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YouTube video that attract audience in 2021


Explore here how to make YouTube video which will attract audience attention in 2021. For more details, visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: YouTube video that attract audience in 2021

How to create a YouTube video that attracts
  • Creating a valuable YouTube video is the art of
    implementing fundamentals like leveraging the
    latest trends, tapping into target audience
    needs, getting inspiration from insights, making
    emotional connections, and adding practical value
    into your creative strategy, when devising
    innovative ideas to produce a video will
    definitely inspire views, likes, and shares.

What type of YouTube videos should I make?
  • You must target the following strategies when
    developing content  
  • Strategy 1- Create a sensation, to go viral!
  • Spark emotional reaction- Give viewers an
    emotional reaction-laughter, joy, sadness, anger,
    curiosity, excitement, eagerness, inspiration
    motivation, etc. Inspirational and optimistic
    videos frequently get the most views and shares.
  • Hook audience with the latest YouTube Trends- A
    success visionarys question is how do I attract
    audience? The answer lies in targeting topics
    that have huge search traffic potential.
    New trends are imperative to jump on, especially
    when other YT creators are having success with
    videos on a particular set of trends.
  • After recognizing the latest trends, employ
    (strategically) them- As trending events on YT
    are a great content for your viewers. So,
    leverage them to provide fun videos for your
    audience, and to even increase brand awareness.

  • Strategy 2- Produce shareable content
  • Produce shorter videos- After a given time users
    tend to drop off a video, if it is longer. Hence,
    short videos are best when it comes to producing
    shareable content.
  • Get to your point quickly- Humans have a short
    attention span than that of a goldfish. Thus,
    come to your point quickly otherwise youre going
    to lose viewers and eventual share!
  • Strategy 3- Be an optimization prestidigitator
  • Create a click worthy, custom thumbnail- Your
    thumbnail is the first graphic communication of
    your video with a forthcoming watcher Adding
    compelling thumbnails can do wonders with your
    views click through rates. Most of the new
    YouTubers also buy active subscribers from
    genuine resources.
  • Harness the power of relevant keywords to inspire
    views- You must optimize your videos by using
    relevant keywords in your title, description
    text, subtitles, and video tags. You can leverage
    YouTube SEO tools like Google keyword planner,
    Google trends, Google search suggest feature, and
    YT search suggests a feature, to find relevant

  • Strategy 4- Upsurge the shareability of your
  • Produce content as per user interest- If you want
    to get more views, likes, shares organically on
    this platform, you need to develop helpful,
    intriguing, entertaining, informative, educating,
    and unique content for YouTube.
  • Use the right format- According to YouTube press,
    more than 70 percent of viewership happens on its
    mobile apps. Therefore, create mobile-optimized
    videos that grab the viewers attention within
    the first few seconds!
  • Be newsworthy- When there is breaking news, you
    can join the conversation by constructing a video
    about it with your perspective.
  • Be relevant applicable- Build relationships
    harmony with viewers on a topic they can relate
    to, whether its something funny or thoughtful.
    This practices really helps you create videos
    that attract audience.

  • Strategy 5- Promote your brand without being
  • Humanize your brand- You can represent
    behind-the-scenes videos, employee gathering
    videos, or tell the backstory of how your company
    started, highlight unknown facts about it, or
    interview people with stories that help you to
    humanize your brand. 
  • Show your passion enthusiast- Viewers can
    easily detect when theyre watching a person
    whos truly passionate about something as opposed
    to someone whos just speaking about a similar
    subject, so make sure your passion reaches their
    brain to do an action!
  • Incorporate client testimonial- Indulging into
    customer testimonials is a great technique to
    trigger engagement from the audience and help
    prospects loves your product to share. Real life
    stories can really generate massive views, likes,
    and shares!

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