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How to do YouTube keyword Research to optimize your videos in 2021


Learn here how to do YouTube keyword Research using tools, to optimize your videos in 2021. Also, learn what factors are considered while YouTube Keyword Research. For more details, visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to do YouTube keyword Research to optimize your videos in 2021

How to do YouTube keyword research to
optimize your videos
We are going uncover all the secrets that you
need to know in order to increase visibility,
discoverability, viewership, subscribers, and
rankings on the YouTube platform with the help of
the right keywords. Lets begin!
What are YouTube keywords?
  • YouTube keywords are words / phrases used in a
    YouTube video title, description or tags, that
    give YouTubes algorithm evidence to what the
    video is about and then it sorts it in the SERPs
  • For example, if you are creating a video on Best
    Fashion Trends of 2021, you can use keywords
    such as,
  • Best fashion looks,
  • Fashion trends of 2021,
  • What to wear in 2021,
  • Outfit ideas for 2021, etc. 
  • Many YouTubers buy YouTube subscribers, to give
    their channel a boost and put their organic
    YouTube growth into momentum.

What factors do you need to consider while
choosing YouTube keywords?

  • Factors considered while YouTube keyword
  • Identify target audience- Audience research will
    portrait the true image of what keywords you need
    to use for optimizing your YouTube videos for
    higher ranking.
  • Mind your intent- Consider your channels as well
    as videos intent what service or value do you
    want to provide to your target audience?

How to conduct YouTube Keyword Research?
  • Some of the best keyword tools are 
  • 1. YouTube Auto Suggest feature - Insert your
    subject into the search bar which generates
    popular searches on YouTube. You will find here
    the popular keyword around your topic. These are
    best as autosuggest keywords are usually long
    tail keywords, they are not very competitive and
    consequently easier to rank for.
  • 2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer - You can search,
    practically any keyword and track metrics
    motorized by clickstream data, counting
    home-grown and global search volume, clicks,
    click percentage, and more. Leveraging, this
    YouTube SEO tool, you can see how many people
    search for a query on YouTube every month,
    including how many of those searchs result in
    clicks on search pages. 

  • 3. Cyfe - With traffic analytics, Cyfe represents
    the keywords you can rank for and the ones that
    are most prevalent across numerous search
    engines. If used strategically, Cyfe tool can
    prove to be very helpful.
  • 4. Google trends - Google Trends represents
    whether interest in a subject on YouTube is
    rising or declining over time. It further assists
    you compare the relative popularity of two or
    more keywords. You must go ahead choosing your
    keyword from those trending.

  • 5. - categorizes
    the keywords into four tabs
  • Keyword Suggestions tab Altogether autosuggest
    keywords (apart from those structured as
  • Questions tab Autosuggest keywords configured
    as questions.
  • Prepositions tab Autosuggest keywords
    encompassing propositions (from, for, after,
  • Hashtags tab Represents Autosuggest keywords
    with hashtags.
  • 6. Google Keyword Planner - Go to Keyword
    Planner and click on Discover new keywords.
    Here, add ideas revolving around your main
    keyword, set your location and hit search.
    Download your keyword report and voila, you get
    all the keywords users are searching for related
    to your main keyword.

  • 7. Google Search Console - It allows
    YouTubers study their performance and provide
    methodologies to perform better. You can optimize
    content based on your search queries, get content
    on Google by submitting URLs for crawling, get
    alerted to problems that you can fix and increase
    your search rankings.
  • 8. SEMrush  - With useful information and
    powerful keywords, you can produce innovative and
    thought-provoking content ideas based on what
    your target audience wants to see. It helps you
    to save time by managing keywords, tracking
    performance metrics, and more. 
  • 9. VidIQs Keyword Tool - VidIQ is a freemium
    Chrome extension that provides supplementary data
    to the YouTube UI. It has a keyword research
    feature especially for YouTube. To leverage it,
    just type a keyword into it.
  • 10. TubeBuddy - TubeBuddy helps you manage the
    creation, optimization, and promotion of your
    YouTube video content. It enables you to use its
    automatic language translator to helps you rank
    for non-English keywords, giving best tag
    suggestions, and providing you with a rank
    tracker for your published videos.

  • Leverage the whole process of keyword research
    for YouTube and attack the target keywords to
    optimize your YouTube videos to drive maximum
    target audience!
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