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Complete guide to importance and ways to measure Digital Marketing Return on investment


Worried about measuring the right return on investment through digital way of marketing? It is easy and quick! Find out some of the interesting ways to measure digital marketing ROI. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Complete guide to importance and ways to measure Digital Marketing Return on investment

Complete guide to importance and ways to measure
Digital Marketing Return on investment
  • Todays time is digital. Everything we do has a
    unique relationship with the internet. Online
    shopping, online classes, online services,
    virtual worship, and the list are big.
    Everything is in the digital space. With
    products and services being in the digital
    space, it was quite essential to discover
    marketing techniques that suit showcasing
    brands online. A digital marketing agency in
    Hyderabad always comes up with new and
    innovative ways to showcase products and in
    such a way that it leads to conversions. With
    marketing increasing through digital marketing,
    sales must also increase. As the logic
    says if the product is showcased properly and
    in a manner that customers or buyers want to see,
    then it definitely leads to conversions.
    Conversion is an integral as well as a
    key element in the entire marketing process.
    It is a hidden and most major goal that digital
    marketers and brands are supposed to achieve.
    Everything else like trending, viral, engagement,
    and all the industrial buzzwords is an extra
    element that brands and marketers come
    across in the marketing journey but the
    destination is always conversion and increase in
    the conversion rate.
  • Any brand or business that puts its money in
    digital marketing waits for results. For a major
    part of these brands and businesses conversion is
    synonymous with desired results. Many of the
    brands and businesses do not consider any
    other growth to be a big achievement, they
    feel them be just a part of the marketing
    process. However, scenarios have drastically
    changed today, and measuring ROI is not a
    difficult task. Unlike traditional marketing
    where ROI can only be calculated based on
    revenue, in digital marketing, there are many
    tools and multiple strategy analyses that help in
    measuring the ROI. It is vital to measure the ROI
    as it gives a clear picture of the amount
    invested and keeps the brands and businesses
    informed about their investment utilization.
    There multiple ways to measure digital marketing
    ROI. Let me guide you through some of the ways to
    measure digital marketing ROI.
  • The number of regular visitors Often
    brands and businesses dont consider
    visitors to be an important part of the
    conversion rate. But if observed keenly, we will
    definitely understand the importance of
    these visitors. They are scope for
    conversions. Visitors might vary with regards
    to the sales level like some might be hot
    leads, some could be warm and rest could be cold
    but if cared for and observed carefully these
    cold leads also can be converted. Brands
    must watch and observe the amount of traffic
    that comes to their website and the
    bounce rate. If at all the

  • bounce rate is less then, we can understand that
    the SEO activities are running on a proper note
    and the traffic is genuine.
  • Expense per lead Whenever there is any campaign,
    brands must clearly bifurcate the amount they
    are spending on each element and then on
    each lead. If the investment is bifurcated
    so much then the calculation of the return
    becomes quite easy. Let me go a bit deep,
    If we know how much we as a brand are
    investing on each lead and once that lead is
    converted, it simply implies that the amount
    invested on that lead has come back to the brand.
    So this is one of the best ways to calculate
    Digital Marketing ROI.
  • Returns from the Ad campaign Whenever
    digital marketers run ad campaigns, they
    give us various budget plans with an
    estimated reach on both the platforms
    Instagram and Facebook. The estimated reach is
    just the approximate number of ad viewers and
    which should not be mistaken with the estimated
    number of warm leads. However, If it is a PPC
    ad campaign then the leads might be warmer,
    as such ads are based on per click and people
    will only click if they are highly interested.
    After these ads run for a specific period,
    brands and digital Marketers must calculate
    the amount spent and the amount that is earned.
    As the bifurcations in Digital marketing are
    simpler, it is easy to calculate the ROI.
  • Measuring ROI is integral because it helps the
    brands and marketers to know whether their
    strategies are working in the right direction and
    their proximity to their desired profits.
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