List of Top Architecture Software in 2021 - Latest Quadrant Ranking Released by 360Quadrants - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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List of Top Architecture Software in 2021 - Latest Quadrant Ranking Released by 360Quadrants


Architecture software helps designers to share their designs, goals, and aspirations in a digital environment. These interactions occur among designers, planners, contractors, developers, providers of materials, and customers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: List of Top Architecture Software in 2021 - Latest Quadrant Ranking Released by 360Quadrants

List of Top Architecture Software in 2021 -
Latest Quadrant Ranking Released by 360Quadrants
Architecture software helps designers to share
their designs, goals, and aspirations in a
digital environment. These interactions occur
among designers, planners, contractors,
developers, providers of materials, and
customers. Architecture software minimizes
mistakes, improves performance, and guarantees
numerical precision. Best architecture software
will reduce manual designs and business
processes as well as optimize the whole design
and building project lifecycle and provide
detailed supervision. 360Quadrants picked and
listed several vendors, providing the best
architecture software to help customers take
strategic business decisions. These quadrants are
generated after in-depth vendor evaluation
providing complete-featured solutions and
innovative market strategies for growth in the
market. These quadrants are modified in the
architecture software space each quarter through
proper review of the businesses by skilled
researchers and analysts. 360Quadrants carries
out a comprehensive SWOT analysis and assesses
the vendors chosen for assessment with accuracy.
This evaluation allows service providers to gain
knowledge regarding emerging business prospects
and developments so they can provide the
solutions needed for business success and
development. 360Quadrants includes a
comprehensive list of leading firms, which
shortens the process for selecting the vendor.
Reasons to Use Architecture Software Mobility Wi
th the help of a mobile app, architects can
understand and interact with blueprints very
easily. Conventionally, users would be required
to either bring paper printouts every time they
met their clients or suppliers or send very big
files. A mobile-based architecture app addresses
this problem by enabling them to travel anywhere
they want to with all fresh drawings or pictures.
This also makes it easy to access and discuss
the files with customers and other
investors. Security Even though architects
might be carrying sensitive data on their
mobiles, most architecture apps offer password
security and encoded data. This ensures that even
if the user loses the device, the designs cannot
be stolen. Also, most of the mobile-based
architecture apps upload their designs to the
cloud, which also means that the files will not
be stored forever on a phone or tablet. Reporting
Contemporary mobile-based architecture apps can
set up a connection with the tools used by
contractors. This means that contractors are able
to report right into the app on project
development and recognize any glitches or issues
in the design. Improved Communication A
mobile-based architecture solution boosts
communication between architects, customers, and
our workers. The software makes it possible for
everyone to see the blueprint in the same app,
make precise remarks about fragments of the
plan, or ask queries directly. This circumvents
mix-up or misperception and improves
communication. If an employee wants to know about
anything on-site, they can just access the
software through their phone and mark-up where
their probe or the fault is positioned, and send
it to the accountable team member within
seconds. Consistently UpdatedInformation Making
use of paper is not only costlier and more
damaging to the environment, but the content also
expires instantly. Hence, making use of paper
leads to various flaws. If the architect works on
a plan and his/her work is not accessible to
customers and other investors, the architect ends
up wasting money, time, and effort. A
mobile-based best architecture software addresses
this issue and allows users to store their
project documents on their mobile devices with
all alterations and updates. The software also
allows them to edit their digital drawings on the
fly. Improved Productivity Some employees are
highly efficient and resourceful while operating
from their desks at the workplace. But this is
not always true for every person. A mobile-based
architecture app helps architects access, view,
and manage their models from any location. A
mobile-based architecture app allows users to be
efficient at any time and any location. Since it
is installed on the smartphone, users do not need
to login to their PC and require an internet
connection. As an alternative, users can be
productive whenever they want. Eco-friendly Env
ironmental protection is everybodys
responsibility. Architects require using a large
number of sheets of paper when drawing ideas,
presenting designs, printing drawings, and fixing
any clatters. Alternatively, making using of
mobile-based architecture apps and contemporary
design software can significantly reduce the
environmental footprint of their companys
Top 10 Architecture Software and an Overview of
Generative Design Architecture Software is used
by architects, structural engineers, landscape
architects, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and
plumbing) engineers, contractors, and designers.
These solutions enable users to design buildings
and structures as well as their components in 3D,
annotate models with 2D drafting elements, and
access building data from the database of
building models. Best Architecture Software
contains tools to plan and track various stages
in the lifecycle of a building, from concept to
construction as well as from maintenance to
  • Top ten vendors of architecture Software include
  • Revit Revit includes toolsets for structural and
    MEP engineering, architectural design, and
    construction. This software enables ideas to be
    effectively drawn and shared with stakeholders
    since it is equipped with the right set of tools
    for building comprehensive 3D visuals. It is
    also able to import, export, and link user data
    using popular file formats.
  • SketchUp SketchUp is a reliable application that
    helps users create 3D models of furniture,
    interiors, landscapes, and much more. It is easy
    to use and comes with powerful features and
    friendly support. Features include drawing layout
    functionality, surface rendering in
  • variable styles, and third-party plug-in
  • Cinema 4D Cinema 4D helps bring blueprints and
    sketches to life. Key features include
    sculpting, polygon, and parametric modeling. It
    caters to graphic professionals and enthusiasts
    alike. This cutting-edge architecture software
    has clients all over the globe and even provides
    a free trial.
  • V-Ray V-Ray is swift and user-friendly. It
    features smooth integration with 3DS Max, Rhino,
    SketchUp, and other leading tools. The solution
    comes with an extensive material library and
  • related resources. Many options are available for
    visualization rendering using this solution.
  • Lumion Lumion caters to architects and designers
    across specializations. It enables them to
    create designs without the need for professional
    training and helps shorten the rendering
    process. With Lumion, workflows are smoother and
    client presentations are more aesthetic. Lumion
    comes with full compatibility for AutoCAD,
    SketchUp, 3DS Max, and similar tools.
  • Blender Blender is an open-source, free 3D
    creation suite that supports users throughout
    the 3D pipeline. The Blender API for Python can
    be used to customize applications and develop
    specialized tools. Key features include modeling,
    animation rigging, sculpting,
  • rendering, grease pencil, video editing,
    simulation, VFX, scripting, interface, and
  • Modo Modois an architecture software that
    enables professionals as well as beginners to
    design beautiful architectural projects. The
    solution comes with a diverse set of tools and
    features, including modeling, sculpting, UV
    workflows, animation, shading, and effects.
  • Frank Frank is a collaboration and project
    management solution designed with the
    architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC)
    industry in mind. It caters to engineering
    companies, construction firms, and architecture
    agencies. The solution centralizes user data,
    tasks, projects, and files while automating
    processes and workflows. With Frank, users get
    an end-to-end, real-time view of their projects,
    including updates, progress, and milestones.
  • Artlantis Artlantis is a 3D animation and
    rendering application that comes with cloud
    storage, allowing designers and architects to
    access and edit their designs whenever they
  • wish to. With Artlantis, users can easily
    visualize their ideas and concepts in order to
    meet the requirements of their clients.
  • Bridge Designer Bridge Designer comes with a
    distinct, user-friendly interface. It is an
    optimal design solution that can perform multiple
    loading and code checking operations for
    small-to-medium span bridges. The Structural
    Bridge Designer application is useful in the
    architecture, engineering, and construction
  • Other leading Architecture Software solutions
    include ARCHLine XP,
  • Cedreo, DIALux, Diolkos, Draft it, Edificius,
    Enscape, Floorplanner, Homebyme, icovia, IDEA
    Architecture, MagicPlan, MASTERSPEC, Maxwell
    Render, pCon planner, projo, Punch Software,
    SoftPlan, Twinmotion, and VisualAnalysis.

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