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Best Remote Desktop Software in 2021 - Most Recent Rankings Released By 360quadrants


Remote desktop software is a tool that uses Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to let one computer remotely access and control another computer via internet/network connection. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Remote Desktop Software in 2021 - Most Recent Rankings Released By 360quadrants

  • Best Remote Desktop Software in 2021 - Most
    Recent Rankings Released By 360quadrants

Remote desktop software is a tool that uses
Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to let one
computer remotely access and control another
computer via internet/network connection. It major
ly enables a local user to have entire access to
the desktop environment and resources of a remote
computer. Generally, accessing the remote
computers desktop needs software to be installed
and configured on both computersthey both must
be powered on and are connected to the Internet.
The user logs into the Remote Desktop Software on
the local computer, and after authentication at
the remote computer, access to its desktop
environment is permitted. 360Quadrants has analy
zed and published some of the best remote desktop 
software providers which will benefit businesses
while selecting the right RDP software for their
requirements. All these software
providers were plotted on a quadrant after
thorough analyses based on two broad categories,
product maturity and company maturity. 360Quadran
ts also performs a detailed SWOT
analysis which allows service providers to
understand new growth opportunities
and areas of improvement. 
  • Remote Desktop Software Vendor Evaluation 
  • 360Quadrants has assessed a total of 36 companies
    offering remote desktop software which were
    analyzed, of which, the top 10 software
    providers were selected and placed on a quadrant
    under Visionary Leaders, Innovators, Dynamic
    Differentiators, and Emerging Leaders.  
  • TeamViewer, Zoho Assist, ConnectWise
    Control, and LogMeIn Rescue have
    been identified as the Visionary
    Leaders in the remote desktop software space. Visi
    onary leaders are known to have comprehensive prod
    uct range and an extensive global presence.  
  • AnyDesk has been identified as Innovator
    in remote desktop software space. Innovators in th
    e remote desktop software space are generally know
    n to have an innovative product range and a robust
     business strategy.   
  • SolarWinds DameWare Mini Remote Control has been
    identified as Emerging player in the remote
    desktop software space. Emerging
    players are majorly evolving players which develop
     and market niche products, made for very
    specific purposes.  
  • VNC Connect, Splashtop Business Access, Goverlan
    Reach, and ISL Light have been identified as
    Dynamic Differentiators in the remote desktop
    software space. Dynamic Differentiators are known
    to have niche product ranges and very
    strong business strategies which help them
    grow constantly. 

  • 360Quadrants Assessment 
  • A team of analysts assess the vendors providing th
    e top remote desktop software. Different
    evaluation criteria considered are product maturit
    y, company maturity, and significant inputs
    from industry experts and buyers. Parameters under
    product maturity include product portfolio, type
    of deployment, features  functionality, and
    support services. Parameters under company
    maturity include geographical presence, organic
    growth strategies such as overall revenue
    growth, industry verticals catered, and inorganic
    growth strategies such as mergers
    acquisitions. Each parameter is given a specific
    weightage as per industry demand. Finally, the ven
    dor is rated based upon the parameters
    offered, after which, the algorithm is processed
    which then systematically generates a quadrant.  
  • 360Quadrants will also be launching quadrants in
    fields such as Language Learning Software, Photo
    Management Software, and CRM Software. 

  • About 360Quadrants
  • 360Quadrants is the largest marketplace looking
    to disrupt US 3.7 trillion of technology spend
  • is the only rating platform for vendors in the
    technology space. The platform provides users
  • to unbiased information that helps them make
    qualified business decisions. 360Quadrants
  • vendors to influence the business decisions of
    potential clients. Vendors get to win ideal new
  • customers, customize their quadrants, decide key
    parameters, and position themselves strategically
  • in a niche space, to be consumed by giants and
    start-ups alike. Experts get to grow their brand
  • increase their thought leadership. The platform
    targets the building of a social network that
  • industry experts with companies worldwide. The
    platform has around 400 total buyers across
  • various markets.
  • 360Quadrants will also be launching quadrants in
    fields like Study Tools, 3D Rendering Software,
  • Artificial Intelligence Software and Retail
    Management System.

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