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What is data visualization: The practical guide for SME business owners


What is data visualisation? It is a process that involves gathering unstructured data from a variety of sources, modelling it, and displaying it in an organised and legible manner to improve decision-making.It uses visuals like interactive graphs and charts to communicate data, making it more appealing and easy to understand for all sorts of people. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is data visualization: The practical guide for SME business owners

What is data visualization The practical guide
for SME business owners?
Data visualization is going to be the future of
data analysis. Starting from small businesses to
large organizations none will be able to do
without it. The reason being - if a business
doesnt analyze the massive amount of data being
churned, it won't be able to survive in the
market. This article has shared all that an SME
needs to know before venturing into data
visualization. So let's start with what is data
visualization and its importance.
What is data visualization?
  • Data visualization is the process of presenting
    data through visuals like maps, graphs, and
    charts. Thus, it helps you understand your
    businesss trend, market patterns and find out
    the outliers.
  • Why is data visualization important?
  • Some primary advantages and benefits of using
    data visualization are
  • Through visuals and infographics, DataViz
    provides information very clearly. Thus, helping
    business leaders construe and make informed
    decisions more rapidly. It also helps in
    grabbing stakeholder's attention for a longer
  • Analysis present through interactive visuals
    helps in encapsulating intricate information.
    Thus, making complex data easy to read.
  • It helps in drawing a correlation between
    different market factors and business functions.
    So, leaders can take holistic business decisions.
  • The web is full of customer information. All you
    need to do is collect them. And analyze them
    correctly to connect with your customers.
  • Using DataViz to monitor KPIs (Key Performing
    Indicators), you can promptly understand market
    trends and spot shifts. In turn, it'll also help
    you to make quick, informed decisions.
  • The future of data visualization
  • Data visualization in sync with AI and Machine
    learning is slowly transforming the way leaders
    make business decisions. Under the current
    scenario, when digitalization is crucial for a
    businesss survival, DataViz has a promising
    future. So, implementing it in your business is
    sure to benefit you significantly.

How data visualization helps business
  • Now that we know what is data visualization and
    its importance let us check out how it helps
  • A business study by Wharton School of Business
    found that using DataViz in business meetings
    can shorten them by 24.

  • Managers who use BI dashboards have an 86 chance
    of finding the information more timely, i.e.,
    28 more likely than their colleagues using
    traditional reports and dashboards.
  • A BI tool with data visualization competencies
    offers a Return on Investment of USD 13.01 on
    each dollar spent.
  • Improves employee efficiency because when people
    get instructions with illustrations, they follow
    it 323 better than when instruction is in text

Top data visualization tools/software, best
practices, and poor examples
  • Top four data visualization tools/software
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Using Power BI, you can connect to a wide range
    of data sources to gather information and
    analyze your data. You can access real-time
    dashboards from anywhere. Furthermore, using
    Natural language processing, you can get explore
    data using standard texts. Very suitable for
  • Pricing 9.99 per user, per month.
  • Tableau
  • Tableau is more suitable for large organizations
    with massive databases and a sufficient budget
    for BI. It also works on the drag-and-drop
    feature. Thus, making it ideal for non-tech
  • Pricing Starts at 35 per user per month.
  • Google Data Studio
  • Since Google Data Studio is free, it's ideal for
    small businesses with minimum funds for BI. It's
    a web-based tool using which you can prepare your
    dashboards with ease. Moreover, sharing these
    dashboards is as smooth as sharing Google Docs.
  • Looker

  • Make dashboards simple and easy to understand.
  • Keep dashboards minimalistic.
  • Poor data visualization examples
  • Not using standard y-axis
  • Using irrelevant graphs
  • Not using titles, and labels
  • Giving too much color, images, and lengthy texts
  • Putting too much information in a visual or a
  • After knowing what is data visualization, its
    uses, the best tools, etc., it's now time to make
    decisions. Let us help you through it.

Working with a data visualization company
  • While non-tech users can also use the modern BI
    tools for data analysis, these tools have
    high-end analytics features. So, to use them
    optimally for your business, its best to partner
    with a BI consultancy firm.
  • Benefits of working with a data visualization
  • They have relevant experience and expertise.
    Thus, it can give a better insight into your
  • Instead of hiring a team, when you work with a
    consultancy firm, it helps in building the
    competency gap.
  • Good data visualization firms have data analysts
    who know high-end statistical analysis.

To Conclude
Starting from what is data visualization to how
to select a BI consultancy firm, we have shared
all the necessary detail that an SME might need
to start working on a BI tool. But should SMEs
opt for data visualization? Yes, if you want to
enjoy a competitive edge, you must invest in data
visualization from the initial days of your
business. Start with the free versions and
upgrade yourself as your business grows. For
more details please visit our website
Address 308, Sonigara Landmark, Near Chatrapati
Chowk, Kaspate Wasti, Wakad, Pune - 411057,
Maharashtra, India. 91 81497 61146 Email
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