How to Promote your Youtube channel for Free- An ultimate Guide for Video Marketers! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Promote your Youtube channel for Free- An ultimate Guide for Video Marketers!


After creating a YouTube channel there is always one question in the mind of every YouTuber that How to Promote my channel or videos? So that I can get more traffic. But the thing is that Today every single person on youtube creating videos. According to current youtube data for every single minute, there are 500 hours of youtube videos uploaded. Shocking!! Right? But it's a fact. So you cannot rely on youtube to promote your channel or videos. You have to do some extra efforts for the same. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Promote your Youtube channel for Free- An ultimate Guide for Video Marketers!

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  • How to Promote your YouTube channel for
    Free- An ultimate Guide for Video Marketers!


 Suggested Traffic and Search Traffic
  • Now the suggested means your video is shown
    inside of any other channel video and thats
    where people are discovering your first time.
  •  Otherwise, you are getting found in search. If
    someone is searching for a particular topic your
    video is shown to them on YouTube.
  • These are the two main ways that you can get high
    views on YouTube and easily grow your YouTube

1 Promote YouTube channel on social Media
  • If you think about social media, people visits
    online community for to many reasons,
  • To find there content and
  • To get their questions answered

  • And your videos can help with both of these
    things. Add some original content for the
    discussion and create the video in that so that
    people can learn more. 
  • Another very easy answer to the question of how
    to promote YouTube channel on social media? Is
    that publish your videos on the Facebook groups
    which are relevant to your topics? 

  • Facebook is one of the largest community which
    can help your channel to get high views on
  • Many times people ask a question that how to
    market your YouTube video? The best answer is
    social media. Social media like Facebook,
    Twitter, Instagram, etc. is a very simple way to
    market your YouTube channel.
  • You can promote on various social media channels
    but remember one thing that, promote your videos
    on relevant social media groups.

2 Start Collaboration
  • When first starting out you might think yourself
    that, why would anyone want to collaborate with
  • Well, the answer is there are many other people
    in a thousand subscriber range who just want to
    collaborate with other interesting people.

  • Even you have one single subscriber literally
    one!! Now collaboration is kind of like guest
    posting. But you can easily get high views
    on YouTube with the help of this technique. 
  • Instead of guest posting on another blog, your
    guest post on another channel. Now the key to
    successfully collaborate with someone is to pick
    someone a highly targeted specific pitch.
  • Now this kind of pitching will not work at all.
    But when you send a pitch that emphasizes that
    what they get out of the collaboration? They are
    super likely to say yes!!

3 Traffic Hacking
  • Now the traffic hacking is something that often
    happens on channels like family vlog channel and
    also on big entertainment vlog channels. Its
    basically using the same title over and over

  • So a lot of channels will work together to do
    this traffic hacking and they decide that one
    channel going to make a video on X topic and
    another should make a video on the same day and
    they will grow all together on that day.
  • Now How it works?

If we play this video, the right side playlist
shows one suggested video which is not from the
same channel
  • So the traffic coming to this video is
    automatically transferred to another video which
    is not from the same channel.
  • This is nothing but a traffic hacking technique.
    This helps to get high views on YouTube for your
    video. So thats how your suggested strategy will
    work by creating the exact same title.
  • Also, you can use the concept of fill the holes.
    This means select the keyword which is having low
    volume and high traffic from the Goggle keyword
    planar and if the content available on that topic
    is old enough then there will be high chances to
    rank your videos on the first page of the same
    YouTube page.

2 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • YouTube is owned by Google and YouTube also works
    as Google does! Then you have to remember when
    YouTube is first trying to decide what your video
    is about and tell the YouTube algorithm.

  • So you have to understand how to use the YouTube
    algorithm for your videos. So you have to
    optimize your title, your description, and
    everything about the video. In this way, you can
    easily market your YouTube videos. 
  • So the easiest way to do this is by go and look
    around other videos that are related to your
  • If your video is about cooking, gardening, etc.
    Go and search these videos and look at these
    videos that what they have in their titles?
  • In description. The thing is that you dont have
    to reinvent the wheel!! There are many people who
    have been doing this for years! So, just copy
    what they do in their channel.

5 Engage on YouTube Channels
  • The next thing is to engage on other channels or
    actually comment on their live streams and
    comment there.
  • If you want to make a cooking channel then you
    have to subscribe to all major cooking channels
    and engage with people in comments.
  • If you are actually leaving helpful and relevant
    comments and you do also have other valuable
    content. Then it makes some sense to make
    comments and engage in the other YouTube

Thank you!!!
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