk factors associated with it. On the
    one hand, doctors take care of risk factors once
    we are affected by any disease. In contrast, we
    must try to learn the risk factors associated
    with any illness before getting affected. 
  • In this article, we have listed several risk
    factors associated with a heart attack.
    Simultaneously, after doing research, we have
    come up with some of the best ways to manage
    these risk factors. So do read it until the end
    to know the risk factors you may have to overcome
    while/before suffering from coronary heart
  • You need to keep in mind that the more the risk
    factors and greater the degree of risk factors,
    the higher your chances of getting coronary heart
    disease. So we suggest that before you fall prey
    to any such disease, take the necessary
    preventive measures we have listed towards the
    end of this blog.

Risk factors of a heart attack into three major
  • Major Risk Factors - The research led by several
    medical professionals shows that these factors
    significantly increase the risk of getting heart
    and blood vessel diseases. 
  • Modifiable Risk Factors - These are the risk
    factors that a human being can control, change,
    or treat using medicines a minor lifestyle
  • Contributing Risk Factors - These are the factors
    that significantly increase the risk of a heart
    attack. But, yet medical professionals are
    researching its prevalence.

Preventing Heart Attacks
  • Instead of worrying about developing coronary
    heart disease, we believe you must focus on
    creating healthy heart living. You must develop a
    routine wherein you consume a proper diet at
    proper intervals. We feel you should start
    developing such a habit at a very young age. 
  • We have listed the basic risk factors
    controllable like smoking, drinking, developing
    unwanted stress, physical inactivity that leads
    to coronary heart disease. Try creating a habit
    where you keep yourself away from any of these
    risk factors.

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