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How bright is the future of data visualization in the next 10 years?


Data visualisation has had a huge impact throughout the years, not just in major companies but also in medium and small businesses. Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated around the world, which will be wasted if not organised properly. As a result, the future of data visualisation is both secure and vital! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How bright is the future of data visualization in the next 10 years?

How bright is the future of data visualization
in the next 10 years?
Over the years, data visualization has become
more proficient and adept in analyzing data. It's
no more restricted to big organizations or IT
professionals. Its now available for non-tech
consumers. Thus, also encouraging SMEs to imbibe
a data-driven culture. So, if you look at the
future of data visualization, it's pretty
promising. But, before we understand the future
of data visualization, let's go through its
Is Data Visualization important?
  • The interactive charts and graphs of data
    visualization enrich the experience of the
    DataViz analysts and the end consumers.
  • Understand your business's performance over a
  • Know your customer sentiments and design
    strategies accordingly
  • More interactive data presentation
  • Interpreting correlations in different matrices
    and taking a holistic decision
  • Analyzing risk before they become too challenging
  • Analyzing and predicting trends
  • To know these importances in details, follow this
    link - https//
  • Thus, data visualization isn't a choice but a
    business necessity that'll help it grow

The future of data visualization
Mobile-friendly visuals Over the years, mobile
users have increased. According to a recent
survey, mobile's market share is 52.1
(desktop's is 44.2). So, the modern BI tools are
now focusing on mobile-friendly reports. The
reports prepared using BI tools like Power BI,
Google Analytics, etc., can be conveniently
accessed from smartphones. Thus, setting a future
trend where data is available for analysis on
personal smartphones, accessible from
anywhere. Working methodology of analysts Since
DataViz is now available for non-techies, too,
its reach has widened. Packed with infographics,
it has transformed the way data analysts work.
Thus, making it easier for businesses to get
insights and respond to problems. So, the
future of DataViz will be more infographics-based,
making data easy to decipher.
Artificial Intelligence From 2021 to 2028, the AI
market is forecasted to have a CAGR of 40.2
percent. It has been profoundly impacting
several market segments, including data
visualization. Thus, undoubtedly the future of
data visualization is largely intertwined with
Artificial Intelligence. Analysts would use
data visualization, AI, and machine learning to
decode the vast amounts of complex data and
reinvent the consumer experience. Just imagine
- you type in a question on your BI tool, and it
responds with a visual. Doesn't it sound handy?
It's because of the Natural Language Processing
Abilities of the Business Intelligence
tools. Conclusion The global market share of
data visualization was USD 8.85 billion in 2019.
With an anticipated CAGR of 10.2, itll reach
USD 19.20 billion by 2027. Thus, the future of
data visualization is booming. If you haven't yet
adopted DataViz in your organization, it's time
you do it now and with a reliable consultancy
firm. For more details please visit our website
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